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I Hate Suzie (Billie Piper)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Suburbia, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. No, it's so remorselessly grim. One episode per night works better. Billie Piper is everything though.
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  2. Why are people saying the tone is all over the place like it’s not meant to be? The entire point is these different stages of her grief where she feels so wildly different. Isn’t the exact point supposed to be the tone continues to shift as her method of coping shifts day by day?
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  3. Just been sent a long survey by Sky asking lots of questions about this- that normally means they considering a second series depending on the feedback!
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  4. The final episode was fucking incredible.
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  5. I’m on episode 7 and the scene in the shoe shop, SCREAMING!

    “Do you want a loyalty card?”
  6. I definitely enjoyed this more with each episode. Not exactly craving for more though and not sure how a second series would work?
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  7. Episode 4 with all the wanking....hilarious while making a point.
  8. Has Billie been nominated for anything? I thought she'd be mentioned somewhere.
  9. Congrats for everyone, but I thought the story wrapped itself pretty well in one season. I kinda question how necessary a second season is.
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  10. I loved the ending of the final episode.
    I loved it a little more when they did it in Judy though!!
  11. I finally watched this. It really took a while to get into its stride. The first four episodes were chaotic but at the same time tread too softy around the challenging subjects. One Suzie really started to unravel from about episode 5 it just got better and better.
    Really looking forward to the second series to see how she will rebuild her life after everything that’s happened.
    I’m also lucky to have a friend just like Naomi so will force her to watch it.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Season 2 is titled I Hate Suzie Too. No release date set yet.


  13. ''In this three-part anti-Christmas Christmas special''

    Love it.
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