I Am Boleyn

Thank you. Is there a track-listing out? I actually own the last one which consisted of 7 songs. This one might just be Cruel Summer, Young Love and Until The Summer Ends? It would be awesome if she squeezed one in before the 17th but very unlikely.
I seem there isn't. Do you follow her on twitter? She is very approachable there
Completely ignore my previous post about not getting a new single before her new E.P, she's releasing a new song with a Swedish artist called Dear Sara which is nice (link). The artwork looks very San Junipero but from the snippet on her instagram it sounds more like a synthwave Enya hybrid (!!!).
She's released her new E.P today which comes with a cool remix of Cruel Summer. Its a much less darker E.P than her previous mini-album which is a nice shift in direction. I like the remix and the duet with Dear Sara but I feel it needed one more song though.

Thank you BackStreetJoe. I love the electronic beats on If You Can Dance but not sure about that guitar towards the end. However, just seen another recent collab I missed with EHRAH which is extremely good...