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I just bought...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ItalianGreyhound, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Ah yes, good old 90s cheese pop.... this one is even more special for me because their song "Dayz Like That" was a big hit for the group Sugar Jones (from the Canadian version of the "Popstars" series of reality shows) who tried to pass it off as their own song and not a cover version.... ha ha ha....
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Let's not make this about groceries!
    Basically this thread is to share which albums (and perhaps dvds) you just purchased, for those of us who still appreciate the physical format..

    A little story or picture might be nice, to make this a little more than just a long list of album titles!

    To kick it off, today I got these cd's (all together for only 55 euro!):


    I did already own the Fame Monster (but with the other cover, and without the Fame disc.. and my original The Fame album misses the bonustracks) and Pink's Greatest Hits (Got the Australian version for the better tracklist, but this one's packaging is way better).. Apart from that a lot of cd's I always wanted to get, but I was just waiting till the price was right.. Groove Armada to finish a '3 for 15 euro' deal, and an album by Inna Modja.. Who I never heard of, but it was only 3 euro and the cover looked nice, so I listened to some songs and it's actually a pretty nice album!

  3. I've longed for a thread like this: I love physicals, limited editions ans vinyls.

    Today two of my recent purchases were finally delivered. The first was Beth Ditto EP: perfect little gem of what a pop EP should sound like. I've actually yet to take it out of the plastic wrapping though, but it looks magnificent on my desk.

    The second was Anthonio's Annie 7''. Although quite inferior to Annie's Anthonio, I really like what they did with the answer song. I already had Annie's Anthonio vinyl and the limited edition letter with photo and cd. This just rounds of the collection of that era perfectly. Plus now I have a physical of Angel Face, which is far better than the main track...
  4. This arrived yesterday from amazon:


    I was even moved to write only my 8th amazon review for it. At 3.99, I didn't mind all its faults and omissions, since I have other Big Country CDs and this helped to fill several gaps in my collection. I'll be making a nice iTunes playlist of my own.

    I've not been buying much music of late, since my summer wardrobe needs renewing and new shoes were urgently needed as well.
  5. Ooh, I'm very interested in that Big Country cd Eric. The online tracklistings seem to be a bit vague, in that they don't confirm whether a song is a live recording or original. I'd personally love a 'non-live' tracklisting, but they always seem to sneak live tracks onto these things. Have they been remastered at all, if its possible to tell ?

    I actually saw the new incarnation of the band recently (with Mike Peters on vocals and featuring Bruce Watson's son). The music was spot on, as expected really. The singer will never emulate Adamson vocals-wise, but he put on a good show.

    Much as I love the earlier stuff, I find myself drawn towards 'Fragile Thing' all the time recently. Such a gorgeous song.
  6. Actually - just to confirm I don't want to derail the thread with Big Country chat. I'll be contributing as soon as I make a few purchases. I take a strange pleasure in seeing what other people have bought and the reasons why.
  7. No worries Lazarus! I'll keep it very brief.....there are 3 live recordings included, and yes the tracks do seem to have been slightly re-mastered, if only to just make them "louder". The sleeve notes make no mention of anything, so perhaps they just used the 1996 remaster tapes for The Crossing, The Seer etc.
  8. Great, thanks for the info, it is appreciated.

    I shall return to this thread often I feel !
  9. Mvnl, I love that you have no shame in showing Bionic, let alone putting it in the front row!
  10. I just got the Holy Ghost! album off an eBay seller (still sealed) for £5.99 (inc. postage). I've saved £3 due to it being a new release and most places selling it for £8.99.

    I've also just got back in from ASDA where they had some CDs for £3. I picked MGMT's Congratulations (know absolutely none of the songs on it) and the Example album.
  11. I already love this thread!

    From record store day/Ebay:

  12. Ooh the Blancmange limited 12" remix thing.
  13. Oh god this thread is dangerous.

    I have stuff ariving literally every day because I have no self control when it comes to Amozon.

    I shall post regularly.
  14. I refuse to participate in this gross show of capitalism. *Flounces off*

    This is a half-joke.
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  15. I can't post visual evidence of what I found this afternoon, as it was a bunch of fairly rare 80s and 90s CD-singles at a record market - Prince's Purple Medley, Matt Bianco, Rush, Chris Rea, Heart...that sort of thing. It makes me happy. Then re-bought a Whitney album and an Ashanti CD for pennies in a charity shop.

    The aim is to clear some space in my home that's being taken over by *stuff*. Clearly it's not working...
  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Today was the Beth Ditto EP on CD (part of the Record Store day thing) and the limited version of the UNKLE 'Where Did The Night Fall' re-release. I've basically had to buy the main album again, but it comes with a full new bonus disc, and the same style packaging - i.e. same style as below but gold and and different cover and all new photos, booklet re-done etc.

  17. That looks epic, SockMonkey!
  18. Two weeks ago, I bought these:

  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Haha.. well it's hardly my favourite album of 2010, but since I own all her previous ones and I liked some of the songs it did feel like an obligatory purchase.. plus I waited till it was only 5 euro!
  20. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    They are! Here's my silver and gold side by side:

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