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I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 1, 2016.

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    I survived smashing my head into a shelf.

    It was good practice for the pain you've caused me today.




    #20. Clouds [7.694]

    High Score:
    11 x 1 (@Rasterax), 10 x 6 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @ohnostalgia, @sexercise, @SophiaSophia, @wackseed, @With The Bands)
    Low Score: 3 x 1 (@Up Down Suite)

    I hope any person who scored this under a seven gets caught in a horrible thunderstorm and barely survives to tell the tale. Louis carrying an umbrella is your only rescue. Or in the case of a certain Louis stan, you watch Louis get struck by lightning and permanently lose his voice while I cheer Mother Nature on.

    Closing the standard edition of Four, Clouds is a superb and emotionally affecting study in contrasts- light versus dark, hope versus bitterness, soft versus harsh, defiance versus vulnerability. This song is a journey; by the end I've truly ascended into musical bliss. There's so much I could talk about here, the writing and production choices are top notch. Well done Js, Lilo and Zayn (!!!). That opening guitar, accompanied by Harry screaming, is truly a head rush. I absolutely adore how the guitars crescendo throughout the verses, leading us into the the headbanging chorus. I cannot sit still when this song comes on, it's instinct to move around and get my life. Don't get me started on Harry's cloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouds backed by those wonderfully soft ooohs. That, my dears, is A Moment. Even more of a moment? AND WE GO AND WE GO AND WE GO AND WE DON'T STOP. I can't possibly be the only person who noticed the interplay of the upward lilting clooooooudsssss and the downward trending "and we goes," can I? Genius! AND THEN THOSE SIGHS AND ADLIBS BEFORE THE FINAL CHORUS. BURY ME ALIVE I CAN'T TAKE IT. I can (and have) listened to this song on repeat for hours.

    It's not just the music that's amazing, I connect with the lyrics too. As someone who routinely cuts disappointing people out of her life, this song speaks to me on a spiritual level. This is me at my most spiteful:

    Someday you're gonna see the things that I see

    You're gonna want the air that I breathe

    You're gonna wish you never left me

    While my perfectionist side loves this:​

    We're never coming back down

    We're looking down on the clouds

    We go and we go and we go and we don't stop

    THIS SONG IS SO MUCH. Are they defiant? Are they optimistic? Are they having fun? Or are they heartbroken? Are they aggressively pretending? Are they living a lie? Perhaps all of the above? Apply this to the context of what was going on in the band and it gets even worse. There's something almost depressing about the boys singing "and we go and we go and we go and we don't stop" when we all know Zayn's gone four months later. It's no secret that 1D were shamefully overworked. I'm sorry boys, but what goes up must eventually crash down. No amount of iron will is going to fight the laws of gravity.

    Now that I'm in an emotionally fragile state, let me call out the usual suspects. Oh look it's you know who (@Up Down Suite- 3)- "I would give it a 0 but the chorus saves it." I can't at you reducing one of their most finely crafted songs to a chorus. Appalling.

    You do realize you're in a One Direction rate, @Sprockrooster (5)? "Here we go again; a song I heard a zillion times before." That didn't stop you from giving high scores to other songs in this rate that you've heard a zillion times before (COUGH LITTLE THINGS COUGH). This would be like me zeroing every song Louis caterwauls in. It's just not realistic.

    I'm convinced @VivaForever (6) is that professor we all hated who curves the class down, ruining our GPA. "Some of these production choices (the opening guitar...) are dire. And yet I enjoyed it nonetheless."

    Oh. Of course. @DJHazey (6) - "This is very bad breakup. No survivors. No going back. The kind that crashes and burns and lays waste to everything in its path. It paints a clear picture, but their ”we’re a rock band” songs don’t usually work for me that well."

    Let's call out the people who couldn't even take the time to explain their terrible life choices- @Subwaykid (4), @Fever (4), @tylerc904 (6), Louis' wife @GhettoPrincess (6), Louis' sidechick @Reboot (6.5), @A$AP Robbie (5), and @Daniel! (6). HAVE FUN BEING STRUCK BY LIGHTNING AND GETTING BLOWN AWAY BY WIND AND ENDURING TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. SEND PICTURES.

    I stan @iheartpoptarts (7) liking this! "Such an unexpected chorus, but it works. It’s almost like there are two of them!"

    @Macsun (8)- "Great album ender with a classic rock feel." Definitely one of the few times this really works for them.

    You're like four years behind @First2Run (8)- "I can certainly imagine gracefully flying through the clouds as this song plays, pooping down onto The Wanted concerts or whatever it is Directioners do." Don't you know it's all about proving Louis' son doesn't exist and is a cover for a five year secret interband relationship, harassing Niall via text, hacking Harry's family and ambushing him on set, picking apart every moment of Liam and Cheryl's relationship, and viciously hating on Zayn?????

    @eccentricsimply (8.5)- "Together with SS as one of the best songs, it's just really fun. It's all over the place but it works unlike Little Black Dress. Also, it's a terribly great break up song." SO MUCH FUN.

    @constantino (9)- "What a rush! The chorus is an absolute blast! The energy really elevates this song, but the melody itself is one of the best on the album. I can imagine this being incredible live, too. *Heads to YouTube*" They opened with it on their last tour and it was amazing.

    @SophiaSophia (10)- "The best song on this album it's like they finally got the idea of anthemic rock. I just can't believe that this is a one direction song though." Yet it works!

    @With The Bands (10)- "HUGE, that production, the ‘stadium’ delivery. The song is everything!" IT REALLY IS.

    @sexercise (10)- "This song is HUGE. Now THIS should’ve been a single." Ironically, I think it might've been if Zayn hadn't left, essentially ending the Four era.

    @Rasterax (11) was given the option of rescinding his 11, but kept it much to my delight- "OK I admit I wasn't that super passionate about any song getting the 11 but since it's mandatory (it is, isn't it?) I'm going with their biggest, most rousing anthem. What A Feeling is probably better but I figure it's getting several of these so I'm throwing my vote here."

    @wackseed (10) I LOVE YA AGAIN- "This was a stealth fave for me when this album first came out. Considering how this was the last album with all 5 members, the best songs on it are the ones that balance the bittersweet and the hopeful, and Clouds does that wonderfully. I absolutely adore the soaring vocals in the chorus and the unbearable optimism of the entire song."


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    I can't believe I put my all into that post and nobody cares. Tempted to not post any more eliminations tonight.
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    It was about time for it. I gave it an 8.
  6. Have a likification.
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  8. Gorl the first thing I did when I got on PJ after you posted that was send you a PM, and the second thing I did was like the post. Even I don't spend EVERY waking second refreshing PJ.

    (I was playing The Oregon Trail, you see. I was Nuhdeen, and my traveling companions were Chehrul, Kemburlay, Serrah, and Nehcahlah Gehnger.)
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  9. She died (from dysentary) Jill.
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  10. Actually she died of a snakebite.
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    Well, at least it wasn't my 11 yet.
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    Next up!

    I wonder what it could be?

    Is this the infamous 11?

    Is it Kiss You?

    AS IF



    #19. C'mon C'mon [7.714]

    High Score: 10 x 7 (@eccentricsimply, @First2Run, @iheartpoptarts, @Petty Mayonnaise, @SophiaSophia, @Subwaykid @tylerc904)
    Low Score: 4 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Xanthippe)

    My Score: 7

    Personally, I think this is one of the mid-tier bops on Take Me Home. Judging from the rotting corpse of Heart Attack, most of you clearly disagreed. I probably could've bumped my score up to an eight, but I was being stupid and trying not to stan everything (we all know how this worked out for me). C'mon C'mon was written by the three Js, because of course it was. I really like the verses, but there's just something lacking in the chorus and especially the bridge. I can't pinpoint what it is, I'm a bit baffled about it. Maybe it's this- the verses have a beautiful subtle quality about them and then you get hit with a very basic chorus. That's probably the closest I'll get to explaining it. I do like the backing whoas that Liam (?) is serving. Actually, the vocals are generally on point throughout. Too bad they're singing about ditching their girlfriend! I don't really have much more to say about this, so let's turn it over the sea of compliments you all submitted. Well actually, first I'll expose the low scorers for you.

    @Xanthippe (4)- "Reminds me of German Schlager. Probably the reason i will never warm up to this song." Who?

    @Up Down Suite (5)- "Seems a bit of a debut reject, holds back their evolution a bit. You hear Kiss You and think, oh okay, this is new, this wasn’t done on Up All Night, then this song comes on." Okay....

    Besides @Sprockrooster (4), you also have a 5 from @Daniel!.

    @constantino (6)- "EH…this isn’t as fun or catchy as it thinks it is…a miss for me I’m afraid." I don't disagree.

    Other members of the 6 club include: @Remorque (6.5), @Mr. Right (6.5), @Furball (6), @Reboot (6), @Rasterax (6.5), and @Fever (6). You're welcome.

    @wackseed (7) knocks points for the theme- "Why is this song about dubious cheating on your girlfriend so damn CATCHY? These wretched siren children, I hate them. "

    I'm sure she won't be happy with this blame the girlfriend crap from @DJHazey (8)- "I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_, playing off the 'school dance' scene I painted with "Little Things", this is when the guy's date has left him feeling lonely until he spots another girl in the same situation. It's more likely that they ditched the boring girl they came with for the 'exciting' new girl."

    I couldn't tell if this was a typo or something deep I didn't understand, sorry @A$AP Robbie (8)- "Night palate refresher after Little Things "

    @With The Bands (8) - "Refreshing sound for 1D." Okay?

    @sexercise (8.2)- "I really don’t like the intro to this song but it still goes awf." Yeah the intro is a little iffy too.

    You can tell @VivaForever (8.5) is obsessed with a certain country artiste- "Mmmm, this is giving me What a Way to Wanna Be! teas. I’m hearing the “no-o-body’s perfect” bit in like the first line of the chorus."

    @Macsun (9) gives some high praise- "Another single worthy track ignored. Bloody fantastic ABBA-esque chorus lead by Harry"

    ME TOO, @Posh Spears (9.5)- "Aww, I feel bad for the girl they came with! Catchy though."

    Poor @SophiaSophia (10)- "Love this loads."

    We agree but for different reasons, @eccentricsimply (10)- "The fact that this song is so short is sad, but also it'd take away from how great it is?"

    @tylerc904 (10) curses MANAGEMENT- "Love this one, wish it had been a single."

    Oh geez. @iheartpoptarts (10)- "Perfect pop production and a massive chorus. This is how you do it, guys!"

    Last word to the creative imagination of @First2Run (10)- "This is EXPLOSIVE. It makes me wish I was the baybay that gets to dance with them. One can dream, I suppose."

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  14. Pot, kettle. Glass houses, stones.
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  17. Awwww, I'm obsessed with the 'C'mon C'mon' chorus! The melodies are so, so right and something about the delivery of it always makes me hope whoever out of 1D gets the girl in the end.

    (I never took it as cheating on a girlfriend, honestly... "the one that I came with" sounds like something a lot more casual that clearly wasn't working out to me!)
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    I'm soooooo conflicted about posting this.

    One of the eleven givers is very near and dear to my heart.

    The other is perhaps my greatest nemesis.

    Is this my Jess Glynne moment?


    #18. Story of My Life [7.778]

    High Score: 11 x 2 (@Petty Mayonnaise, @Sprockrooster) 10 x 5 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @First2Run, @Lost In Japan., @MollieSwift21, @Xanthippe)
    Low Score: 3 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)

    My Score: 8

    Aw shit. When @Petty Mayonnaise PM'ed me his scores, he asked me if the voters would do his 11 wrong. I dutifully kept my silence but internally I was screaming TURN AROUND MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE. I'm simultaneously impressed this made the Top 20 (considering its many vocal detractors) and disappointed it couldn't hold onto Top 15. Story of my Life was the second single released from Midnight Memories and is arguably their most successful. This was legitimately a US Hit- reaching #1 on the Adult Top 40 chart, #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart, #4 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, and #6 on the Hot 100. It finished #24 on the 2013 Year End Billboard Hot 100. In the UK it peaked at #2 on the singles chart and was listed at #46 on the 2013 Year End List. I hear this song everywhere- on the radio, in the stores, basically any public place with music. Story of My Life opened One Direction to a whole new audience, for better or for worse. (For better).

    Hey @ohnostalgia, considering your penchant for folk rock and stompiness, why didn't you give this a ten? Good question. Musically this has a lot of elements that I love- acoustic production, foot stomping, beautiful vocal performances (I swoon when Zayn comes on during the bridge), etc. Let me explain myself. Reason one: this is the beginning of Harry's screaming as singing phase. He's painfully out of range on that chorus and it showed over and over again in his live performances. They needed to move the chorus to suit his voice or give it someone else. So that's one point knocked off. Reason two: what the fuck is this song about? It's all very pretty but I am perpetually confused by it. Why are you driving aimlessly to "keep her warm"? Are you homeless? Do you have a friend at the gas station bankrolling this habit? You spend her love? Until she's broke? Is it Boxing Day or something? What does this mean??????????????/ Is this a euphemism? Are you being sexual? I legitimately don't know. That's the other point. It's a shame really, because this is quite a beautiful song otherwise.

    FINALLY, it didn't impact my score but why is the video set in the world's most depressing and inefficient dark room? Do they have other customers? Do they get a special deal on time travel powers? Are they wizards? Why are we developing cute family pictures to some sad breakup song? This seems like a great way to go out of business.

    Is anyone surprised by our low scorer? @iheartpoptarts (3)- "I think this was when I first realized they were starting to move on from their poppier stuff… and, sadly, lost interest a little. Story of my life. (No, really.)"

    Second lowest scorer @eccentricsimply (4) has this to say for herself- "This song is permanently tarnished for me because of the music video that had nothing to do with the song at all. Okay, that was normal procedure for 1D, but it was too blatant. And "I spend her love until she's broke inside"? Nah." I think you can cancel that concert you planned with @Petty Mayonnaise.

    @DJHazey (5) gives another reason for @Petty Mayonnaise to scalp him- "It’s hard to believe this song is on the same album as ’Best Song Ever’ with how they couldn’t be any more different. We go from something with their typical fun sound to a new and more mature. While BSE isn’t their best example of the kind of pop I’d rather hear from them, I’d rather listen to that than sleep through this." I'm perched.

    They did not explain themselves, so feel free to interrogate: @Fever (4), Louis' ever supportive wife @GhettoPrincess (5), @thefaceofyou (6), Louis' best friend @Reboot (6.5), @Rasterax (6). Good luck!

    @Macsun (6.5) gives kudos for the success and not much else- "Middling. One of my low scores on the album. Kudos for it gaining traction to non fans"

    While this success victimized @tylerc904 (7)- "The only instance where a 1D song has been overplayed to me."

    @A$AP Robbie (7)- "A real sign of how much they've grown as songwriters, or at least how they're actually working on stuff and knocking it into shape, rather than just having a songwriting credit song for the sake of it " True.

    We should demand payment for all this promo we gave them. @SophiaSophia (7)- "It's alright but I'm really not here for mumford and sons by 1D."

    @VivaForever (7) had a change of heart- "Hrm, this isn’t doing it for me like it has before. It was the first post-Kiss You 1D song I heard and liked, and I heard it on the radio once and it was lush and lovely, so I was expecting this to be an insta-10 now that I’m actually concentrating on it, and it’s ... not."

    @sexercise (8)- "What the fuck is this song even about? It’s nice though. It took a hot minute for it to grow on me." Greatest mystery of this generation, teeb.

    @Furball (8) is also confused- "Lyrics don't make much sense, but the song structure is on point."

    Why so defensive, hun? @constantino (8)- "Yeah Yeah [yeah], I know this is cheesy as hell, but I really like this one. The verses are a bit Plain White T-sy, which is not exactly a bad thing (Hey there Delilah is still fire). The chorus is lovely and so is the video, it really made me appreciate them more"

    Wait, this is about Simba and Nala? @Animalia (9)- "Wait I always think I hate this one but it's low-key gorgeous. I don't know why the chorus instrumental and backing vocals are giving me sub-Saharan Africa, Lion King-esque teas but I'm living."

    Look at @wackseed (9) stanning- "Another strong song, this is the kind of ballad that 1D has been trying to write since the beginning – melancholy without being too sappy, great strings and backing vocals and beautiful harmonies on the chorus. "

    Poor @Up Down Suite (9)- " A stunning follow-up to Best Song Ever, their best song overall probably. It’s not bubblegum, it’s not on that level of maturity, it’s just timeless and good for all audiences. Well done." Only one track left.

    Give me that money! @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10)- "It’s like a good Mumford and Sons song!"

    @Xanthippe (10) stans success direction- "The only 1D song I regularly hear on the radio."

    Awwww. @First2Run (10)- "Genre Crossing Queens. Even my mom likes this song, so I consider it one of their biggest successes."

    Sis.... Harry is not good here. I say this as a stan. @Lost In Japan. (10)- "This video made me cry, yo. This song is all about Harry - nice try, others, but it’s Harry slaying that chorus every time, over that great drum beat, that makes the song as great as it is. Also Zayn’s sister looks hella like Nasim Pedrad."

    I'll let noted nemesis @Sprockrooster (11) say his last goodbyes. "That intro draws me in immediately. I love their vocal delivery on this and the meaning of the song. The key change to the chorus is so well-executed I am living everytime. And then the video. Class A work. This will be one of their classics in time and it has every right! "

    See you all tomorrow. I'm not going to keep posting three a day, that was to make up for me being a flop the last few days.
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  19. No big losses here.
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    Two people lost their 11s. Have some respect during this difficult time.
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