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I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. They hooked me a little with the opening looking a bit like the movie's iconic Oscar worthy credits. Lost me with the cringe voiceover (please don't be for the entire show) and then got me again with the leads hot dad.

    So it was ok. The dialogue was for sure adults writing what they think teens talk like. Unless that's just how they actually talk then please shoot me in the face. I didn't see the ending coming which I now feel like an idiot because I wondered why the twins had the exact same haircut. I thought it was just laziness but I guess they had to.
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  2. I cringe when people write dialogue for children/teenagers and it's so not how they would talk. Whether it's in a TV show or movie or a book.
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  3. I can’t decide whether to start this or not, I haven’t really heard anything positive about it but I loved the films…
  4. Eight episodes according to wiki. I feel they could've just released the whole thing at one go tbh, its not one of those shows where you're left wanting more after each episode..
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  5. The fifth episode was the slowest so far. This could’ve been a decent teen show without this name. The deaths have no suspense, there is no character development so the people who have died so far make no impact. These kids are walking around like nothing major is going on.

    Even the cliffhanger with a tease of someone dying is not interesting because like the last two deaths, it happened off screen and we only see the aftermath. Where is the suspense in that?

    They have three episodes to go and at this pace it’s going to be a long three weeks. I may just wait until they’re all uploaded to binge because this is hard to sit through.
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  6. My disappointment with this led me to "One Of Us Is Lying" on Peacock and man I wish this cast and these writers were in charge of this show. You have a stronger cast and they're actually written like real teens. This show is about 5 kids in detention and one dies and you have to figure out who of the 4 killed the person. They do a much better job of developing a compelling mystery and interesting characters.
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  7. What's the honey all about then?
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  8. Five episodes in and we still don’t really know.
  9. In the latest episode there was an extending scene where one of the characters was playing with the honey pot in the cult leaders house. I wonder if that could come up later since the clifffhanger was at said house.
  10. It's crap.
  11. This is genuinely so bad, it's practically unwatchable.
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  12. You see, with all the dragging I have to watch it now.
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  13. (50 minutes later....)
    Well that was like PLL without the sarcasm or half the scares. Having met some uni undergraduates recently, yes people around the age of 20 do look that young these days, people old enough to have seen "I know what you did last summer" at the cinema are just old *cries*
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  14. I'm going to watch this entire season and hate myself for it. This dialogue...

  15. This is really boring. They’re littering it with swear words which seem out of place and a weird attempt to seem cool.
    And the first character to die being the queer person, aren’t we past that now?
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  16. This isn't great but I'm finding it watchable. I think the lead actress is actually serving and I like it more then the Scream show? So yay?
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  17. I love how we’re more than halfway through a show about a SERIAL KILLER being on the loose and a mother with a missing child wasn’t taken seriously by the police department investigating said murders. Then you have these egg heads finding their friends arm and still they don’t tell anybody?!

    The level of stupidity this show asks of you is insane.
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  18. Oh, Margot. I've really grown to love her.
    I'm still sad about
    Dylan needs to die though.

    I really expected some stunt casting for the mom after reading about it on another forum. Like Sarah Michelle actually. I know, I know, but she went on holiday in Hawaii a couple of months ago so it could have happened. The actual reveal was a non-event. They could have hired a real name.
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  19. I've watched the whole thing up to the most recent episode and I'm so uninvested in this, but I don't like giving up on things midway.
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  20. I basically continue to watch for Hot Dad and his shenanigans. Bad actor but nice to look at.
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