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I May Destroy You

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Andrew.L, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Ah, I was looking for a thread about this last week and couldn't see one!

    This show is incredible. Arabella, T and Kwame are such empathetic characters with so much depth. It feels like a thriller with the pacing and slow reveal of what happened on that night.

    I know they're different shows, but watching this after struggling through Normal People recently makes me appreciate this so much more because the characters feel so rounded and there are touches of humour that don't compromise the heavy subject matter.

    I only wish it was all on iPlayer now!

    That scene with Kwame being raped was awful and so plausible.
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  2. I had anxiety all the way through this episode. I felt like I didn't know which way things were going to go and could turn nasty at any second.
  3. Episode 5 and 6...

    Phenomenal. Poor Kwame.
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  4. Started this tonight. Just finished episode one and I like. A lot.
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  5. Watched 3 and 4 last night, 4 was devastating.
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  6. This show is a rollercoaster ride. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after episode 5 - the writing summit scene!

    She'd better get showered in awards for this.
  7. The amount of issues Michaela touches on every episode, but it all springs so organically, like the everyday occurrences they often awfully are, is so powerful.
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  8. People I follow on Instagram can't stop praising this show. I have high expectations and will watch the first episodes tonight.
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  9. Michaela is fearless. This programme really goes everywhere.
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  10. I've watched the first three episodes and I haven't been that enthralled, uncomfortable, and entertained in a long time. The scene in the second episode where she's trying to piece together the night with her sus friend and his wife... wow.
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  11. I just finished the series (press privileges) - but no spoilers from me. However I will say that this is probably the best TV show to come out of 2020. Utterly amazing from start to end. If this is not an Emmy/BAFTA/etc darling, I will riot.
  12. This show is completely amazing.

    The way it treats the topic of consent with such subtlety and thought. And the way it examines some of the grey areas around the idea of consent... and whether they really are grey areas. Whew, much to think about.

    Plus it was nice to see gay sex on the BBC after what feels like such a long time.
  13. I have a question about episode 6:
    I don't get why Arabella would join a support group led by a woman who faked being raped in high school. Can someone explain that to me?
    I'm not a native speaker so I've probably missed something...
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  14. I found this a little confusing too and I hope they explore Theo more in the coming episodes. The teen actresses they cast as young Arabella and Terry were fantastic.

    I figured there were rumours about her being abused by her dad since T called her ‘a poster child for child line’ and the lies her mum had told her in the custody battle could have been known in the community? So while the rape accusation is at the forefront of the flashback I guess the rumours of her ‘abuse’ and the apparent growth/leadership she offers is enough to convince Arabella to join?

    I found Theo repeating the same speech to the survivors group sinister at the end. No doubt she had been exploited by her own mother and she was clearly damaged, but how much are we to believe about her experiences and how much is she continuing to lie for her own benefit?
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  15. Thanks so much for your take on this. This made a lot of sense to me. Can't wait to learn more about Arabellas motivation to join the group.
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  16. Really enjoying this. It’s incredible how it manages to highlight all the different abuses of consent yet not come off heavy handed.
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  17. It is addressed again in later episodes.
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  18. I’m assuming this will be explored in later episodes?
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  19. I just binge watched the three first episodes and I’m very intrigued by the show so far. It’s all very raw, unflattering and disturbing.
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  20. Kwame's date!!!
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