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I Hate Suzie (Billie Piper)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Suburbia, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. I’m a Canadian and do not get the reference though I’m assuming it means it’s bad or at least “over the top”.
  2. "Spiky" is a scarily accurate description. I'm only two episodes in but it's like... is watching someone having a non-stop anxiety attack fun? I'm not sure. I'll keep watching though because Billie. Hopefully it will unfold more and show more sides to the character.
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  3. I'll have to check this out over the weekend.
  4. MB


    I gave up after one episode. Just couldn't get into it. It was a bit all over the place and I couldn't really get what the tone of it was.
  5. Sky have a tendency to throw tons of money and promotion at their original shows. The public have an overwhelming tendency to give not the tiniest of shits about said shows, and frankly with good reason in most cases.

    I'm going to try and check this one out at some point.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Billie is so utterly watchable in everything so will definitely check this out. Scream how the character’s back story is so much like hers too fff.
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  7. Watched 2 episodes and I just can’t get into it, don’t get the fuss of the reviews
  8. The Guardian gives it ★★★★★
    The series has the thrilling confidence of a collaboration between people who trust each other implicitly and, secure in that knowledge, have been able to give the best of themselves to us. It’s a wild ride that feels like an absolute gift.

    I watched the first episode during my morning coffee and was so hooked that I went straight to episode 2 while getting ready for work. Needless to say I really enjoyed it. Beside some humour (mainly thanks to Leila Farzad) it really is quite bleak mostly.
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  9. Just finished. So baffling and Bizarre, and yet I couldn’t stop hitting play in the next episode.

    I don’t think this series would work at all if it wasn’t Billie in the lead. She’s so fucking good.

    I can’t really see myself watching it again but I would devour a Series 2.
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  10. I love how the final scene message is

    that for an aging, washed up popstar, even when your career has gone to shit, and your love life tragic and your marriage dead and your friends abandoned you and your child’s a psychopath, you’ll always have the Gays. Always.
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  11. Watching episode 1 now and it is very ‘intense’ and it’s like watching someone have an anxiety attack... I love Billie so I’ll keep on with it.
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  12. I'm three episodes in and I'm still not really understanding the tone of this show...
  13. This was magnificent. Billie should get all the awards. Leila was superb. The sound design in particular really stood out. So many intricate flourishes throughout the whole show that layered up the tension. Each episode had its own identity which I really appreciate.

    I love that there were no heroes, no emotional or moral pay offs. Just life unfolding in a series a chaotic events, snatching brief enjoyable or rewarding moments when we can. The family wedding was a masterclass.
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  14. The third episode "Fear" was so good, loved the 70's horror homages. I forgot how great of an actor Billie is.
  15. This was a rollercoaster. It was not what I was expecting at all (I just watched through Call Girl earlier this year and it's nothing like this), but it had me hooked until the end. I think I enjoyed Fear and Anger the most.
  16. Episode 4 has been my favourite so far (Shame).
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  17. The self-parody references to Billie's own life (even her own sister plays the role of Suzie's sister) are very well-thought.

    Definetely one of the best series of the year so far for me. Towards the end it gets really good.
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  18. It's taken me 3 or 4 episodes to start to enjoy it but it is very good. I find her husband very annoying though. Perhaps that's the point but I'm watching thinking "why wouldn't see want to cheat on him."
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  19. Agh. I tried. I got to episode 4, but it's just too self-referential and up it's own arse with the London nightlife insights. I just don't care. Also agree what others are saying about the tone. All over the place.
  20. I'm getting to grips with the tone of if now... I think. But there's no way I could sit and binge-watch this.
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