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If you met one of your all time faves and they were an idiot.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by CatastropheBoy, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. So I was watching the Tig Nitaro sketch on Taylor Dayne and was wondering if you met you’re fave and they were rude, obnoxious or plain unfriendly would it affect your enjoyment of their music? Any good or bad experiences to share? Who have you met? I’d never approach a famous person in the private, social situations Tig describes. I think a cool response there is fair enough. In the context of promo or gigs different story.
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  2. Thankfully I’ve only met a few of my faves, and they’ve all been lovely! I think it would be really disappointing if they turned out to be rude, especially if that’s towards fans who support them - often unconditionally and with great interest.

    I went to a garden party at Imogen Heap’s house, which was an opportunity that came about because I brought one of her Sparks box sets. She was heavily pregnant at the time and quite distant throughout the day because she was in the studio doing meet and greets with us all, but later on she demonstrated her Mi.Mu gloves and gave us a private performance of some songs. She was friendly and pleasant when I met her in the studio, but it was quick so I don’t have much to judge that on. During the day time, we did the meet and greets, had a tour of her house, there was a exhibition in her barn with all sorts of outfits and props from video and stage, and a garden party for the fans that were there.

    I met Jonna Lee from iamiamiwhoami twice. The first time I was very nervous because it was such a weird situation - she’s someone you almost don’t expect to be real because of the mythology fans have built around her and her music but she was incredibly sweet and generous with her time. I was a little more outgoing the second time, just because I knew what to expect.

    I met Nerina Pallot quickly after a gig recently. I hadn’t been able to before because I always see her in London and have to dash to get a train, but she played near me so I stayed behind. I told her I just wanted to say hi, and thank you, because I don’t usually get the chance and she was so taken aback that I’d stayed to say thank you, haha.
  3. I've met quite a lot of my 80s idols through my past life as a DJ and blogger. The only one who wasn't polite was Ben from Curiosity Killed The Cat. He was playing a Here & Now gig that I was DJ at. He was VERY drunk ( I assume drunk, who knows, he wasn't sober though) He brought all these middle aged fans backstage, then left with them. One of them asked for a picture with him, and he was VERY rude to her, told her to fuck off, told her to leave the backstage area etc...really went off on her. I get that he didn't want photographic evidence of his inebriated state, but this woman was a fan, and obviously very excited to be there with him, he could have declined like a decent human being instead of humiliating her.

    One of the nicest was Keisha from Sugababes. I covered the red carpet of the Michael Jackson This Is It premiere, this was shortly after she was sacked from Sugababes. We were told in no uncertain terms not to ask about Sugababes, I was young, and stupid, and unable to follow instructions so when she got to me for my 2 minute interview I asked her if she would be getting back together with Siobhan and Mutya. I had my flip camera rolling, ready for her to go off on one, but she laughed, said "you're very cheeky, you know I'm not talking about that" and then started takling about Michael Jackson. It's not that she was super nice, it's just that I had done what I was told not to do and she handled it with such grace, and although she was probably seething inside, she came across as a very nice lady. I'm assuming as soon as she left me she muttered "what a prick" under her breath.
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  4. I've "only" really met three faves - Little Boots, Theo from Hurts and three-piece Take That. Two of those are all-time faves so it was a pretty big deal at the time.

    Little Boots was the longest interaction; I told her I'd been waiting a really long time to see her live as I missed her last visit to Holland and she was lovely. She was really apologetic about talking such a long time to come back; I think she even used a swear word, which was cute. I just wish I didn't look like a giant in my photo with her.

    I met Take That twice. The first time I forgot how to talk English and my photos turned out shit (I think I also nearly drove Howard into the street by accident in my enthusiasm), but the second time was perfect apart from their security guard giving me the evil eye when I tried to get past the barrier to take my photo with Gary. I was nervous as fuck so I didn't really know what to say but the photos turned out great. I think they must have spent about twenty minutes taking photos with everyone.

    Meeting Theo from Hurts was really special. I'd travelled especially to Manchester to see the last gig of the tour and it was originally supposed to be a one-day trip, but it turned into a four-day weekend because the snow got me stranded in England, which was quite scary and stressful as I'd never experienced something like that. I didn't really know when or how I was going to get home, so I thought I might as well spend a couple of hours waiting at the stage door after the gig. Adam magically disappeared into thin air but Theo took photos with literally everyone and our interaction was short but cute. (About me being afraid I was going to have my eyes closed in the photo.) It was the cherry on what was otherwise a really weird, stressful trip.
  5. I've met a few and they have all been complete arses bar Carol Decker of T'Pau who is as mad as a box of frogs and completely charming.
  6. Carol is lovely. The arses, did it put you off their music at all?
  7. I didn't meet her but I remember seeing Madonna in 2015 during her Rebel Heart tour. I had a seat right at the right side of the catwalk. During Ghosttown, she approached my side, looked down at myself and the gentleman beside me. We both reached up hoping she would grab our hands.

    She looked at both of us...

    And grabbed his hand.

    So, Miranda Priestly.
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  8. Ha. Pity about the arses. Pretty much everyone I've met has been really nice (to me), although being in a wheelchair perhaps skews that a little. Nerina Pallot was extremely sweet and funny, though I have always had a huge crush on her so I'm a bit biased there!

    I think it would affect how I felt about their music,even subconsciously, because I've never really felt the same about Howard Jones' music since the period I was around the people running his website and management in general. An artist can't always be 100% responsible for the people who work for them, but they can make better judgement calls on hiring certain types of people.
  9. To be fair, wouldn't anyone look like a giant next to Boots?
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  10. So not really a bad experience, but I was lucky enough to win a competition and meet Delta Goodrem when she was preparing to releasing her second album, Mistaken Identity. I was whisked away to her hotel, had tea and a chat before she signed a bunch of stuff and was all a little surreal.

    Fast forward years later and I went to watch her perform at her legendary gig in Heaven, due to growing popularity of Wings over here. After the set, she went out to mingle with the crowd and chat in the chillout room. Funnily, when she saw me she knew who I was straight away and pulled me over for catch up and chat! She remembered when and where we met and was asking all sorts of questions! Absolute queen!
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  11. I haven't really met many of my musical favourites, but the few I have met have all been pleasant experiences.

    I met all the members of Dragonette at different points and they were all lovely, particularly Dan who was incredibly sweet. Yelle was super cute. Parallels were so kind and humbled that we even wanted to meet them. Lily Allen was lovely, but a bit distracted because she was hungry! Bright Light Bright Light was pure class. I can't really think of anyone else.

    The majority of people I have met have been celebrities at fan conventions though, so that is a very specific kind of environment. Gillian Anderson was undoubtably my favourite celebrity meeting, she was effortlessly cool and we had a fun chat about the series finale of Hannibal which had just recently aired. Freema Agyeman is truly the nicest person alive.
  12. Good question, the two that specifically spring to mind, no it didn't but I was so disappointed that it did my colour my opinion of them as people. Still buy their music and see them live so guess it didn't stop the spending of the almighty £. Carol is lovely, j'agreer! I would love to ask her if there is any larger reformation of T'Pau planned, but then I guess why should she - to most people she is T'Pau.
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  13. I've met many, Sophie Ellis Bextor was the loveliest, as was Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)

    Not so nice...Jake Shears.
  14. But...who were the arses?!
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  15. Disappointing to hear.
  16. Well Ronnie is back out touring with her plus co wrote much of the Pleasure & Pain album and the Run single. T’Pau was essentially Carol and Ronnie. The rest of the band were on a salary until they demanded more input on The Promise album which led to frictions.
  17. Teasing...

    Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford of Squeeze, unfortunately the same whether met solo or together. And Julia Fordham. And Howard Jones. And Simon Le Bon.. oddly, the other 4 of my faves with T'Pau.

    T'Pau, yeah of course, but Dean Howard is one hell of a guitarist and Tim Burgess equally good drummer. They were so tight as a band in 1988.
  18. Did you ask about William Bryant?
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  19. Off the top of my head Nerina Pallot was the friendliest, hung out with her for a bit and had a laugh talking nonsense. Don’t think we discussed music once.

    For some reason I expected Tracy from The Primitives to be the most standoffish but she was very sweet.
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  20. No, remind me to next time.. he was just really snotty about meeting people, signing etc. Last two times ive seen him, he didnt come out at all, so perhaps he has gone off it?
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