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IAMX Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction - NEW ALBUM

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by type:epyt, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. This has been doing the rounds since last week and it's everything you would expect from the Depeche Mode album but never got ...

    Imogen Heap also makes an appearance ...

    It's pretty much the same as his other 2 albums ... possibly a bit beefier on the percussion ...
  2. Ooh, was going to go see them tonight but what with it being a school night... Love the last two albums so will check it out. He's a talented chappie.
  3. I really liked that . Thanks

    I have both Iamx albums but tend to only play 'Kiss and Swallow' as I always forget the other album, I really must dig it out.
  4. Great video and good song too. I can't say I've been won over by this album at all since it came out. I should go back to it really. It's funny, a fair few electro acts have released albums this year that I haven't been fussed by - Fischerspooner and Client spring to mind.
  5. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Are you me?  I've been the same.  I was obsessed with Odyssey but the new album (I can't even remember the title) was so underwhelming.  They sounded bored.

    I like that IAMX track above.  This is still my favourite track/remix:

  6. I haven't bought any of Fischerspooner's albums since their debut and as for Client I really love 'Command'. I am really surprised how much I like it and play it regularly. Another case of an album dividing opinions among the fan base! In fact I think 'Can You Feel' is one of their greatest singles.

    Anyway back to IAMX.

    I had no idea there was a 3rd album. 'Kiss and Swallow' is definitely my favorite album and 'Skin Vision', 'Kiss And Swallow' and 'Missile' are my favorite tracks from that album but to be honest I think it's a strong album in general. This thread has made me decide I am going to have a IAMX and wine session tonight.

    So should I get 'Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction' is the question? I don't play 'The Alternative'...... although I shall be dragging it out tonight.
  7. Why yes, yes I am. Especially as Spit It Out is my favourite IAMX song.

    As for Fischerspooner, they really sound like they can't be arsed can't they? After 4 years you'd think that they could put a bit of effort it. I've thought of another one actually - Tiga. God his last album was bad.

    But yes, back to IAMX

    An IAMX session with wine sounds amazing? Can I come?! 'Kiss and Swallow' is definitely his best album. Judging 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction' is really up to you. It seems to have lost its electro edge a little bit which is possibly why I don't like it as much.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Old thread!

    I've been listening to the Kingdom of Welcome Addiction remix album today (repackaged as a 2CD in this country, but released as a CD called Dogmatic Infidel Comedown in some territories).

    It's great, really gives new life to some of the album tracks.  Very dark, atmospheric, but not boringly goth.  Anyone else heard it? Oddly a lot of it reminds me of Darren Hayes in a bad mood.
  9. Yes I have it, its gorgeous, although the 'secret' tracks of cover versions are rather annoying I find. acoustic 'think of England' is rather gorgeous.
  10. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Think Of England overall is a fantastic track, but yes, that acoustic version gives me goosebumps. I've even got them now just thinking about it!
  11. Although I can't really be bothered to re-buy an album I'm not fussed about anyway, it being described as 'Darren Hayes in a bad mood' is seriously tempting to me.
  12. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Samples of the remixes are on Amazon if you want to test them out...

  13. IAMX - Volatile Times - NEW ALBUM

    I don't want to start another IAMX thread so I thought I'd update here. There's a new album the way....

    "IAMX announce their Fire and Whispers Tour for 2011 to support the highly anticipated release of the fourth studio album Volatile Times.

    Emotionally charged and sensually produced, 'Volatile Times' is an explosive psychological journey that explores themes of mental and sexual instability, religious perversion, socio-political ignorance, celebrity and the music industry.

    'Volatile Times' is set to a backdrop of the unique electro-organic IAMX sound with glorious rhythms, melancholic melodies and operatic performances.
    “I have been decoding the past and hitting walls for years but finally I feel this album is my personal breakthrough.” Chris Corner

    The album is scheduled to be released in March 2011."

    Interesting stuff. The tour is in Europe in March/April next year.
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