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I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. On one hand reading your post I was happy, but when I read an article on it I became furious. The man who killed her was at the scene of the crime when police arrived and was suspected by the family of killing her! It’s horrible that she died not knowing the truth when police simply could’ve done their job.

    Here’s a link to the story I read: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ro...der-lois-duncan-kaitlyn-arquette-1217608/amp/
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  2. It's all so bleak, isn't it? I remember seeing it in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries and immediately taking notice because of how much I loved Lois Duncan's books.
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  3. The trailer is… badly edited, and everything looks very Lifetime. But I’m still holding out hope.
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  4. That trailer looks misleading lol. I can see people being shocked if they tune in and it has gory death scenes because it looks like a typical teen show. We will see how accurate it is when it airs.
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  5. This looks horrible! They ruined another classic, just like that horrible Scream show.
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  7. I feel like these characters are going to be annoying.
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  8. Well let me know how it goes
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  9. So, Pretty Little Liars basically... ugh.
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  10. Nice artwork - but what is this got-bored-in-fifth-period font?

  11. It looks like a straight-to-video 90's horror DVD cover from the £1 shop to me.
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  12. The trailer looks like a pile of shite. I rather re-watch the movies. Someone @ me if this is actually good when it's over.
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  13. At a glance I thought this was the Urban Legends movie poster
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  14. The way this is getting dragged. I've seen virtually no good response from the trailer or poster online. Let them cancel this til next year. Re-shoot with the Gorton's fisherman that we know and love, bring in some hook kills and add in Bridgette Wilson as one of the kids parents.

    It's what us little Shiver-ers deserve. The fans said to the makers of this

  15. Or let's shoot a new movie with the surviving cast of the sequel. Kill Jennifer Love Hewitt off in the opening and start a new trilogy or whatever.

    'I'll Never Forget What Happened That Summer!'
  16. I just noticed there’s some form of strange goo on all of their faces… I hate it even more.

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  17. Must be something to do with the honey in the trailer, slightly intrigued…
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  19. So I’ve seen the first few episodes and while I wouldn’t say it’s good, it’s definitely better than expected. It’s another case of I just wish they hadn’t tied this to an existing franchise/property. The deaths are gory, the sex is explicit, the locations are stunning and the lead actress is great, but it does all feel like a premium network version of Pretty Little Liars. I’m surprised how little of the actual plot/info on the car crash victim is revealed in the trailer as it’s the most compelling aspect of the series - which I won’t spoil here - and gives the final girl some fantastic depth. My main grievance is that, like so many teen horror shows before this, it just isn’t scary. The beautiful, sunny Hawaii setting doesn’t provide the same foggy atmosphere of an East Coast dock town and, as we’ve seen in so many works before, creepy text message don’t create any form of tension. The episodes I’ve seen set up a fun mystery that’s compelling enough to keep me watching, but don’t get your hopes up.

    Going back to the text message complaint, I’ve been thinking about why it doesn’t work. A sheet of paper is hardly horrifying, but I think receiving a letter has so many more layers to it. It means the suspect knows your address, has access to your home, could be watching you at anytime and could invade your safe bubble at any moment. It creates a foreboding dread that you legitimately cannot feel safe in your own home. In comparison, I don’t feel like there’s anything safe or personal about a phone that can go missing, get hacked or be accessed by almost anyone. You can change a number or cut off access to your phone far easier than you can move homes, so it will never serve as an equivalent plot device.
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