I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate


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The thing is that after a bit of thought I'd have given this song a lower score because the Stockholm Syndrome thing is just............


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He's good on Story of my Life
Stockholm Syndrome and No Control placing higher than Beautiful and One Thing? Hell, Tell Me a Lie placing higher? Mess.

All three are very good (Tell Me a Lie is a 9) but Beautiful and One Thing not making at least top five is a travesty.

Team Kiss You, because I do not want Midshite Memories to have a winning song even if it is Best Song Ever.

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Stockholm Syndrome and No Control placing higher than Beautiful and One Thing? Hell, Tell Me a Lie placing higher? Mess.

All three are very good (Tell Me a Lie is a 9) but Beautiful and One Thing not making at least top five is a travesty.

Team Kiss You, because I do not want Midshite Memories to have a winning song even if it is Best Song Ever.
I strongly agree. Stockholm Syndrome is definitely deserving but those two from Up All Night needed to be closer to the top.


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I think you're just going to have to accept you're in the minority opinion re: WMYB, @VivaForever. I do wish One Thing could've leaped over Tell Me a Lie and No Control and into the Top 5, but alas.


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I can't believe we're almost done.

What... am I going to do?

I feel so lost.


#3. Best Song Ever [8.747]

High Score: 11 x 2 (@KAG, @Lost In Japan.) 10 x 13 (@Animalia, @Daniel!, @Fever, @iheartpoptarts, @ohnostalgia, @Petty Mayonnaise, @sexercise, @Sprockrooster, @thefaceofyou, @Txetxu, @tylerc904, @wackseed, @Xanthippe)
Low Score: 6 x 5 (@constantino, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @DJHazey, @Furball, @Reboot)

Conceptually, Best Song Ever is One Direction's finest. I can already see some of you rolling your eyes at me, but give me a chance to explain. The genius of Best Song Ever is that... it's not actually the Best Song Ever. If that makes sense? Many of you submitted commentary to this effect as a criticism, which I rather think misses the entire point. Best Song Ever is about how any song has the potential to be the best song ever at any moment in your life. You might not even remember the entire song six months later, but it's so entwined in your memory, you will always be grateful for what it gave you.

And we danced all night to the best song ever
We knew every line, now I can't remember how it goes
But I know that I won't forget her
Cause we danced all night to the best song ever

I think it went oh, oh, oh
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah
I think it goes...

If you asked me to list iconic One Direction songs, Best Song Ever would be near the top. Everything about it is wonderfully joyous. Right from the opening Who inspired riff, I'm transported into a world of pure pop perfection. Harry's opening verse stops me in my tracks and has me rushing to renew my stan card. Liam and Zayn are phenomenal throughout, supplying attitude (Liam) and epic high notes (Zayn). I even.... like Louis on the bridge. I know. I worry about myself sometimes. I honestly don't think this song has a weak moment: the verses, the chorus, and the bridge all work together so well I cannot deal with the perfection. Then add on THAT MUSIC VIDEO. I've gotta salute any song that has Zayn in drag flirting with Harry. That's pretty much what I'm all about, let's be real. You cannot deny that chemistry. Oh my, I've gushed a lot and I haven't even got to my favourite part!

You know, I know, you know I'll remember you
And I know, you know, I hope you remember how we danced

This hurt before, but the pain is amplified x100 after Zayn left. Much has been made about Zayn's creative differences with the other boys, including his infamous #realmusic tweet after signing with RCA. There's something so poignant about Zayn and Louis trading these lines on the bridge, particularly in light of their quite dramatic twitter breakup. I get a bit emotional thinking about it, probably because it mirrors situations in my own life. We all have those people who for whatever reason are no longer in our lives, but with whom we shared a connection soundtracked by various songs. Whenever you hear them, you're transported back in time. So this is what I tend to think: Zayn may have moved on to his #realmusic, but perhaps for one moment in time, as he dressed in drag and danced with four other boys, this truly was the Best Song Ever. Okay, enough of my philosophical waxings!

I hope I have moved CorgiCorgiCorgi's (6) opinion- "False advertising."

constantino (6)- "So overplayed…but not horrific. I don’t know how genuine it is but it seems like they were still enjoying it at this point. The chorus isn’t one of their better ones, the little growls in particular really bug me for some reason. Oh and fucking hell, Louis’ solo bit is just appalling…praise Zayn for intervening and sparing us any more trauma.. " I love the growls, c'mon!

DJHazey (6)- "The opening is ”Baba O’Riley” lite, okay, here we go with the ’Dad rock’ right? The rest of the song actually goes back to their upbeat, fun, pop sound so my guess is that this will stick out on this album. I’ve seen this video, but I don’t remember the song at all which is kind of telling because it’s really not that great." Well, don't come then.

Furball (6) has strange axes to grind- "I'm now deeply regretting my 6, because whoever named the girl Georgia Rose, and wanted to mention her dad being a dentist, was obviously hallucinating from the bad shit, or this song would make more sense.The video has nothing to do with the song, which I can only be thankful of. Louis singing repeated 'I know, you know' while the papers are flying around feels like adding insult to injury"

eccentricsimply (7)- "Their best single by far. It's not their best song, definitely, but to choose it to lead the album, even with the entire controversy, was a great decision. Too bad it doesn't match the rest of the album at all." Brazil is referring to the "outrage" fans had over the Baba O'Riley riff. Pete Townshed didn't give two shits.

First2run (7.5) confuses me, yet again- "Quite the bop, but unfortunately all I can think of is Tenacious D; I don’t want to be reminded that Tenacious D or Jack Black exist."

Macsun (8)'s opinion is validated- "their best lead single"

VivaForever (8) has only reinforced that I must continue spamming her with my fave songs until she surrenders- "This has grown on me (thanks to your evangelisation), but I still want it to pop more than it ever does. Nonetheless,it did give us this, which was amazing. (The bit about Mr Saxobeat: INCREDIBLE.)"

Up Down Suite (8) gives a suspiciously low score for an MM stan- "It was a really nice single, I gotta admit. Probably their prime. They all looked so good in the video (hey hey Liam). A number 1 sounding song."

SophiaSophia (8.4) wants us all to know she's not a Louis Sympathizer! "Their weakest lead so it's not the Best Song Ever at all. Also keep Louis away from the middle 8. Zayn could have perfectly sung it alone if we really have to have fair line division then give it to Harry anyone just not Louis"

A$AP Robbie (9) GETS IT! "I love the meta-ness of half-remembering a hook and turning that into a hook."

I'm so glad Posh Spears (9.5) saw the light! "Best Song Ever - I lost interest in them around the time this song came out and I never really liked this, but looking at it now it’s kind of great."

(10), I don't blame you because that moment is iconic- "Amazing song, ridiculously catchy. I hate to be cheesy but the little dance routine they do in the video was one of the few moments where I was into them all. Just goofy and adorable."

sexercise (10)- "Their last truly good pop moment to be honest. Iconic." One of these statements is true.

Xanthippe (10)- "Love the video." Me too!!!

iheartpoptarts (10) please film this for us- "Undeniably fun, you have to love the title, and it just so happens to be my fave 1D song to do at karaoke!"

wackseed (10) opens with her most horrible remark yet- "This is an excellent opener to what I think is 1D's strongest album – they're confident and clearly enjoying themselves, and they've definitely got a handle on how best to present their voices. In this song it's obviously by giving the higher/longer notes to the best singers. Plus it gave us 1D's greatest music video to date. "

Animalia (10)- "YAAAAAAASS KINGS SL*Y ME A BIT WITH THIS BOP OF EPIC PROPORTIONS. I was obsessed with this song for months after it came out, it's so unashamedly loud and bombastic. The adlibs over the last chorus are everything, especially Zayn's (?) high note, ugh. Also hiya Zayn in drag, bby." Yes, it's Zayn.

KAG (11) refutes your criticisms- "Well, this song definitely lives up to its titular goal. It's explosive, effervescent and anthemic. I like that it includes synths and live instruments, as well as some beatboxing. Louis' croaky, paper thin vocals make me cringe though. "

Lost in Japan. (11) tells us their origin story- "Best by name, best by nature. I love everything about this: The bombastic guitars, Harry SLAYING the opening vocal, the way Zayn pronounces ‘wildest draayyyms’. Also the bit in the video where Harry bites his lip is the moment I fell in love with him. King. (for reference- ungffffffF)"

You know I know you know I'll remember you
And I know you know I know you'll remember me


best song ever;
(it was the best song ever)
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