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I just bought...

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ItalianGreyhound, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I'm in the position where I need to offload anything to buy more...and obviously, since I'm constantly picking up cheap CDs, the offloading never ends!

    Today I got the new Portico Quartet album. They really are very good.
  2. That's why I bought the Dead Or Alive 'Flip-Out-Mix'. I could never ever see myself having a copy and when it was up for sale I just thought 'lets go for it'. The mix, like yours, is totally unique and the cover is stunning. The pride of owning a copy outweighs the cost.
  3. I'd never spend money on vinyl now, not even 99p. It's a such a terrible format in 2012. There's so little you can do with it. If it's an exclusive mix, I'll happily make do with a clean rip from one of the excellent blogsites I visit (the Depeche Mode/Dead Or Alive mixes in question have both appeared recently). CDs are my thing, though they will one day be redundant I guess, but they sound much better and are much easier to play and store.
  4. I read tne above post with the avatar firmly stuck in my mind the entire time ...
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I like to buy vinyl for the simple reason that I love to see artwork at that size.
  6. Same, that's definitely another incentive for buying it. I don't buy much vinyl, but for a certain few artists (mainly older ones, like Dead Or Alive) I do because there is often no CD alternative. I like collecting in general.
  7. This forum makes my hobby of buying rare, 2nd hand CDs seem OK. Nobody I work with understand it. 'You can hear that for free on YouTube' is what I hear. Nice to know there's others who get excited about finding a Ten Sharp CD. Last week I got 5 or 6 Australian compliation CDs from 1991 with stuff like REM, The Rembrants and Kylie on along with lesser know Aussie stuff like Ratcat and a different song from The Divinyls than I Touch Myself.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm just talking about today in 2012. I had millions of records up until 2009. Some hadn't been played for the best part of 20 years. What's the point in carrying them around? So I can look at them? I'm down to 100 12"s/LPs and about 100 7" singles. Meanwhile, I have about 22, 000+ CDs. There was so little I had on vinyl that I hadn't replaced on CD, so I cut it loose.

    The avatar is a pop culture icon - the dinked 7" adaptor... which says I'm old enough to remember vinyl, but not some sort've vinyl purist. Let's be honest, the sound quality of a record today is rubbish. Audiophiles may gasp in horror, but I hate snap, crackle and pop on a track. Surface noise has no place on my iPod! The vinyl I kept has sentimental value or was never released on CD (nor is it likely to ever be).
  9. I can't believe it's taken me so long but I've finally got around to updating my early Kylie 7 inches to CDs.

    Have already received "Hand On Your Heart", "Better The Devil", "What Do I Have To Do" and "Shocked" this week - still waiting for "Step Back In Time" to arrive.

    Only ones missing now are "I Should Be So Lucky" and "The Loco-Motion". Anyone know if either of them were released on 5 Inch CD?

    I think I still need to get "Never Too Late" on 5 inch as I only have a 3" so far.

  10. I Should Be So Lucky: http://www.discogs.com/Kylie-Minogue-I-Should-Be-So-Lucky/release/1148852

    The Locomotion: http://www.discogs.com/Kylie-Minogue-The-Loco-Motion/release/1329318
  11. Those prices make my eyes water.
  12. Neither of them were released in the UK on CD single. Her first CD single here was Got To Be Certain, and then there wasn't one for The Locomotion, then every single after that was released as a CD single. None of the UK CD singles are 3". I've had all Kylie's CD singles for years - my favourite is Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi/Made In Heaven. I just love the terrible inlay artwork - she looks dreadful!

  13. Grace Jones- Hurricane 2008 edition
  14. Muse - Absolution.

    I love most of it, sometimes it gets really quiet though after a loud track and then it's followed by something loud again, which gets on my nerves a bit. It's great music though, introspective but also expressive.
  15. That post would have worked so much better had you changed the avatar to one of those 3" cd adapter thingy's ...
  16. I don't think anyone whould know what it was...

  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I just bought the 3CD pack of Rihanna's first albums. Now I can say I own all six. Yay! Finally own the first two, after years of putting it off.
  18. Having a bit of a girlband love in today, first I just received this...


    Australian edition with bonus remix disc

    And from Amazon, a bargain really.

  19. Thanks for the info! I have seen a 3" for Loco-Motion on Amazon but was hoping there was a 5"er. How odd that her 2 biggest early hits were ignored like that.

    I thought your tracklisting for Je Ne Sais Pas looked interesting so I checked my copy. It seems I have more work to do to complete my UK collection! I have "Never Too Late" in a 3" card sleeve and my copies of "Especially For You" and "Je Ne Sais Pas" appear to be european charlatan 3" CDs with adaptors masquerading in 5" jewel cases.

    Arrrghghhhh so 3 more to get (jesus look at the price of them)
  20. Another load of amazon goodies have arrived including my ridiculously overpriced Whitney CD single for "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".

    I really am gonna have to stop buying late 80s/early 90s compilations but with some at £1.26 they are just too tempting.

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