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iamamiwhoami - Be Here Soon + "don't wait for me" (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. For me it’s 3/3 so far. Looking forward to what’s to come.
  2. The only song that has me truly obsessed is don’t wait for me. Canyon is very nice too. Still getting used to zeven but the instrumental switch up is a highlight!
  3. We need gifs of the wolf.
  4. Same. I've liked everything so far, but "don't wait for me" was instant.
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  5. I think that canyon and zeven were far more instant for me personally. At the end of the day they’re all 10/10 though.
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  6. Another instant hit.

    I love the way they’ve meshed their signature synths and flourishes into the more organic production and instrumentation, it sounds so fresh yet it’s obviously them.

    I enjoyed the video a lot. I’ve no idea what any of it means yet or where it’s going to but it’s amazing to know that iamamiwhomai are taking us for another ride.

    I was so shocked when
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  7. While I like it all, I have to agree about "don't wait for me". The opening line has been swirling in my mind since release. The way she sings that line has stuck with me.
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  8. Not too sure about zeven. Has Jonna spoken about experiencing OCD before?
  9. She posted on Instagram earlier today that the song is about her diagnosis.
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  10. Not to kink shame, but... I don't know about the wolf furry. Unless they intended it to be funny?

    I agree about the song, though, that switch up 2/3 of the way through is very nice.
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  11. I think it’s a concept x execution / budget thing. They can’t exactly have a realistic CGI wolf-man animated so… yeah ddddd I don’t think it looks awful or anything, it’s definitely on the higher end of how these things can look like, and fits with the DIY aesthetic of the whole project. I don’t think the humor escapes them either with something like the dance scene, but there’s also a creepy unsettling element to it all that is kinda charming. Overall, to me, it ends up working!

    The head was made by Eastern Wind, here’s the studio’s website. The video credits also say Jonna made the rest of the costume herself, which is pretty impressive.
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  12. The wolf costume perfectly straddles the line between camp and creepy which I feel like is iamamiwhoami's signature? The man in briefs is the very first example of this.

    CGI rarely ages well and I don't think it would have the same "WTF did I just watch" value if it was done that way.

    (She also was a more glamorous werewolf in Not Human and those scenes... were kinda boring.)
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  13. I think it's implied through montage that Claes turns into a dog on the bus as well? See pic 4 here. I think it's also his actual dog!

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  14. It reminds me of movies like… Donnie Darko? Also that one scene in Creep.
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  15. It’s really great to have that “WTF” moment again that was so special about iamamiwhoami. Not knowing where it’s going, looking for clues etc.
  16. Ladies, I'm really excited.

    Personally wasn't crazy about Don't Wait For Me, but Canyon and Zeven were both pretty instant and just keep growing on me. Love the new stylistic direction which does feel like iamamiwhoami but notably different; the new acoustic-leaning soundscape is so fresh and cool.

    I know I'm kind of an outlier, but I was not crazy about BLUE. This era already feels much more exciting to me, sonically, than BLUE... Was thinking how I almost see 'Bounty > Kin > BLUE' and 'Bounty > Kin > Be Here Soon' as like two different evolutionary paths of their sound and style. So I'm really here for this.

    Visually, it still seems a lot less ambitious than the first two albums, but hoping the furry bus express takes us somewhere wild.
  17. I have been thinking about the lyrics to the first three songs and their videos and I get the idea there will be some electronic boppery ahead.

    • Don't Wait For Me is her in denial, affirming everything that's gone by is past.
    • Canyon is where she watches her abandoned realm from above and thinks hmmm i guess there's that too.
    • Zeven is where she finally decides to go out to live the iamamiwhoami fantasy the fans have been claiming for. Notice how her hair has been curled up like in Y. The dog is most definitely her (notice how the dog enters at 8:08 and inside it is her getting in the door), and I imagine what @Future Lover said about Claes turning into his own dog too makes sense. She's making an analogy about maybe... having to act like our b*tch, if you pardon the word usage.
    So everything points towards some sort of Not Human experience where she becomes the beast and enchants us with her nu-disco. Now that I think of it, maybe this is what she meant with Not Human too dd.
  18. So what I gather from the video is that she got pregnant from the dog in the bus and he expelled her psjkdkpdfkpog. Must be one of the most experimental songs she's put her name to. Very slight and subtle.
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