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iamamiwhoami - Be Here Soon + "don't wait for me" (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. The closeups with the pink fog are absolutely gorgeous.

    Love the song, but I am ready for a BOP.
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  2. I just love that this truly feels like iamamiwhoami material in a way that I didn’t get from ionnalee’s releases. Which I’m sure was/is intentional, but when it seemed iamamiwhoami may be dead, I didn’t know what to think.

    The new song is definitely soft and subtle but the instrumental build I find very moving. One of their most effective instrumental breaks I think, harkening back to N.
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  3. The track is my least favourite of the songs on first listen, but the visual is full of beautiful moments and I like that those scenes reminiscent of the underwater shots in kill seem to be based on ultrasounds that appear throughout too.
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  4. i’m like dropping hints that i’m pregnant
  5. It’s crazy how much emotion she packed in a song that’s only a couple of short verses and a video that’s only three scenes.
  6. kal


    She showed us the baby! The underwater scenes are otherworldly. The song is too.
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  7. Something like this would make for a very striking album cover:

  8. Listening to the four songs in sequence... I want to live in this album, it's just so warm and comforting. This evolution and sonic palette expansion has been amazing, I hope I can see her live again touring this project (especially if older songs get an update to match!).
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  9. The fact that she just acknowledged this film on her Instagram. Hmmm…

    There's also a picture of what seems to be a behind-the-scenes photo print for an upcoming video. She's wearing white clogs and a catsuit so I'm sensing an uptempo song.
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  10. I thought the same when I saw it, but looking again I think it's a photo from the REMEMBER THE FUTURE tour. It looks like a stage floor and she might be holding a microphone.
  11. Feel like we might get some kind of album cover reveal tomorrow:

  12. This is giving me ;john/clump visual vibes.
  13. Here come the bops, don't let me down ionna.

    Even though I know she won't.
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  14. Today's song is probably going to be called changes. I don't know that that screams bop to me, but fingers crossed.
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  15. I’m not sure there will be bops this time around? I wouldn’t mind something more upbeat, but I’m not expecting another “goods” or “chasing kites” based on what we’ve heard so far. Looking forward to today’s release!
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  16. Expectations are premeditated resentments!
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  17. She seems particuarly excited about this one! I feel like the video should be pretty interesting given that the story is slowly picking up steam.

    As for the music, I keep going back to zeven these days. It's grown on me more than any other single so far. If that's the album's only bop I wouldn't even be mad, the ionnalee albums delivered more than enough of those.
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  18. I wondered if that was one of the behind the scenes photos they'll be signing and putting up for sale, but a cover reveal would be welcome!
  19. The way this could be lyrics from one of their songs dddddddd
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