Icehouse The Singles Rate 1981-2021 WINNER Revealed

And up next a track which once again for me, there is nothing wrong with it, but the song doesn't stand repeated listening, it's OK without going anywhere.

No23 Goodnight Mr Matthews Score 52.10 Average 6.51 Highest Score 9.5 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 3 (Blaahh)

Comments Include
"This is nice, but just that. There's nothing really grabbing me here." (Remorque)
I love Goodnight Mr Matthews, too! Apparently inspired by a film, I always thought this was Iva’s bi-curious anthem. I love the yearning in his voice, especially during the “If I go down on my knees” stanza. The ending feels unfinished, however.

Walls always struck me as a bit Gary Numan. What is the song even about though?

We're almost to the top 20, wow.
Up next a track I first became aware of thanks to their Great Southern Land Hits release in 1989, I really like it at the time, but not as much now, once again as with most Icehouse tracks it's not bad, but not the strongest either, back then I would have scored this a 10 now, a couple of points less.

No22 Jimmy Dean Score 55.50 Average 6.88 Highest Score 8.8 (Untouchable Ace) Lowest Score 5 (Canceled, Hairycub1969)

Comments Include
"bit rockist" (Blaahh)
Just falling short of the Top 20, we have another very rocky track from the band, This is one that took a while to grow on me. We say goodbye to an 11 here

No21 Miss Devine Highest Score 11 (Ohnoitisnathan) Lowest Score 5 (Blaahh)

Comments Include
"Great song but the video – imagine Michael Hutchence had stolen Pat Butcher’s earrings…!" (Hairycub1969)
My only note for Jimmy Dean was "bombastic and trite", which is a bit harsh.

Miss Divine is better than I remembered, but still not that good (sorry @ohnoitisnathan). It was apparently written about a real-life fixture of Sydney nightlife. The fact that it’s listed on official releases as both “Miss Devine” and “Miss Divine” is perplexing.

Yes, Tilly Devine was a criminal who managed to swindle some high profile people (like 100+ years ago) from memory.
We move into the Top 20, where we have a track that doesn't scream single at me, it's pleasant enough and works well within an album setting, not so much as a single.

No20 Uniform Score 57.70 Average 7.21 Highest Score 10 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 5 (Blaahh)
Other Scores 8 (Canceled, Remorque) 7.7 (Untouchable Ace) 7 (Hairycub1969) 6 (Simes1970, Ohnoitisnathan)

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"Absolutely loving the urgent vibe this one has" (Remorque)
This next track almost has a reggae undertone to it's Guitar and synth, it was a grower for me.

No19 Love In Motion Score 59.70 Average 7.46 Highest Score 10 (Eric Generic) Lowest Score 5 (Blaahh)
Other Scores 9.2 (Untouchable Ace) 8.5 (Ohnoitisnathan) 7 (Simes1970, Canceled, Hairycub1969) 6 (Remorque)

Comments Include
"This actually sounds quite cool and kinda slick? Though it does pale in comparison with their later singles." (Remorque)
"Fashion vs Need You Tonight? I like the relentless rhythm" (Blaahh)
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Next couple to leave the rate, and up first a track I wasn't really aware of until listening back for this rate, it has an almost Rock N Roll feel to it, the chorus build is great.

No 18 Baby You're So Strange Score 59.80 Average 7.47 Highest Score 10 (Remorque) Lowest Score 3 (Blaahh)
Other Scores 9 (Hairycub1969) 8.5 (Eric Generic) 8.3 (Untouchable Ace) 8 (Simes1970 Ohnoitisnathan) 5 (Canceled)

Comments Include
" Great “zebra” rock God video which looks like it was great fun to make!" (Hairycub1969)
Love In Motion is deliciously ethereal and synth-heavy but Iva's vocals are buried a bit deep in the mix. I will always take points off for whistling!

I agree with @Remorque that Uniform is urgent. I think it's undeniably sexy, although ostensibly an anti-war anthem. The four-on-the-floor percussion is a chef’s kiss here.
I think I undermarked Love In Motion, I was trying to give spread to the scores but perhaps unfairly to some. Interesting so far!
I wondered when Baby You're So Strange would exit. So many mid-80’s cliches in one song! The horns drive me a little insane here, but I agree that the video is fun. I would not have chosen this as a single.

Where the River Meets the Sea was my rate discovery. Code Blue was not on my radar until years after release, but this song is my favorite song off that album. All the chord changes hint at songwriting desperation, however. I wonder if this was the last Bob Kretschmer co-write?