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If you like True Blue, Control, Forever Your Girl

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. ... Debbie Gibson's Out of The Blue or Pebbles debut, you may want to listen to this lost 1986 album!

    @WoW73 just alerted me that the album is finally on streaming.
    Anita was / is a Dolly Dots member and this was her flop pop debut.

    I hope this gets added too, her Disorderlies OST song that basically is the proto - Straight Up (Elliott Wolf production)

    I actually read she recorded Paula's Straight Up first and it was her demo that Paula snatched.
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  2. @WoW73 tell us more! Tell us everything.
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  3. I will! Why not start with my Dolly Dots thread first?
    Also, their albums were put on streaming not too long ago too (though not remastered, meh). Their 1982-1986 albums are the best:

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  4. What A Night not leading to an album was such a disappointment eh.
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  5. Yeah... there are several tracks from the 1987 PWL era that would've been perfect for them: Some Girls, Bad for Me, I'm the one who Really loves You, Who's Gonna Catch You...
  6. Yes, love her, also look out for songs recorded by her under the Nita moniker.
    This was her "Don't Treat Me Like This" follow up.

  7. Bop! Was she living in the US back then @WoW73
  8. Well, her ex-husband was a Dutch soccer player who, according to his wiki page, relocated to the USA 1987-1988 to play for an American club, so I suppose so! Never knew that, actually. But does make sense!!
    In The Netherlands, she is best known for her time with the Dolly Dots, and of course doing Donald Duck's voice for the Dutch Disney cartoons!

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  9. A versatile queen!
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  10. We like those best! She also was a bartender at one of the best gay clubs in the 00s!
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  11. Also I'm obsessed with her wiki pic

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  12. Oh my god how? Were things that bad for her or was she just a very good hunty?
  13. I think a little of both?
  14. As amazing as (A)Nita is, I consider this the definitive version of I’ll Live! Major banger warning.

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  15. I love this! I downloaded a 15 track edition from soulseek.

    It is the 10 tracks plus:

    You've Got Me Keyed Up (Extended)
    You've Got Me Keyed Up (Instrumental)
    I'll Live
    I'll Live (Dub)
    Don't Treat Me Like This

    I tried to find it on discogs, or to buy on CD but couldn't find any information about it.
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  16. Here is her Discogs profile page. The 15 track edition is 'fake', unfortunately!
  17. Soulseek still exists!!?
  18. Oh it's fake, what a shame. I hope they do reissue it one day.

    It has always been popular with DJ's and is handy when something isn't available to stream or purchase.
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  19. Don't Treat Me... Really reminds me of this by Ms Adventures, also written and produced by Elliot Wolff in 1990

  20. Yeah, it’s basically the same song. Their album has some gems, too, indeed!
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