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I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I had no idea 'Act My Age' was this popular?!
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  2. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    The only people in the world who like it are in this forum.
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  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    You must not venture out into non-Zayn tumblr then.
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  4. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I don't take Louis and Niall stans seriously.
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  5. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I mean I don't either. Whatever, I'll explain to you why Act My Age is amazing when the time comes.
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  6. Planning to lie, I see.
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  7. Listening to Truly Madly Deeply at the moment and honestly? It is most certainly better than about 20 other songs of theirs.
  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Right. I hope you've all recovered from yesterday.

    (Except for those iconic posters with correct opinions, you stay fabulous.)

    What will be our first cut tonight?

    I think I may have some very happy people here.

    Say goodbye to-


    #88. Over Again [4.408]

    High Score: 10 x 1 (@Lost In Japan.) <- ARE YOU SECRETLY ED SHEERAN???????
    Low Score: 0 x 2 (@Fever, @SophiaSophia)

    My Score: 4​

    You'd think one Ed Sheeran ballad would be enough per album, but nooooooo. Apparently our boys love them some Ed Sheeran. Well, maybe not Zayn. Dare I hope he uses his iconic twitter to come after The Ginger? *Lights prayer candle.*

    Don't be fooled by my score, which I gave for the beautiful vocal work (minus redacted). I don't like this. The problem is that you can't mask an Ed Sheeran song; play this for any random on the street and they could tell you who wrote it. To illustrate what I mean, please refer to @wackseed's (5) commentary here: "Hand to god I had no idea Ed Sheeran wrote this song and my first thought upon relistening was “huh, this sounds like an Ed Sheeran song”. So, uh. Yeah. It's an Ed Sheeran song."

    SO, UH. YEAH.

    This all leads to a rather unfortunate situation where each boy changes their enunciation to sound as Ed-like as possible. Suddenly Niall, who's greatest claim to fame is sounding Irish when singing, sounds as British as ...... Ed Sheeran. Knowing how popular Niall is in Ireland, I really hope this doesn't fuel tensions between the two countries and lead to a cold war. We don't need to add that to Ed's ego. Moving from the unfortunate to the downright soul destroying- Louis is already tragic enough on a daily basis, he really didn't need the extra hurdle of his "the showers that are British" verse. Although after yesterday's comments from @A$AP Robbie, I'm willing to consider that Ed secretly hates Louis and purposefully gives him the worst verses. It's the only way he's redeeming himself in my eyes.

    Anyways, do you need another reason to dislike this? Let me give you one- the lyrics are STUPID. I honestly can't decide if they're worse than the ones in Little Things. Let me repeat that. I cannot decide if the lyrics are worse than Little Things. WORSE THAN LITTLE THINGS. Do you know how many years I spent wondering why the boys were singing about holey polo shirts? DO YOU???????????

    So who was fool enough to enjoy this? Let's start with our unfortunate top scorer @Lost In Japan., who you may recall gave a 9.5 to Little Things. I swear to god I almost threw out their ballot when I got this commentary-

    "I don’t know why the Sheeran/1D songs have such a hold on me but they do. It’s the Harry/Louis second verse of this that really gets me. I KNOW the lyrics are awful but I honestly love it so much. Harry sounds like a God obviously, and there’s something so endearing about Louis straining to match it, which makes his final line - ‘whether we’re together or apart / we can both removes the marsks / and admit we regretitfromthestart’ - sound so frantic and also his swag masta from Doncaster accent is so cute HELP ME I’M STANNING LOUIS."
    1. You sound like a Larrie. Stop.
    2. Did @Sprockrooster put you up to this?
    3. Find Jesus.

    Quelle surprise, @tylerc904 (7) continues to show their difficulties creating a rating scale that makes sense- "These lyrics. I know that this is Ed's "Thing" but who the fuck approved the British shower line?! The song is nice enough, but holy hell I still cringe every time." A SEVEN FOR THIS COMMENT? WHY?

    Oh look it's @First2Run of "oh yeah 6 and 6.5 are actually low scores" fame. Let's see how you explain your 7- "I’ve never been much of an Ed Sheeran fan but I have to admit he has a very recognizable style; you can feel his presence from the first line. I’m not sure this song was the best fit for One Direction, but they pull it off relatively well." .... You confuse me.

    Noted Little Things lover @Xanthippe (7) is at it again, but saves themselves from a dragging with this comment: “The showers that are British”?!? The phone box on the cover, the cup of tea and the British showers are like the holy trinity of “we are so British” proves. Probably the reason why they hid Niall in the phone box."

    @With The Bands (7) gave this points for not being as awful as the other Ed songs? "One of the better Sheeran tracks imo." I'm scared for the future is this is all it takes to get a 7 from you.

    @Petty Mayonnaise (7.5), @Txetxu (7), @Macsun (7), and @MollieSwift21 (6.7) were all probably hoping their silence would let them skate by unnoticed. Nope. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Posh Spears (6) laments- "I want to like this more but it’s a little too into itself and over the top with the poetry." On the one hand I get that, there are some beautiful vocals here. On the other hand..... we can find non Sheeran songs with beautiful vocals in their discography. Nonetheless, I'll let it go this time.

    Let's move on to our low scorers. I better find some hate and vitriol here or I'll be severely disappointed.

    @sexercise (5.5) starts off us with a gratuitous Louis drag, getting into my good books - "This would be great with some changes. Louis is serving Heidi Montag with these vocals though. Yikes."

    @KAG (5.5) is the first to mention the offputting polo line- "This has melodically stronger and more emotionally charged than 'Little Things' but Niall and Louis' solos are soul destroying. The 'mint polo' and 'showers that are British' lines make me cringe."

    @eccentricsimply (5) disappointingly refuses to commit to the Sheeran hate- "It's very... Sheeran. But not in an unpleasant way like Little Things, so there's that. The arrangement is nice." I expected more from you, Brazil!

    Let's move on to some Grade A hatred from @constantino (3) - "The metaphors are a bit…much…like, congratulations for the attempt at being clever, but don’t bother next time…it just feels clumsy. Oh and Louis is fucking UNBEARABLE on this song," and @SophiaSophia (0)- "More inanity caused by Ed Sheeran."

    @DJHazey (3) is betrayed by this bop interruption- "Oh look, it's Sheeran again. Lyrics like "her hands fit like a t-shirt" provide some kiis. Like "Little Things", these acoustic numbers are kind of change of pace not needed at all. At least there's a bit more going on with the production this time."

    Both @iheartpoptarts (1) "Ed Sheeran is such an album average killer," and @A$AP Robbie (5)- "Hey Ed Sheeran's back to give the back end of this album a kick up the arse! Great!" also mourn Sheeran's effect on Take Me Home.

    @Animalia (3) gives me red flag secret Louis fan teas with this comment- "I smell Ed Sheeran. No thanks. Honestly I don't usually see the issue with Louis but jesus christ his bit in this song is absolute, irredeemable trash. The instrumental in the last chorus is quite nice but then that weirdly isolated, reverby closing line drops in and ruins it." Don't worry, I will continue to monitor this situation for the good of us all.

    Last word to @VivaForever (4) who just knew what's up - "THAT part is Louis, right?"

    If you wanted to watch a video of the boys singing this on tour, which I'm not sure why you would, you can find one here:

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  9. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    It's impressive how Louis can kill a perfectly okay song just by wailing singing a line.
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  10. This is going nicely.

    1. Kiss You
    2. Best Song Ever
    3. Story of My Life
    4. They Don't Know About Us
    5. Fireproof
    6. One Thing
    7. Ready to Run
    8. Night Changes
    9. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    10. Wolves

    That'll do thanks.
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  11. Don't like Over Again so good riddance to that one.
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  12. It's cute how you think I'm afraid of you.
  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    It's cute how you think I care.
  14. It's cute how you think.
  15. Seeing Ed Sheeran's name on a song is literally a nightmare for me. The only song I've ever liked with his name attached to it is Queen Hilary's "Tattoo" because it's Queen Hilary.
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  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

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  17. Oh my.
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  18. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    It's cute how you don't.
  19. Skull drag ha!
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  20. My 6 for Little Things and 7 for Over Again: yes the lyrics are horrible, but the songs are fine to listen to. I'm surprised I gave the former a 6, but the latter is actually a nice track.
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