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I Got New Rates I Count 'Em: 2017 Number 1's Rate (WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. I did. No joke. Deal with it.
  2. We simply can't.

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  4. When Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Artists for Grenfell, etc are still here?

  5. You all seem to be forgetting DJ Khaled. That record's rotten as well.
  6. There are two of them... but this applies to both.
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  7. most of the commentary for perfect was about ed sheeran lol
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  8. Oh yeah so there is. They even shout 'DJ KHALED' at the start to let you know.
    I gave them both the same score
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  9. Most of the UK singles chart is about Ed Sheeran, sadly.
  10. I like Wild Thoughts, it's basically a Rihanna song. The other one can go as soon as possible though.
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  11. There's honestly so much garbage left....

    Like honestly we don't get to the remotely decent songs until the second half

    Anyway, Sheeran's down to one


    SCORE: 2.605
    Highest Score: 8 x 3 (@Touch @mokitsu @P Grandson
    Lowest Score: 0 x 16 (@Sanctuary @sexercise @happiestgirl @Mushroom @Joe. @paperboyfriendd @Empty Shoebox @soratami @KingBruno @Your Pretty Brains @Hurricane Drunk @ohnostalgia @Fantasy @Robsolete @Conan @LA Hallucinations)
    My Score: 5

    Now before anybody tries to drag me for my score, know that it's simply out of principle. This particular section of the forum stays having an axe to grind with Beyoncé, and I was absolutely not going to let this go before the solo version. They're essentially the same exact song (except this version has vocals that ae actually listenable for half of it), so why did the solo version get more tens from different people? That's not even beginning to touch the absolute mess of @Conan giving the solo an 8 and this a 0. I'm not going to throw out any more...inflammatory language because god knows this particular dumpster Fire of a song is not the hill that I'm planning to die on. Just know this....questionable judgment has been noted (and it gets worse, but more on that later in the rate). Thankfully, most of you had the good sense to throw this an extra point or two for Beyoncé's presence even if the song remains trash. For my thoughts on Perfect, just go read the first write up as my thoughts are much the same for the duet.

    ufint makes some wild claims. "Gets two points ‘cuz it’s Beyonce, but what the fuck was she thinking? If you associate with trash you become trash, and Queen B is too good for this shit." There's almost nothing in this world (available on itunes) that could make Beyoncé trash.

    "Beyonce's voice can't save anything if the core is this rotten." chimes DominoDancing. Wait you mean good vocals can't save awful songs? Has someone informed Little Mix?

    sexercise is feeling aggressive. "One of the worst fucking collabs of the decade. They both can choke for this."

    send photo keeps fighting the good fight. "i'm still heterophobic but beyoncé. still never listening to this ever again though" At least it looks Justin Timberlake won't be getting any #1's for next year's rate, so sometimes heterophobia wins

    "What I don’t understand is how Ed can sing about love when he obviously sold his soul years ago? Beyoncé being here is a disappointment but get that coin I guess sis." paperboyfriendd misses the obvious, which is that Ed never had a soul to begin with. Taylor absorbed it in the womb and offered it up to Satan in exchange for eternal life and endless million sales debuts.

    Sprockrooster brings up a very sore subject. "Beyoncé tries her best (better than on Walk On Water to be honest) to make something of this track. But perfection it is not. Andrea Bocelli came closer actually." Walk on Water?

    Empty Shoebox also name drops Andrea. Talk about impact. "You can add Beyoncé Knowles or Andrea Bocelli or whoever the hell you want, but unless you completely rewrite this song, it will still be a nauseating shambles." Its actually Beysus Giselle Knowles-Carter Christ to you.

    "I never thought I'd give a song that features Beyoncé a 0, but Ed really did that." moans soratami. Guess you've never listened to I Am Sasha Fierce ddddd

    2017 was hard on us all, including Blond. "This song is sappy trash and I hate that Beyoncé felt the need to be on it. I feel personally attacked by her decision to appear on this and an Eminem song in the same year." Well maybe the shady internet gays shouldn't have spent so many years talking about how Bey couldn't get a bit anymore.

    "I still don't really get why Beyoncé is doing this, surely, surely this kind of thing is beneath her now?" A$AP Robbie speaks truths. Maybe she just enjoys charity.

    "How did this turn out to be worse than the original?? " - berserkboi. :/

    Trouble in Paradise makes a very serious accusation. "I love Beyonce, but what is she doing here? Getting coin, another #1, and oversinging. At least it means less Ed." To quote a very wise woman, "Just because I sing over you doesn't mean I oversing."

    "Even more boring than the versionwithout Beyoncé….. didn’t expect that." - GhettoPrincess. :/

    "Yes, I'm DEDUCTING a point. I swear they took out several stems of, fucking, I don't know, violins or whatever to make room for Beyoncé, so it's even more sparse and acoustic than the original – it takes an already poor record and waters it down even further so it just sounds like a horrible idea they had at Live Lounge" - Filler. :/

    Finally londonrain talks some sense. "The addition of Beyoncé really doesn’t do anything to augment or diminish the song. It’s still a bland heterosexual wedding song"

    Noted tastemaker P Grandson has something to say. "The Sheeran-only version is the best but I guess girl Bey was already falling into the "Need a #1 ASAP or else" cauldron." You don't really need any more #1's when you've got tons of cultural impact, acclaim, and living legend status. Ed can't and won't ever be able to relate.

    "This is an abomination. I know scoring the solo version higher is frowned upon, but I docked half a point because I resent him more for dragging Bey into this than I do his own antics. " haaaaa Cassava's tricksies are not very effective, huh?

    A&E truly has the best take on this entire situation. Bey made some truly questionable feature decisions in 2017. I blame J*y." That said, Mi Gente would like to be excluded from the questionable feature narrative. A bop.

    Listen to these bops instead as they are what I enjoyed while making this cut.

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  12. I love Beyonce just as much as the next human being with ears but she does NOT get a pass for that. Bye!
  13. The mystery of @berserkboi's first ever zero score continues...
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  14. Believe me, I am all for you finding out sooner rather than later! I hope it doesn't get dragged into the top 10!
  15. Ohhh I just caught up on the first 3 eliminations and it was definitely garbage day.
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  16. I was listening to this too omg

  17. Before you guys raise your pitchforks and yell "BURN THE SHEERAN STAN!", I want to say that my 11 is not by him.
  18. I’m glad both versions are gone, let’s not think about them anymore
  19. Dd I CAN'T with people coming for Wild Thoughts or even Feels when they are better than like, 80% of what's in this rate.
  20. Feels is better than 80% of this rate (as in 16 songs??) No, m'dam!
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