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Icona Pop - General Mediocrity Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, May 6, 2012.

  1. I still feel slighted that my original topic got shafted because the search function didn't work anymore.

    Forever weeping.
  2. Just passing by to join in the Rebecca & Fiona praise! Go get that album, world.
  3. Don't weep. I sensed the lost topic's spirit and incorporated it into my body. Now our fandom can fuse into one beautiful, everlasting topic. At least until Peter reboots the forum again.
  4. Their encore last night was very cute: "okay, well, choose one song you want to hear again."

    (No points for guessing which one it was.)
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  6. I love it! It's so good, I wish they'd saved the title and the artwork for their debut album, not just an EP.
  7. The artwork is good but not great for me. The title still remains perfect.
  8. Yeah, I like the cover, but it could have been better, I think.
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  9. Bwahaha I love it. Deranged and amazing and a bit cheeky. And not even close to boring. Exactly as it should be. Now just praying "Beat the L" is on there.
  10. Thanks to Snooki & JWoww, at least I got one thing out of the show! I Love It is the theme song and it took me forever to figure it out but pleased nonetheless.
  11. I guess the EP will be USA-only... so that probably means most of us reading this thread will get it illegally. When are artists/labels/the powers that be gonna tackle world wide release dates? Technically, I've never given Icona Pop a penny, but I've got all their music.

    (Oh, I bought the Beatport track actually - so they got £1.49 or whatever it was)
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    "I Love It" was released in some European iTunes stores as well (with amazing new artwork), so there's still a glimpse of hope! I have my iTunes U.S. account ready though, just in case.
  13. Excited for the new EP. I really hope that "Beat the L" is on there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
  14. DJ at the gay bar last night played I Love It and oh my god it sounds AMAZING in the club. The party really seemed to take off from there, too.
  15. Since when is it "I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)"?
  16. She wrote it... maybe a version with her on it exists (although I do think she is already audiable on it during the, "...you're in the 70s, but I'm a 90s bitch" bits).
  17. Yes I know she wrote it, but that doesn't explain why the version being sold on iTunes and the video have been renamed?
  18. So the Iconic EP is out in 6 days... any news about the tracklist?
  19. Well she is on it, I hear her, and she wrote it... perhaps she wanted some credit? Or perhaps they want to ride on her media coat tails? Tweet them/her and ask.
  20. The Iconic track list is on Amazon US.
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