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iamamiwhoami - Be Here Soon + "don't wait for me" (OUT NOW)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DirtyPornStar, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. kal


    Final chapter of Be Here Soon will be up in 45 minutes.

  2. Oh so this is about to destroy me
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  3. I really loved seeing them performing and rocking out a bit in the video!
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  4. The video wasn’t as impactful as I was hoping, but it’s a beautiful clip and the song remains one of their best. The performance scenes were definitely my favorite part.

    (Also the effects weren’t as jarring this time which is what I’m assuming most of the time went into including editing.)
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  5. So what's everyone's interpretation of the storyline?
  6. He


    Is there a feeling that the fan base hasn’t engaged as much with the new material? The view for the videos are quite low.

    I have truly enjoyed the album, but haven’t felt the visuals to be essential this time around.
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  7. I really haven’t liked the music, sadly. I appreciate the Progression in sound, but I loved the audiovisuals a of blue and kin very much.
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  8. The visuals seemed surface level this time around. I loved the Bounty visuals and music the most but I would be lying if I said that kin wasn’t a visual masterpiece. BLUE was sort of a step down visually after that but it still had a lot to offer musically and visually in the end. I really love the new album but the videos themselves seemed kind of lackluster and there really wasn’t a thread holding them together beyond the wolf that I found kind of took me out of it with its furry aesthetic. It was okay though.
  9. Shipping now. Can't wait to receive my copies and see everyone's photos as they arrive!
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  10. kal


    It’s been so long since the digital release, I forgot this was even a thing. Let me get perched for my CD to arrive in three weeks.
  11. ionnalee and the team signing the fine art prints:

    There are 10 to choose from (limited to 5 per photo) on TWIMC label shop: https://twimc.se/shop:artworks They're quite pricey and I imagine they'll stick around a while so there's probably time to save if you want one.
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  13. ionnalee confirms Claes, plus full band and special guests will be on the upcoming tour.

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  14. That’s amazing! I hope I get to go, this album will sound incredible live.
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  15. Ahh they were able to get a full band! I have to get tickets to this.
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  17. Now October 14, nooo.

    In other news, Jonna has been answering questions on Instagram - a couple interesting bits below but you can read them all on Twitter starting here.

    'mouth of a river' was near 100% complete - filmed and mastered - but things got "out of sync" as they moved into kin so it was never released. They view BLUE as a sequel to it.

    Confirming the footage for GENESARETS SJÖ is from the scrapped 'mouth of a river' project.

    Possible 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises/This Is Jonna Lee re-releases on the way? Jonna is working to get her masters back for these recordings.

    She also mentioned no more UK dates planned as of now, working on Stockholm and Olso dates, and hopes she can make dates in Brazil work for 2023.
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  18. kal


    With the prices they command for a CD/DVD bundle, one would think they'd be able to get manufacturing sorted.
  19. The bits of information around Mouth of a River are interesting - but honestly, I kind of feel that it was probably the right thing that we never got it and that kin happened instead. It feels that they focused everything on making BLUE a more refined and polished version of what MOAR was likely going to be, having seen some of the Tungorna footage which came from that time. In any case, we've ended up with a lot of the songs from those sessions being released somewhere along the line it seems.
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  20. I would love to hear “Mouth of a River” in its original form. Mostly out of curiosity as what it would have sounded like as a whole.
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