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I Know What You Did Last Summer (Amazon Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. Not surprised by this.
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  2. This franchise has been dead for so long and overlooked after two solid films and to come back with this was so insulting. I’m glad they didn’t get another season to further cheapen the brand.

    I wish someone would look at the success of Halloween and hopefully the new Scream and do a proper film sequel. Jennifer Love Hewitt is on one of the most popular TV shows, 911. Brandy is still relevant with Queens and her music. They could easily get these two and Freddie Prinze Jr and give us a solid sequel.
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  3. Yeah, I would agree. Assuming Scream is a hit, this movie franchise would be a nice one to revive and give us a great sequel. It could even be something that is happening to someone else and Julie/Karla could be pulled in to help solve the mystery. Then it can still be called I Know What You Did Last Summer and maybe it's more of a cameo but helps to fully wrap up their storylines and introduce a new cast and a new mystery not linked to Ben Willis.
  4. This show is so shit. It's so try hard - "we're young and we take drugs and drink and swear and have sex". And with like zero scares. Give me Jennifer Loves Chewits iconic 90s version over this mess any day.
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  5. It sucked.

    I noticed them pre-fucking themselves over with the reveal though.

    The girl who was the killer - forgotten names now - received footage of the gay BFF being murdered and screamed and fell off her chair in shock. But she was by herself, so who was this little act of theatre for???

    Dismal writing.
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