I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate


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No Control has definitely grown on me so I've somewhat accepted its high placement in this rate, but I never would've called it top 5 material out of all their discography.

Also who the hell would've thought Stockholm Syndrome would even make it past the top 20?! I'm thrilled though as it's one of my favorites.


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666. Fireproof
With the ones we have left, I'd go...

1. Kiss You
2. Fireproof
3. Best Song Ever
4. Stockholm Syndrome

I genuinely had no idea Stockholm Syndrome is so loved among fans. It feels very... top 20?


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I adore Stockholm Syndrome with all my heart and am quite proud of its run, but I'm also surprised it made it into the Top 5! This rate is so .... interesting.


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By the way, since I'm probably not going to be able to work these into the upcoming eliminations, I would highly recommend watching the full segments of the boys on James Corden, especially Tattoo Roulette. @iheartpoptarts

In the upcoming days I'll try to find some iconic stuff from the Zayn era as well.
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I hope you've all had a lovely afternoon.

It's been very rainy and cold here today, which beautifully reflects my inner anguish.

I'm so sad.

But also proud?​


#4. Stockholm Syndrome [8.714]

High Score:
10 x 16 (@constantino, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Fever, @KAG, @MarkB @ohnostalgia, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Posh Spears, @Reboot, @Remorque, @sexercise, @Subwaykid, @thefaceofyou, @Txetxu, @tylerc904, @With The Bands)
Low Score: 4 x 1 (@DJHazey)


I'm so proud of you right now! So many questionable decisions were made throughout the course of this rate, but we've all managed to agree that Stockholm Syndrome is incredible. Well.... minus some unimportant people, but whooooooo cares? For all those apprehensive about Harry's pending solo career, I'd like to reassure you that he can write more than MOR ballads and acoustic folk ditties. Stockholm Syndrome is probably his one shining songwriting moment to date. Over the last two years, Harry's provided many explanations behind the meaning of Stockholm Syndrome. Perhaps, most infamously, there's the Four Hangout where we told us:


I can't find the interviews right now, but Harry's also said that Stockholm Syndrome is about falling in love with someone that you didn't mean to fall in love with. Watch out Adele, Harry Styles is coming for your #relatable crown. He's also talked about Stockholm Syndrome as a metaphor for fame, with the public and fans holding the boys hostage. Personally, I'd also flip it around and say that Stockholm Syndrome is a perfect way to describe being a One Direction fan. We all know they're horrible but we can't stop being fans no matter how hard we try. I mean look at me- six months ago I was pretty much over them and now I'm hosting a rate and feeling all my feelings again. I'm a mess. Well at least I'm getting to bop to this absolutely amazing song. I was going to try and describe everything I love about it, but honestly what don't I love? So I'll just highlight a few things: how Harry and Zayn get to trade off parts and work together as a team, the wonderfully percussive backing production, the background harmonies on the prechorus, the oh-oh-ohs on that catchy as fuck chorus, Liam killing us all on the bridge! And that's just for starters. I honestly cannot fathom listening to this and being underwhelmed, but then again I don't understand how Louis and Zayn completely messed up the lyrics during its first live performance, so the world works in mysterious ways.

@DJHazey (4) apparently never watches a movie/tv show or reads a book. Poor him. "I don’t understand how falling in love with someone could ever be considered Stockholm Syndrome...that just sounds so wrong. Add in the fact the chorus is already sounding repetitive and we have a song that is never taking me captive"

Maybe him and @wackseed (4.5) are related? "I get that there are a limited amount of similes that accurately describe a relationship, but I don't think Stockholm Syndrome was the best choice, kids." I honestly don't see what the problem is; he didn't want to be in love but now he is! I really relate to this, but I also have longstanding trust issues, so....

@VivaForever (6.5)- "I can’t decide if I like this production or not. It sounds a bit dad rock, but it also sounds a bit Backstreet Boys." Why not both.gif?

@Mr. Right (5) and @GhettoPrincess (6) didn't bother to explain themselves. They just continue to wreak havoc throughout my rate with no care for my feelings. @Rasterax (7) and @Lost In Japan. (7.5) round out our sub-8 scores, but I won't drag them.

@eccentricsimply (8) truly believes Stockholm Syndrome deserves its place- "One of the best songs in this album."

Make no mistake, @Up Down Suite (8) is not a Louis Sympathizer (trademark @SophiaSophia)- "One of their best slices of pop rock. I just wish Louis didn’t have his own verse."

Speaking of @SophiaSophia (8.7), she needs to stop slamming Four in my rate- "I know this is a favourite amongst directioners I can see why it's one of the rare highlights on a so-so album."

Noted Louis Sympathizer @Sprockrooster (9) gives into the inevitable- "I needed to get used to the chorus, but what a jam!"

@Furball (9) has done their homework- "Stockholm Syndrome: Dolores Claiborne or your friendly neighbourhood nympho with handcuffs? The bridge gets me every time. Amazing. "

@iheartpoptarts (9) and I have so many of the same questions about Murder in the Adult-Contemporary Minefield- "If they had to evolve their sound, this would’ve been an infinitely more enjoyable route than the one they actually took. Why not do more like it?"

@First2Run (9.5), King of Second Impressions- "I originally thought this song would be extremely cheesy based on the title, but it’s actually a great bop. I love that it explores a different type of relationship and diverges from One Direction’s earlier relationship-based material."

@Macsun (10) loves a good ABBA comparison- "Another 1D pop classic. This is their 'Visitors' (ABBA). Headlined by Harry with great harmonies and chants by everyone else (Liam and Niall)"

@sexercise (10)- "!!!!!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

@KAG (10)- "A great homage to 80s' pop. I can never tell whether it is Harry or Zayn singing the hook. Whoever it is though sounds good." I think they might be alternating it? I know Harry definitely sings on the hook, but there is a part that sounds a lot like Zayn.

@tylerc904 (10) speaks for all of us- "Another standout in their discography, both for being amazing and being unique. A sound I really wish they elaborated on."

@Posh Spears (10)- "Funky and fun! I am very happy this is doing as well as it is, it's in the top three best tracks from Four without a doubt. I fucking LOVE the tiny parts where there are a couple of drum beats and then the rest of the beat drops!!! (I'm not good at describing production but I get my life to that part so much.)" TOP FOUR BB!

@constantino (10) breaks and unbreaks my heart in one comment- " I have actually heard this before but I couldn’t quite remember what it sounded like, just that I liked it…so lemme wipe the slate clean for the sake of ease. I’ve been hearing very good things about this one and I was NOT let down in the slightest. The chorus is super breezy and the production is flawless. Their production tends to be very cheap and tinny, which makes it age horribly, but this was not the case with this one. As much as I find Harry a tad overrated, he really carries this one."

Final word to @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10), who draws a comparison that really works with Harry's fame explanation- "Probably their creepiest lyrics since What Makes You Beautiful! It's a fairly complex POV for a boy band song, which I appreciate, but it's one of those songs where you listen to it 2 or 3 times and then finally hear the lyrics and you're like "what"? But it's a banger. It also sounds exactly like Everybody Wants To Rule The World, which is a 10/10 as well! "

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