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iamamiwhoami - Be Here Soon + "don't wait for me" (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. When the album drops with a livestream from the birthing table… wig? InJonnaConcert looks lit!
  2. Absolutely no offense intended but sadly personally I’m not caring for this either nn. The subtlety and gentleness flies too far under my radar.
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  3. I mean it’s totally fine you know, it’s just awkward to see some people literally… throwing tantrums about how they shouldn’t call this iamamiwhoami and trying to call it bad when… it isn’t. It might not be your thing, but to pretend this haven’t been beautifully produced and packed with Melodies just like the 3 albums prior…. Crazy.

    I, personally, would love another huge synth pop record that took the BLUEprint (hehe) from songs like Chasing Kites: big chorus, wall of synths, layers and layers.
    Or a full “~heavy industrial” sound that we had with “O” (in concert), In Due Order and MACHINEE to certain extant, but we got the Folktronica moment and it is what it is.

    At same time, it’s great to see that Jonna and Claes are still working together in full mode and willing to try new things. Hopefully we’ll have IAM5, 6 and so on, and our wishes and hopes might materialize some day in the future.
  4. Come through piano ballad! Beautiful and moving but it's almost too subtle. The video is one of the most interesting ones so far.
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  5. Ballad with a twist! Really interesting production flourishes throughout.

    The video climax was legitimately unsettling so that was fun and effective.
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  6. Beautiful song and video. I'm getting a ton of Twin Peaks vibes throughout. In fact, it's really giving the third season.
  7. This was my favorite video yet from this album and the song is absolutely gorgeous.
  8. These past six videos have been their most simple and raw visuals, but it feels like they've really built up to this moment. This last visual is an almost naked admission of the dread and guilt she feels towards her own career as an artist and to be honest it's kind of painful to watch.

    Depending on how the last three songs are, this might end up being my favorite album from them.
  9. Did anyone else notice her face distorting in the mirror (a la preludes / bounty?)
  10. YES! That instantly fills me with excitement on what's to come.
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  11. Is… is she saying that her trying to be a lone wolf killed iamamiwhoami before? I assume the very small audience in the theater is a commentary on the small cult following they have and coming to terms with it?
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  12. I haven't thought about the lone wolf idea but it makes sense. In fact I was seeing the wolf as a representation of her public persona, the "beast" she has to turn into when she's on stage or interacting with the audience. Like @DirtyPornStar said there seems to be unresolved feelings between her and her work persona and it clearly shows in the videos.
  13. This whole audiovisual is hugely emotional. It’s actually quite uncomfortable in a way, but still enjoyable and up there with her best work. The album is shaping up to be so special.
  14. Just breathtakingly beautiful! Love the song and the video, but the combination of both is pure magic.
  15. Just echoing everyone's reaction to "A Thousand Years" - it's probably the furthest from what I would have wanted or expected from iamamiwhoami several weeks ago, but it's absolutely stunning. Jonna's voice is crystal clear and emotive, and seeing Claes' partner and baby as part of the audience is really sweet as well since the visuals so far seem to have centred on Jonna's own journey towards parenthood while we know from early comments around the release of "Don't Wait For Me" that it's both of their experiences that have influenced the project.
  16. Wait.
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  17. Wait a minute... this is one of her best ever. This is absolutely gorgeous.
  18. I was talking to a friend last night about this project and some theories came up.

    I think the wolf definitely represents iamamiwhoami. In Don’t Wait For Me we see Jonna (as Ionnalee) walking through the house looking at artefacts from the past of iamamiwhoami, reminiscing on the project - realising that she’s going to revisit that part of her life / project again.

    In Canyon we see Ionnalee with a lead around her neck being pulled (?) to places / back in the direction of the iamamiwhoami project. I think this reflects the constant demands from her fans to drop the Ionnalee moniker and go back to iamamiwhoami.

    In Zeven she takes the leap and accepts she’s going to revisit the iamamiwhoami persona. As she steps onto the bus (the journey back to iam) she transforms into the wolf spirit, low and behold Claes is there too.

    In i tenacious we see Ionnalee struggling internally with the decision to revisit the project combined with her hopes and anxiety regarding her pregnancy at the same time.

    Changes is where things get a bit more complicated as there’s no clear continuation to the storyline. It seems to be more of a standalone audiovisual (performed by Ionnalee not iamamiwhoami if the wolf theory is correct). It acts as maybe an intermission and centrepiece to the album, it’s clearly important to Jonna.

    In Flying or Falling we see Jonna as the wolf spirit having fully embraced the iamamiwhoami persona, living out day to day life accepting the fact she is now working and creating as part of iamamiwhoami again. It’s difficult to gauge the emotion in this as the wolf costume limits that - but there’s a definite underlying theme of sadness and disappointment that the fanbase haven’t accepted Ionnalee like they did with iamamiwhaomi and the constant calls and demands for her to revive the project.

    A Thousand Years focuses on this more clearly with Ionnalee performing to a small and seemingly uninterested audience. She feels nothing from them so walks off the stage, as if she’s giving up.
    She reflects backstage and returns only to see iamamiwhoami back in full swing, performing dramatically and theatrically - Claes is clearly affected by the situation and at this point the wolf spirit (iamamiwhoami) has potentially become the enemy.

    The final three tracks of the album could potentially see the battle between ionnalee and iamamiwhoami? Who knows.

    This may be all wrong but I think it holds some merit.
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