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Icona Pop - General Mediocrity Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, May 6, 2012.

  1. Yes, I'm quite certain there is a preexisting Icona Pop thread in here *somewhere*, but just as soon as I can search for it I'll post in it....

    In the meantime! Because it kills me to not be able to, let's all discuss how absolutely wonderful these girls are (especially Aino).

    Exhibit A:

    (With Madonna mashup!)

    Exhibit B:

    Also: They do lots of stuff with Patrik Berger ("Dancing On My Own," Lana Del Rey, Tove Styrke, etc.).

    And now: New song "I Love It" sounds like a proper, no quotations marks needed hit, a lot like a certain Martin Solveig hit from last summer, and is actually listenable to someone who has been a fan from the start. Not sure what happened to "Top Rated" but here's praying kids in the States and London are begging to hearing that "Love It" song in the clubs come June.

    "I Love It"
  2. I wanted to search for a thread earlier, but, well, you know.

    'I Love It' is fucking massive. I mean, just a gargantuan song. I want it to dominate the world over, it's just fantastic!
  3. Aha... I've heard one of their new tracks, it was an awful racket.
  4. Wow you critizise Icona after listeting one song and I have also read that you said that Florrie is an eternal EP (when we all know that this is going to changer very very soon) and that you know what is her personality. You don´t really doesn´t know anything about pop right?

    And now about Icona Pop, everything is awesome about them, from their 8-bit logo to their Taratino video-style. The only bad things is the fact that they don´t have an album...yet.
    I love it it´s really a hit, do we know when is going to be release?
  5. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    01lander is probably the most irritating member since forever. In the Marina thread he was taking the piss out of everyone who disliked 'Electra Heart' without really giving an explanation or reason and now he's doing exactly the same thing here. Hypocrite much?

    That said, I find "Top Rated" far superior to "I Love It"! There's no release date or label mentioned and the video looks a bit self-made, so I'm quite worried. I hope they haven't been dropped...
  6. I Love It sounds great. I hope this is a good hit for them. I love Top Rated too. I hope it ends up on their album which hopefully doesn't come out too far away from now.
  7. Great song. It's like the Oh My! smash they never got to release.
  8. Up until now its all been on the cooler tip of electronic pop, but they're sitting on 5 or 6 HUGE hands in the air pop songs, one of which being 'I Love It'. I don't know if any of it has been a racket though.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I Love It - song of the year.
  10. I Love It is amazing, I'm sure this'll end up well within my top 10 of 2012.
  11. 1. I didn't criticise them, I criticised the song, and I'm nor entirely sure if it's one of their released ones. 2. I questioned whether she'd release the album, which, whether she's an EP artist or not, isn't a derogatory comment. 3. I stated that I personally couldn't get a sense of her personality from it...
    Can you not twist my words thanks?
  12. "Everyone" is a bit much isn't it? One person doesn't count as the entirety of a forum.
  13. "I Love It" is massive! Although, there will always be a special place in my heart for "Nights Like This," which is most likely my favorite song by them (it's so hard to decide)!

    01lander, I don't think people would criticize your comments if you said things like "I was disappointed with one of their newer songs," or "I really didn't like a track I heard by them," etc. instead of calling the song an "awful racket." I know they basically carry the same message, but the later rather sounds like an unfounded and unnecessarily acerbic remark.
  14. I miss the 'Still Don't Know' and 'Manners' - day but as long as the chum out another 'Lovers To Friends' I'll be fine.

    I also miss the topic I started.
    Damn you, new forum. Damn you.
  15. Aha, you probably have a point there... Although I wasn't completely trashing them, just the song in particular. I don't even know what the song's called either... The lyrics were something like "this is what love feels like" and then there was something about love being like space, with lots of scratching effects at the beginning.
  16. I love Icona Pop. I like I Love It, but I can't help but feel that it sounds like Electrovamp (!) or Oh My!, which is fine as I like that, but all of that is chart poison. Shouty girlie club-pop is extremley unpopular here for reasons I don't quite know. Not to mention female duos are just never, ever successful. They aren't signed in the UK, it seems, which is odd because they were around Dec-Jan... so I'm just worried that I Love It is one of those annoying "video only" tracks because no one wants to the release it and they go quiet for 6 months then annouce a split. I have no concept of their popularlity elsewhere, but unless they're huge, I can't see any UK labels taking a further punt. And if anyone reading this is from Sweden, and this track is released there, can you please buy it twice and I will pay you for the 2nd transaction and you can give the mp3 to me? Because this is the only way I'm likely to ever own this song, in the nearest to legal sense that there is these days.
  17. Well the Nights Like This EP did get both a UK and US release, so here's hoping "I Love It" will get the same treatment. Soon.

    On the topic of "pop girl duos who may be doomed," this is my favorite pop girl duo since Mini Viva. Is that a bad omen?
  18. Did we know Charli xcx wrote this for them? I didn't!
  19. I Love It will smash. I hope Charli has something for herself for her own break through
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