I Am Boleyn

She has physical copies of her fabulous new EP through her website - she ships those herself!

Get them while they're hot !!

The "play with me, stay with me, (I have no idea what she's singing after that)" bit in Another Me is more than a bit reminiscent of "ride with you, die with you, I'd spend my life with you" in Betty Who's Wannabe, isn't it?
On Wednesday she did a show in London with Girli as support which is an odd combo. Maybe same management. The more uptempo Until The Summer Ends has definitely grown on me faster than I thought it might. Glad she's moving on from the slower early Goldfrapp vibe.
Love the new one! I like that she's going in a more pop direction as she was too in Annie's lane. Young Love sounds like a combo of ABBA/KYLIE and I think I am okay with that. Love the artwork too.
She's just done a wicked cover of Cruel Summer. Really going in the ABBA/Kylie direction now. The cover seems to be more influenced by the Ace of Base version. I like how the chorus is now right at the beginning of the song - very Swedish production.
Thank you. Is there a track-listing out? I actually own the last one which consisted of 7 songs. This one might just be Cruel Summer, Young Love and Until The Summer Ends? It would be awesome if she squeezed one in before the 17th but very unlikely.