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I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Wait, that's still in? Jesus.
    Oh my god at us actually agreeing.
    Welp, there you go.
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  2. I honestly didn't expect Live While We're Young to reach the top 30 so that's something.
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  4. Enjoying how there's been a longer wait than usual since I've lost my 11. Give the low-scoring heathens some time to think about what they've done to poor Heart Attack.
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    Did you curse me with a headache yesterday? This seems suspicious.
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    Hello lovelies!

    (minus the newly minted Louis stans who came for Kiss You today....)

    I hope we all move past that tragedy and focus on more important issues.

    Like what will just miss our Top 20?



    #21. Live While We're Young [7.642]

    High Score: 10 x 4 (@Animalia, @A$AP Robbie, @ohnostalgia, @wackseed)
    Low Score: 4 x 1 (@Up Down Suite)

    I genuinely did not know people were meh on this until you lot started calling for its head in the thirties. Every elimination that passed without Live While We're Young filled me with glee, especially since some of its main haters KILLED WITHOUT REMORSE many of my favourites. Alas Live While We're Young's Cinderella story ends today, as we gather to say goodbye to an amazingly fun song in the One Direction discography. Anyone who low scored this will not be allowed to get angry about da bops. I don't get to choose the results, but I make the rules. And you can sit down. You know who you are. SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

    I'm not sure if the casual voters here realize how big Live While We're Young was for One Direction. The first single from Take Me Home, Live While We're Young ties as their 2nd best charting single in the United States, peaking at #3. One Direction never achieved a US #1 and many singles peaked outside the Top 10, so that is a Big Deal. Live While We're Young also peaked at #3 on the UK Charts, finishing #96 on their 2012 year end chart. This smash hit was paired with an AMAZINGLY FUN MUSIC VIDEO that actually broke the Vevo record for most views in a 24 hour period (previously held by Justin Bieber). YASSSSSSSSSSSS BOYS. No seriously, that video is perfect, especially in terms of hitting the just lads having fun checkbox. I want to personally email this video to every damn person who ever said Zayn doesn't have charisma. Live While We're Young proves that he does; he made a different aesthetic decision in his solo career. GOD.

    Okay, Zolo stanning over. As many of you pointed out, Live While We're Young was written by our dear friends Kotecha, Yacoub, and Falk, and may or may not bear some similarities to a certain other One Direction single. Unpopular Opinion Time: this > What Makes You Beautiful. Why? From that Kinks stealing opening riff, this song captures my attention like almost no other 1D single. First they hit you with That Riff, followed by the three quick hits from the guitar pick. I cannot tell you what that little moment does for me. It elevates this song sooooo much. Yes yes, I know it was stolen, blah blah blah. I still love it. Little details matter people! Moving on, I actually love the chorus and think it's just as strong as That Other Song- particularly because of the oh oh oh ohs. Gotta love those. The bridge is also a moment- A ZAYN MOMENT!!!! I mean I could probably Ursula Louis at this point and not feel remorse, but not even he can ruin it. And then Zayn graces us with more adlibs near the end. PERFECT. My other fave Harry is slaying the game in this as well, so mad props to him and also to Liam for being as consistent as ever. Also Niall ain't half bad on this one! Love that. As always I put way more rationale into loving this than all you haters did in hating it. Let's see what they have to say for themselves.

    Sometimes I wonder if @Up Down Suite (4) even listened to Up All Night- "WHY was this a single? Up All Night bonus all over." I've clearly demonstrated why this was a lead single. HUGE (AND REALIZED) SMASH POTENTIAL.

    Well apparently it didn't, cause this song went Top 25, but continue on your Wrong Direction, @VivaForever (5)- "I’m literally making the face Hilary made in that video where she looked at photos of her old fashion choices. Sooooo obviously an attempt to remake Beautiful. Only it kind of falls flat on its face."

    No justification from @MarkB (5), but I already gave up on his taste.

    NOT @With The Bands (6) going all 1D historian- "The pre-chorus is amazing but the actual chorus is so underwhelming. The ‘pictures on your phone line’ will never not be ironic coming from Zayn (Sorry dude)." The sad part is there are legitimately two different scandals he could be talking about here.....

    @KAG (6)- "A bland retread of 'What Makes You Beautiful'/poor pastiche of 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'. It's not bad but I don't think it was the right choice for lead single considering they had better options on the album. I like their laddish chanting towards the end, however I find the thinly veiled euphemisms littered throughout the song naff and awkward. They're too PG to be raunchy and daring yet too blatant to be considered clever." Like I honestly don't see many of the other just as awesome Take Me Home bops having the type of impact Live While We're Young did. But okay.

    Louis' future wife @GhettoPrincess (6) continues her track record of terror through this rate, while chief detractor @MollieSwift21 (6.2) hates fun. For all those wondering how the hell this got so far, the only other score below a 7 was @thefaceofyou (6.5). SO SUCKS TO BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though this is falling, I FEEL SO VINDICATED! DANCE PUPPETS DANCE.

    Sometimes it's just what you need, right, @Furball (7)?- " Another bread and butter"

    @Posh Spears (7) remembers remembers remembers- "Live While We’re Young - I just never would have picked this as the lead single when there are at least 4 other album tracks that would have worked better, but I remember how indescribably huge this was when the video first came out."

    Same, @Rasterax (7.5), same- "It's the Oops I Did It Again to WMYB's Baby One More Time, but I might prefer it? No reason"

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @tylerc904 (9) - "My horny college roommate (and full fledged Directioner/virgin) sort of ruined the "tonight let's get some" line because of this one face she pulled ONE time. Haunts me to this day. It is still a major bop though."

    I didn't know you roomed with resident slut shamer @DJHazey (8)- "This was apparently written by the same trio responsible for "What makes You Beautiful" and that definitely shows. The tempo is boosted here, drums seem bigger, and their signature shouty chorus reigns supreme; it's all hinging on a rock-riff that borrows from The Clash to get the job done. I'm not 100% here for the main line of the song involving "let's get some", which is never a good look. I bet Directioners were craving the album more than ever when they first heard this lead single!"

    Or was it resident wordsmith @Lost In Japan. (7.5)? "Reductive, look it up." I'm just going to say yes because I can't bother looking up the big words in the Oxford Dictionary.



    Just copy and paste my previous single comments to @Macsun (8) please- "A solid opener but again a "meh" single with better single choices in their album"

    My fluctuating opinion of one @constantino (8.5) is back on the upswing! "I’ve always much preferred this to What Makes You Beautiful, despite this being a complete re-hash of that same formula."

    Yes, get your life with me, @iheartpoptarts (8.5)- "The post-chorus “oh-oh-oh” bits are definitely the best part!"

    @eccentricsimply (8.5)- "Their third best single after Best Song Ever and Kiss You. This song is just fun, the music video is great and it was a Gold start for a Gold album." YEP.

    Does musical Booster Juice exist? Please hire @sexercise (8.6)- "A great bop but if I had to put their first 2 albums in a blender, this would come out."

    Oh @First2Run (9)- "It’s weird to listen to them singing about “getting some” because they seem far too innocent for that at this point, but it’s a great bop nonetheless."

    @SophiaSophia (9.8) knocks off exactly 0.2. I live for their precision- "Not quite What Makes You Beautiful 2 but still fantastic"

    @A$AP Robbie (10) and I agree! "Still every bit as thrilling as it was then"

    Final word to someone I've been very upset with for awhile, @wackseed (10)- "This song is SO BOUNCY and SO MUCH FUN I want to travel back in time and play it at my 13th birthday party. It's a great opening to a super fun and happy album, as well as being a little more eloquently put together than previous songs. I love it, it's adorable." A REDEMPTION ARC? ON MY POPJUSTICE?

    Witness the brilliance!

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  7. [​IMG]

    My second least favourite single, teebs. Glad it's gone.
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    Reductive, dear.
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  9. How #controversial that this just missed the top 20.

    Four having two more tracks left than Take Me Home is making me nervous!!
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  10. Live While We're Young is perfectly average, hence my score. I'm not sure why people were calling for its removal when they have many worse songs.
  11. Hoping Where Do Broken Hearts Go, What A Feeling and Story of My Life are out next. Also, let us talk about how C'mon C'mon, while a fabulous song, is not better than Heart Attack.
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    We're at the Top 20. They're all good songs. Sis come on.
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    Live While We're Young had no business making it this far. It sounds like it could have been a bonus track off the first album. It's not awful but what a disappointing lead single.
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    It didn't make the Top 20, did it? I fail to see your point.
  18. My point was that it did, in fact, have business making it this far. And should have outlasted at least two of the songs I see in that top 20. One of which I think I actually rated higher than it and I'm kicking myself.

    That being said, aside from Change My Ticket and Ready to Run all the essentials are in the top 20 so well done there everybody.
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    There is A LOT I would change about this Top 20, but I still use all these songs regularly. I know you're just going to laugh at me, but it speaks to the huge quantity of good songs they produced. Once you get rid of the garbage they have like 50+ gems.

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  20. Fucking tell it!!!
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