I Kissed a Boy (Dannii Minogue/gay Love Island)

I'm so happy that young gay boys have a show like this to watch. It feels genuinely radical.

Echoing what everyone's said about Justice for Bobski, what a darling. I think Josh was very brave to throw himself into this process, and I hope it was a good stepping stone on his journey.

I found Mikey incredibly sexy, he played the game well IMO and I think he dodged a bullet in not being picked by Dan and being sucked into his London party life.

Genuinely can't bear Ben, that soft Scottish accent disguises some awful personality traits and my god he has had so much camera time.

There is something incredibly dark about Ollie, he always looks like he's having disturbing thoughts.

Dannii is sensational, she seems so invested and I love that her flawless discography is scattered throughout the banging soundtrack. No idea why she stands so far away from the boys when they're in a group, though. At first I thought it was a Covid thing, but then she links arms with the eliminated boys.
That Ross guy was such a stirrer though. He did my head in.

Overall, a lovely representative series and how glorious to have Dannii back on our screens and in the pop charts.

It was a tad too similar to Love Island for me, which was a shame as it seemed to be doing its own thing in the first few episodes. I wouldn’t mind a few guys over the age of 30 being added to futures series as well, if we want true gay representation.
Hoping Dannii will re-create her Everlasting Night video for Kissed a Gewl. And her villa walk in ensembles to pander ever so slightly. In fact, skin head Dannii in tribute to her Everlasting Night dancing partner would be quite the moment.
This was a really enjoyable series and felt important for representation but I hope if we get another they retool the format. It just felt like things were heating up in episode 6 and then it was all over. It definitely could use some more room to breathe. Jake W could have been a great character but as there was literally nobody for him to pair up with he arrived in one episode and was gone the next.

Dannii was the perfect host for this, she was warm and invested throughout and I loved hearing all her own songs throughout mixed in with the other bangers, This Is It in the finale being a highlight. The soundtrack was a Popjustice fever dream.

It bears repeating - justice for Bobski!


This is great news! Whether they’ll actually get it done this fast is to be seen but it would actually be so smart to do one Boy and one Girl series a year.
It says filming in September and I Kissed a Boy was announced about this time last year. So they might keep it once a year.
Did they only film for two weeks? The show didn't last long enough to develop any organic drama or give us enough of a window into any legit relationships.

Not quite a wasted opportunity but there is so much potential that I don't think the show managed to reach. Hopefully next time!

I Kissed a Girl could be a lot of fun and messy drama but it could also become this if they don't cast it right.
They/them, he/him
There is something incredibly dark about Ollie, he always looks like he's having disturbing thoughts.

I feel exactly the same about Ollie! There is… something off about him, but I can’t quite place it. Watching him on the show unnerved me.