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I Got New Rates I Count 'Em: 2017 Number 1's Rate (WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Fabulous work everyone. Post Malone to go next, please.
  2. All of Ed's songs gone and it's only the fourth elimination.

  3. Couldn't agree more.
  4. Okay. I'm The One and Artists for Grenfell can leave next.
    We all remembered the time you threw MICHAEL BOLTON a ten.
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  5. Up to Justin Bieber now please, thank you.
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  6. -suck a dick vine here-
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  7. I did not give this a 10!!! I did give some choice high scores in this rate but this was not one of them.
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  8. Oop. I input one too many scores for you so some got bumped over my bad. None of these averages are close enough that it's going to affect the standings, but I'll fix it when I'm not watching the Olympics.
  9. I couldn't give Shape Of You anything higher than a 5, it's a bit of a bop, but it's so obnoxious at the same time.
  10. I was about to do a ‘x song and y song can leave next’ sort of post but then I realised there’s only like 5 songs here that I’d even notice being gone.
  11. i agree. gave it the same score and thought the same thing
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  12. Today has been a bit crazy busy for me. The write up will probably come after figure skating tonight x
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Oooh didn't realise you were so talented xx
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  14. People's hobbies are so diverse on here!
  15. It's better than hearing "Perfect" on the radio.... EVER.... FIVE... SODDING... MINUTES. This is why I asked for a car with a aux cable
  16. The Olympics are ruining my life so let me get this over with before settling in for my next two days of praying that Nathan Chen doesn't flop again

    SCORE: 3.485
    Highest Score:
    10 x 1 (@Loner)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 15 (@2014 @DominoDancing @sexercise @Alouder98 @Mushroom @Touch @Joe. @soratami @Blond @Your Pretty Brains @Conan @Cassava @iheartpoptarts @A&E @Petty Mayonnaise)

    Do I feel kind of bad for giving a 0 to a charity single? Maybe, but it's still trash. A cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic dedicated to the victims of the Grenfell fire, this song features like a lot of people, most importantly Rita Ora, Stormzy, and Dua Lipa. (I can't believe @Robsolete and @ohnostalgia didn't give at least 10s to the only #1 Rita got last year. Fake fans) Overall, this just feels a bit calculated and icky for me even if it is a nice gesture I guess. I don't really know what else to say about this tbh. It's just got a lot going on and doesn't really serve any purpose musically. I'd much rather Ariana's cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow have gone #1 than this.

    DominoDancing has the right idea. "Didn't even know this before this rate. Cannot say too much about the charity aspect of it, but musically this version is completely useless of course. I love the original though, so how to score this? Answer: As low as possible." I didn't know it either, and I would've really liked to keep it that way.

    sexercise joins the fake radiators club. "Everything about this still feels opportunistic and gross. I can't even give half a point for Rita."

    happiestgirl doesn't sound too happy now. “I’ve never liked charity songs and this is no exception” Poor We Are the World.

    Sprockrooster is back to his old tricks again. "I just have a weak spot for Stormzy. I love his prominent feature in this. I also adore the follow-up by Kelly Jones and Paloma Faith, they sound amazing together. A bit of a kii when Leona Lewis is doing her strong emotional input (which is refreshing to hear from this woman), but then Jessie J follows and suddenly I have a different kind of goosebumps." The real charity is that this gave Leona and Jessie the last decent chart position they're ever going to get.

    Empty Shoebox throws it a 3. "I appreciate that this is a charity record for a worthy cause, but when it comes down to it, Bridge Over Troubled Water is one of the best songs ever, and this is an auditory butchering of it." It's no My Neck My Back, but I guess the original is pretty good.

    Blond isn't feeling the love either. "This comes off as weirdly cynical rather than heartfelt and it makes me feel uneasy. I HATE the “it could have been me” line in Stormzy’s verse because that is literally the shittiest response to any tragedy and James Arthur being the only distinguishable voice belting towards the end seems a little off considering he’s signed to Syco." I'm not sure what Syco has to do with the arrangement of the song, but James Arthur is trash.

    A$AP Robbie is having a tiny crisis of conscience. "These are always kind of difficult, on the one hand its for a good cause, and people who bought it, fully knowing that musically it was lacking and that they were never going to actually listen to it. In this case the song is fine, and the Stormzy bit is alright." it's ok to think it's terrible sis.

    "I know the sentiment is there, but what the flying fuck is this?" Remorque shouts into the void. It's misguided and awful ddddd.

    "As if Simon Cowell, the rancid old purple-cleavaged Tory, gives a shit about the victims of Grenfell. He's probably nursing a semi over the sob stories he might get out of it next X Factor" Filler drags Ms Cowell to hell and back. Tea tho.

    Your Pretty Brains throws a wider net for their dragging. "Oh yeah this incident happened. Fuck the UK government. Shit song, questionable method of dealing with the whole thing." #BrokenBritain.

    londonrain stans the original for ha life. "No amount of random charity rushjob vocals can erase the fact that the Simon & Garfunkel original is a beautifully written song.This charity-single-by-numbers version was never going to match the original - and it does plod along - but it’s competent, if not something I would actively choose to listen to." I wouldn't passively listen to it either.

    Lost in Japan has questions. "The fact that Leona Lewis can still book these gigs in the year of our lord 2017 is quite something. And I guess Rita Ora did score a UK number one last year huh? Well-intentioned and not bad, but very boring… should have just got Adele to do it." But weren't you just complaining about it being boring?

    A&E wins this one by a mile y'all. "Is the British way of fundraising by creating another minor tragedy?" ddddd bye.

    IAmMrDexB name drops MY president. "I can’t rate it any lower than this. Same reason why so many of us in the PopJustice Poll have supported Ariana as Hero of the Year this year for One Love Manchester. I’m expecting many others to rate it lower. I heard enough of those X Factor ballads to make me score low, due to how repulsing the song can be. But this cover is much deeper than those terrible covers that have always debuted at No. 1 at Christmas, for Grenfell." To be fair, Ariana did a lot more than sing a couple lines and upload it to iTunes, but I see your point.

    Here's better stuff to listen to.

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  17. I think you're forgetting Official UK Midweek #1 single Anywhere yet again!


    And every one of the points I gave were for Rita's presence.
  18. I should have given Havana a lower score than I did for blocking Anywhere.

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  19. How many fucking times do I have to tell you?

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