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I Can't Take Much More Of This!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Im absolutely sick and tired of people turning to all these new electro pop bands and being all like ''one word....AMAZING!'' ''BRILLIANT'', I am sorry but hard luck! These new groups with their electric key board and off key sounds are just not good at all and I dont no where people are going calling it pop! It all sounds like a messed up heap of synthesisers (my spelling is completely wrong lol) and crappy high pitched vocals.

    Basically these songs are not catchy, they sound like crap and I just can't take any more of the head people looking at it as brilliant! Im sorry but I have to say I'd take manufactured recyled pop any day instead of all this new modern crap! So yeah, if I see another weird three piece group with a bloody keyboard I will do a NIKKI from Big Brother and run out into my garden and scream like a beast.

    Yeah... I feel so much better now. You are now free to make snappy comments at me.
  2. Can you please list some examples of these bands that annoy you so? It may help.
  3. Bands like B.W.O I think they are called, Client for another and they are even in the popjustice almighty (why!?!!?)

    That rant has made me feel so much better! Its nice to let loose something! I dont anyone to take offence from it! I just had to write/say it all!
  4. Oh right. I like Client. I don't like BWO.
  5. I don't like them either.
  6. I love Client , but I can understand why people wouldn't. BWO are a bit too cheesy for my liking.

    johnoc2006, why don't you just ignore the threads/posts that don't interest you and concentrate on the ones that do. If you find the forum boring you know what to do.
  7. Say what you will, but they are catchy if nothing else!
  8. Don't mind me, I just little to have a little rant now and then! I respect everyones opinions.
  9. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Its alright, you made a good point about people jumping on bandwagons.
  10. Bodies Without Organs I do agree are shit but Client are fab! When I first heard their debut I just cringed because it's posturing fey piss BUT City, the followup, it a thousand times better and it's such a great record.
  11. Yeah i hate it when people jump on bandwagons.
  12. nnnumb

    nnnumb Guest

    I fail to see how either BWO or Client have jumped on the Electro bandwagon. Check oyt Alexander's minimal electro debut single, 'Life In A Goldfish Bowl', the whole of his work with Vacuum or any of his other stuff, for evidence of his Electro credentials. As for Client: both Kate and Sarah have been in Electropop groups before (Technique and Dubstar).

    Having said that I don't really see the wrong in jumping on a bandwagon anyway. If somebody's making good music, what's the problem?
  13. I liked BWO's first album a TON. The second one is pretty poor.

    But I gathered that was the general opinion of their output on these boards, anyway. So it's not as though we are all 'blinded by the electro' or anything. Clearly we take these things on a case-by-case basis.

    That said, I really appreciate the fact that you've spoken out like this. We shouldn't all like the same things or else this place would become more of an echo board than a sounding board.

    Also, I don't even know who Client is. Oops.
  14. Seconded.
    I'm really liking synthpop/electro at the moment myself, from Fischerspooner to Goldfrapp to The Modern to The Infadels, Princess Superstar's last album, etc, so I suppose I'd fall into the category that the topic-starter hates so.

    ...It usually is pretty melodic stuff though, so maybe you've just not stumbled across the better electronic music out there?
  15. where has all the love for BWO gone?!? they are bloody brilliant, there is no one remotely like them around. its true the 2nd album was a bit dissapointing, but its still better than most of the music out there right now...
  16. BWO's second album is as close as you're going to get to pure pop these days- Chariots Of Fire, Marrakech and Juggernaut are all solid pop songs. I much prefer this album to their first- the melodies are much stronger and far less derivative.
  17. I can see the appeal in their music but I took one listen to their first album and thought to myself "What the fuck have I just bought". It's just very over-the-top, not for me at all. But I wouldn't criticise anyone for liking them because I understand where they are coming from.
  18. "Voodoo...Magic...Voodoo...Magic...Voodoo...Magic...Voodoo...Magic!"

    I still love Bodies Without Organs (I refuse to start calling them BWO...what's the point of a brilliant name when you just use the acronym?!?!)!!!
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