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I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    Debuts on Oct 15 with its first four episodes. Additional episodes will be released on subsequent Fridays, leading up to the season finale on Nov 12.

    Some more pics
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  2. They TRIED IT. I’ll still watch.
  3. Uno


    The photos make it look very CW and do zero favors for it, but I will still be 100% tuning in.
  4. The one person I know who has seen some of it said it’s a lot more fun than she had anticipated. After the Scream series disaster, I’m definitely dreading this, but I’ll watch the entire thing.
  5. Still would rather have a movie (with an SMG cameo) but I will hope for the best.

    And the mayo white guy in the third pic is NOT serving Freddie Prinze or Ryan Phillipe I'll just say that.
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  6. I would love a third movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brandy starring. I feel we got to revisit every horror franchise except this one. I loved both movies so it's a shame.

    Now I'll say those pictures look interesting. I'll have to see a trailer to say I'm sold, but I'm surprised it looks like a straight up remake. I didn't expect them to so closely recreate images from the original. I just hope it's R rated like some of the other Amazon series.
  7. So it's based on the film and not the book, I assume?
  8. I'd have thought opposite - can you string out a slasher plot with four intended victims for an entire series?
  9. I hope so, as that book twist, unfilmable, if I remember it right
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  10. Yes, it would be absolutely impossible.
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  11. The way I’m going to hate this but I also want to love it.
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  12. Ooh I need to read I am intrigued.
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  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Please share in a spoiler!
  14. Uno


    Julie is dating a man named Bud, and Helen meets a man named Collingsworth at her apartment complex and becomes friends with him. It turns out that Bud and Collingsworth are the same person and is the killer. It's impossible to film because the audience would clearly see that they're the same person.
  15. The characters in the book are far less sympathetic too. Helen, however, is more likeable than the film version.
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  16. Don’t know how this will be but looking forward to it.
  17. Was there ever talk of a third movie back in the day? I loved both films.
  18. I'm just worried it's going to be Pretty Little Liars more than anything else. I want it to be gory and I want it to be dark but... it's not going to be is it?
  19. So this is going the YA route? Why am I old? Why do 'kids' have to ruin everything?
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