Ice Spice - "Gimmie A Light" + Y2K (Jul 26)

The EP is currently doing quite well . I can’t lie… I don’t really get the hype with her and from I’ve seen live performances wise she isn’t the best . Maybe she might grow on me though .
To be honest, I like her. I also feel like she is being hyped too much, but I can see her appeal too. She can have a decent career if she stays away from drama and controversy. If she can work on her bars, experiment with different styles and hire a new stylist that would be great! As an ardent female rap fan, it hurts my soul that a lot of female rappers' career is surrounded by unnecessary hate, drama and controversy. Most of the times, the focus is on everything else except their music.
She’s definitely overhyped and I kind of ironically stanned at the beginning nn but I can’t get Gangsta Boo out of my head.
I am really interested to see how a full album from her turns out. I think she mentioned somwhere that her debut album should be coming this year. Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long. I would appreciate if she has some songs longer than the length of 2:30 on the album.
She's giving late 90s gimmick one hit wonder - but in the dour and grim landscape that is 2023 music she's such a breath of fresh air.