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Icona Pop - General Mediocrity Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, May 6, 2012.

  1. I'm liking the new song! Will keep the thread title for now though. You know, fire under the feet and all.
  2. It’s better than their shouty crap.
  3. New basic bop with Felix Snow:

    Sounds exactly like his work with Terror Jr, so if you're into that you'll probably like this.
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  4. Can they just release this song already.
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  5. I liveeeee for this.
  6. 'Windows' is pretty good, but that's more Felix Snow'a credit than their's.
  7. I was thinking about Still Don't Know and it made me sad to see the rapid decline in them since their original debut. Are there any good new tracks out there..?

  8. Iconic video.
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  9. Why am I just discovering they covered Tragedy for some Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. All the links are dead but color me... perched.
  10. This would make a fantastic Britney single.
  11. It's literally Pretty Girls for hipsters.
  12. Literally everything about this is 3 years late.
  13. I'm in my late 20s so this is very "in" for me.
  14. I quite like Windows.

  15. They only want your when you're 17~
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  16. I love Galantis, but I don't love this.
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  17. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  18. I love this?
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  19. It's basic but I love the shouty bits. Issa bop.
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  20. I'm just glad Charli XCX has been relentless in her appropriation of I Love It to the point it doesn't feel like Icona Pop were ever part of it.
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