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I Think I'm Gonna Win This Time: The One Direction Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Aw, there's definitely still some shit that should have gone before that.
  2. Olivia needs to go next.
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  3. Act My Age is a fun bop and there are too many similar sounding ballads left in it's place! Long Way Down and Right Now are just two that come to mind but I am sure there are others!

    Love You Goodbye is bland but I lowkey enjoy it.
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  4. ohnostalgia

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  5. I'll just hide for the time being...
  6. ohnostalgia

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    Imagine I didn't even give this a 10. How might I react when you all unjustly kill those? Hmmmm't.
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  7. [​IMG]

    READ. 'EM.

    Keep doing God's work, @ohnostalgia. I'm with you.
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  8. I ain't sorry.
  9. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I'll make sure to laugh when you lose one of your faves.
    I feel so alive with your support!
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  10. Middle fingers up.
  11. End Of The Day can go too.
  12. I really like this one...
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  14. C'mon...it's not bad.

    I should've given it a 7 but I got a bit carried away...
  15. ohnostalgia

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    The verses are amazing but I want to kill that chorus.
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  16. I don't understand how the verses and the chorus can even belong to the same song!
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  17. The bridge/pre-chorus is the best part. Louis and Niall genuinely sound good on them!
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    Update: I'm Still Angry.

    I honestly cannot believe that THIS beat Act My Age

    What the fuck is wrong with all of you?

    Well I know you'll never get me to


    #76. Change My Mind [5.694]

    High Score: 9 x 1 (@tylerc904)
    Low Score: 0 x 1 (@Up Down Suite)

    My Score: 6

    This is a weird one mood wise. Included as the eighth track from Take Me Home, Change My Mind was written by Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, and Saven Kotecha, I have no idea how the boys went to Sweden and came back with..... this. I mean, it's fine I guess. But honestly this song feels like a case of mistaken identity. I'll let @First2Run (6.5) explain: "This feel less like a ballad and more like a massive pop song at 0.5 speed. It’s nice that it escalates a bit by the end, but I can’t quite get behind this one." PREACH!!!!!!!! I could never figure out my problem with this until he nailed it with those comments. Change My Mind has all the makings of a big pop song but those damn Swedes made poor life decisions and gave us an awkward ballad/midtempo instead. My favourite part is the bridge because it finally seems like we're going somewhere. Too bad it all fizzles out, leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere. I mean- an apt metaphor for a certain band, no?

    Most scores for this song ranged within the 4-7 range. It's genuinely infuriating that mediocrity like this rises above controversial gems like Act My Age, but alas. Let's start with the high scorers this time.

    @SophiaSophia (8.5) would probably appreciate the pop banger we never got- "This is great but I have to be in a certain mood to play this because I'm such an uptempo music lover."

    But I don't think @wackseed (8.5) would- "This is a nice change of pace and a really genuinely sweet song from the guys. The harmonies are lovely and the lyrics are adorable. "

    @eccentricsimply (8.5) throws out a lot of high scores just because Zayn and Liam sing. I guess it's good practice for when Liam ultimately releases his Olly Murs lite album- "The verses and the pre-choruses are so good that the chorus is borderline disappointing. At least it's Liam and Zayn who sing those because their vocals are really good. This song is great, to be honest. Nothing too impressive, but I like it."

    @constantino (7) sees a silver lining in this all and it involves [redacted]- "The vocal melody on the chorus is pretty sweet. This is a pleasant ditty, but I don’t see myself returning to it anytime soon. I appreciate how small Louis’ role in it is, however." KII.

    @sexercise (7) gives out some faint praise- "I wouldn’t call it a favorite but it’s nice enough."

    Maybe they can refresh @Posh Spears' (6.5) memory- " I keep having to go back to this and then when I put it on I remember that it’s because it’s extremely forgettable."

    We'll need to hook @iheartpoptarts (5) up with the @First2Run remix- "Well, they can’t all be super fun and awesome, I guess…". Also @VivaForever (4.5)- "This is kind of disappointing after Kiss You through Heart Attack" and @Animalia (4)- "Kill the mood a bit. Yawn."

    @DJHazey (5) better be insulting MITAM and not my beloved Four- "A more mature feeling hangs over this song, as if it's something that could work for a singer-songwriter on an adult contemporary station. My guess is that this was a song that signaled things to come later in their career. From what I've been hearing, that's certainly not a good thing."

    @Up Down Suite (0) is the only person in this rate who got worked up (but in a low-key snoozy way) over this- "Their first 0 from Take Me Home. Boring boring boring."

    While @A$AP Robbie (3) informs us "I have not changed my mind." Stay strong! #Justice4ActMyAge.

    A kind soul on Youtube uploaded the version from the 2013 documentary This Is Us (which yes I have watched more than once, fight me). Pay special attention for a shoutout to the Colonel.

    I might only post two tonight because I'm not feeling well plus I still need to exercise. Stay tuned.
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  19. Change My Mind is the only really enjoyable ballad on the album! Of course They Don't Know is a masterpiece but it's more of a powerballad. Sad to see it go!

    King Harry would be so ashamed. @ohnostalgia pls tell me it gets better.
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