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I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I didn’t have time to vote in this rate but I’m rooting for Rock Me.
  2. All the guys really didn't want to be there when they shot the video for Steal My Girl.
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  3. Steal My Girl was really important in terms of my being into One Direction - I'd kinda lost interest a bit during Midnight Memories, and it was the first sign that Four was going to be really good
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  4. I have a feeling Drag Me Down is going next because it has a few haters, but it really should be Living On a Prayer Where Do Broken Hearts Go.
  5. Where Do Broken Hearts Go should not be going anywhere anytime soon.
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  6. If Where Do Broken Hearts Go outlasts Stockholm Syndrome... Good luck y'all.
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  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Will you entertain me with a rage fit? Note: I am not hinting this will happen, I'm just genuinely curious.

    Also, more commentary please! I had three people send more, but I'd love to hear from all of you!!!
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  8. Any elimination that is not 100% what I want will result in some nasty comments from me, if that's what you're asking!
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  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Excellent. I need more people to start being as dramatic as me.
  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Just finishing the Boyband Rate. I'll be here soonish to ruin two people's evenings!
  11. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Once again I've come up with a needlessly complicated and time consuming idea, but I refuse to give up!
  12. We must be losing something fairly notable then, no? I'm scared.
  13. If Where Do Broken Hearts Go is notable.
  14. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I think this is going to hurt some people.

    I'm pretty sure this almost made Top 10.

    Until a pack a low scorers dashed it on the rocks.​

    I'm very sorry!​


    #15. Night Changes [8.000]

    High Score:
    11 x 2 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @MollieSwift21) 10 x 9 (@A$AP Robbie, @constantino, @Fever, @KAG, @sexercise, @Sprockrooster, @Txetxu, @tylerc904, @Up Down Suite)
    Low Score: 2 x 1 (@SophiaSophia)

    If it's any consolation, at least Night Changes was the first song to reach the coveted 8.000 average???? I'm looking at how almost 1/3 of this rate gave this song a 10+ score and feeling very sad right now. I know I keep hammering on about it, but some of the people who voted in this rate didn't give One Direction enough credit. I'll always be disappointed and bitter about the averages. Just assume that I'm inwardly seething about this for every song from this point forwards, okay? It will save all of us some time.

    Night Changes was the second single from One Direction's masterpiece Four. Written by the Js plus the boys, Night Changes is a lovely ballad that reflects on the perils of time. I was 26 when this was released and wow did it hit on so many things I was feeling at the time. I'd been in a bit of a panic about my life, what I'd accomplished, and where it was going. I'm not saying they caused an existential crisis, but they certainly didn't help it! I still haven't found my person, but it's a comforting idea to know you could have someone as a constant for the rest of your life. Okay, that's all of my diary entry you're getting tonight, let's move on to the music. When I think of Night Changes I think of sparkles. This is a gorgeous song and the little production touches take it to another level. I really like the circular part that underlies the entire track. The harmonies are beautiful and all of the boys sound good. Zayn is the standout here, but is that really any surprise at this point? Liam also pulls out a wonderful falsetto on the bridge, perhaps one of his best moments in their entire discography. While I love my dear Harry, I unfortunately have always thought the chorus was a tad too long. If it had been split between two of the boys, I probably wouldn't feel that way. The chorus issue was the reason why I didn't give this a ten, just in case you were wondering. I do wish I had given it a nine now and I apologize for letting you all down.

    Since the music video is based on first dates with each of the boys, I've decided to split the commentary using the list of favourite members I compiled. I've used your score to determine how your first date with your favourite goes. Let's start with dependable Liam and his lovely suitors.


    @First2Run (7) is testing my patience with this comment- "I’m not sure how well this song fits One Direction, but they do sound pretty good on the chorus. The verses sound like a strange attempt at country." AHHHHHH!

    Condolences to @Fever (10) and @MollieSwift21 (11). RIP.


    @Posh Spears (8)- "Is this Gypsy by Lady Gaga?" Probably not?

    Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the night changes, @sexercise (10)?- "I absolutely hated this but it’s actually one of their best singles. Oop."

    Okay, now you're making me cry. @Up Down Suite (10)- "Such a good song, the one that makes me the saddest that the 5-piece fell apart. Oh, boys."

    Time to see who Liam regrets swiping right on!


    I'm not here for @Furball (5.5) using Four's consistency against it! "It's not very interesting when there's a ton of better songs on the album."

    To make this more hilarious, @Macsun (6.5) sent me this commentary when we were still in the forties! "Meh, Really surprised this is still in the running"

    I don't even know what to say to my Beast Friend Forever @Petty Mayonnaise (5.5).

    What about the Harry stans? How did their dates go?


    @DJHazey (9)- "This song is all about those first date jitters with someone you really like. You feel every moment and don’t want to regret anything. At first this is a deceptively simple tune, but it doesn’t take long to let Harry’s chorus captivate you. The melody at this moment feels like its from a classic song I know from maybe the 80s and that makes it feel instantly timeless." Yes, stan Harry a bit.

    I hope you enjoyed your successful dates @Lost In Japan. (9.5) and @thefaceofyou (8).

    What about the sad sad people (minus one I sacrificed for the sake of symmetry)?


    Let me first apologize to @Txetxu (10) for having to include you with this group of flops. You deserved better.

    @VivaForever (6)- "This is pleasant but rather boring, and it seems to go on and on…" I can't say the same for your tragic rating scale, can I?

    ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME RIGHT NOW, @wackseed (6)- "The title of this song makes me think it's about menopause and now I can't unthink that. Damn it." You just killed your entire redemption arc.

    While I'm in a bad mood, let's see what the strange Louis stans thought.


    Don't test me today, @Sprockrooster (10)- "Aside from Harry they all look so drop dead gorgeous in that video!"

    What does Niall think about his dates? Well a little birdy told me he had fun with these voters.


    @KAG (10)- "This is their best ballad. The lyrics are emotionally evocative, the production is beautiful and the key change is a nice touch. Once again, everyone sounds decent. It's kinda bittersweet that their last single as a five piece was a downbeat ballad about nostalgia." Yes at this name drop.

    @tylerc904 (10)- "Gorgeous track, probably my runner up. The video is a little trite but it does its job." OH NO I'M SO SORRY.

    @Xanthippe (9.5) is also driving down memory lane, "first 1D song I ever heard."

    Let's move on to the people Niall deleted from his phone.


    @iheartpoptarts (5)- "I mean, it’s nice enough, but who picks these singles? Can I be in charge instead?" NO.

    I guess Niall found about @GhettoPrincess (6) cheating on him with Louis. Too bad @Subwaykid (6.5) won't be consoling him.

    Finally, time to see how Zayn's night went! He told me he had a great time with most of you. Actually, there was only one terribly disastrous date.


    @A$AP Robbie (10)- "That chord change is absolutely amazing. This would also have been the perfect breakup song if they had just broken up when Zayn upped and went." NOOOOO I'M SAD.

    @constantino (10) stans his heart out- "I know this is one of their more popular tracks, so I had high expectations, which I definitely feel were met (if not surpassed). The chorus is subtly amazing; it really crept up on me with repeated listens. The video is also one of their best, it has a lovely sense of warmth to it. EDIT: I cannot stop listening to this, it’s fucking amazing."


    @eccentricsimply (8.5) laments the Four campaign- "That music video... But Zayn and Liam sounds genuinely amazing here and the lyrics are actually very good. It was a good single choice, but they were super dumb for not following it up with another single because then it was just... hanging there."


    @SophiaSophia (2) forgets Zayn's amazing parts on this, apparently- "Save me from this boring song *thinks of Zayn instead*"

    @With The Bands (7)- "Lovely." Back at you.

    I'll let poor @CorgiCorgiCorgi (11) say the final words and hope you all feel ashamed- "Gorgeous. I'm not gonna lie, that chorus hits me hard during some rough times, it's probably Harry's best individual performance in the whole One Direction discography. And the video is cute but tongue-in-cheek, the way all boy band videos should be."

    My apologies for taking so long to post this. I have to confess that running a rate is really appealing to my obsessive personality, which is how things like this elimination happen. Oops? Also, you thought you dodged a bullet tonight? Think again! The 11 slaughter continues tomorrow.
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  15. The thought of Harry dating Lisa Scott-Lee is probably worse than Liam and Cheryl.
    @wackseed I literally, real-life shrieked.
    I laugh at this. My 11's already gone. YOU CAN'T HURT ME.
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  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I need to edit some things in that post, but it won't let me, stupid 10000 character limit. But thanks for ignoring those mistakes!
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  17. Wait, is Niall supposed to be setting me on fire?!

  18. Yesss! This is going splendidly. Night Changes is made from the same material as Little Things: it's sappy, patronising and dull. The video is rather brilliant though, I'll give them that.
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  19. I would embed the Tina Barrett song here but I'm going to do us all a favor and not.
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