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I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. I keep waiting for it to get good and it never happens. They had a clever thing with the Riley situation and I liked that she survived and the episode showed her trying to get to safety. To have her just drop dead felt anti-climatic. She was one of the main characters!

    Then when everybody found out they went to party and nobody had a reaction to it. It was as if Riley weren’t even their friend. Now we are one episode to the finale and still nobody is acting like there is a serial killer on the loose targeting them. It’s insane.
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  2. It felt particularly cruel to have her fight all the way home and die regardless. They could've let her die where she was.
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  3. I'm about 30 minutes into episode one, whatever they did last summer hasn't yet happened but I'm already really bored by it.
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  4. Watch Cruel Summer (also on Prime) instead.
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  5. Horrible end to a horrible show. I can't believe they attached the I Know What You Did Last Summer name to something so poorly done. I assumed because it was on Amazon Prime that it would be elevated, but this is one of the worst teen shows I've seen.

    They threw the kitchen sink into the plot, it had no suspense, no payoff and an unsympathetic lead. Hopefully it's a one and done and they aren't foolish enough to do a second season.
  6. Bring back the movies!
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  7. Um not sure what I feel about that ending. Suddenly I miss Julie James fumbling around the boat like a loser while getting her boyfriend knocked into the sea.
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  8. I'm on to Ep 3 now and... how are they this stupid?
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  10. The finale was dreadful. I genuinely found the twins premise compelling, but this quickly unraveled into a total disaster. Could not recommend less.
  11. Probably the worst show I’ve watched in 2021.
    Watchable first 4 episodes and then it’s just jumbled shit. Couldn’t tell the twins apart in the end and the chick in fridge in honey. Huh? The killer didn’t make sense and then they lived happily ever after!?!
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  12. I'm about halfway through. I don't think I've ever disliked a group of characters more.

    'Incel cop' was nice to look at though.

    I'm confused by...
    Lennon's body looking like she'd only been dead a few days? Did the hippie lady preserve it all year?
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  13. I watched two episodes, clocked the killer from episode 2, read the final recap to see if I was right, and then finally deleted the thing from my watchlist. What an absolute travesty of a show, and an insult to dear Helen Shivers’ memory.
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  14. Made it to the end. While I didn't hate it, it certainly went out like a damp squib.

    Some things made no sense or were just annoying...
    It seemed that her motive was all around Alison pretending to be Lennon, but then she's all like "whoever you are, I love you more than anyone!" - couldn't she have gotten to this without murdering eight people?

    I got that Alison chose to continue being Lennon for her own selfish reasons (which made her even more unlikeable) and imprisoning herself with Margot, Gone Girl style, but the whole Queer Love Kills/is Dishonest subtext of that left a bad aftertaste.

    More distressing is that two people with usually high standards of taste have both been raving about it to me.
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  16. I was considering watching this, however seeing that they off the only gay characters from the outset no thanks.
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  17. I was hate watching so I'm not to broken up over it. Now lets get a real third movie with Helen coming back from the dead to enact revenge on pasty Julie for being a flop ass friend/final girl


    plus Karla will return to break more shit. "Just when you thought your glass panels were safe...." will be the tag line.
  18. Shocker.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt secretly laughing.
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