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If you met one of your all time faves and they were an idiot.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by CatastropheBoy, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Where are you all meeting Nerina Pallot? Can I go there and wait for her to pop up?
    I wrote her a message on Facebook once (never did anything similar for any other musician before or since then), just telling her that her music and especially her lyrics meant a lot to me in one of my darker hours. She answered with a very sweet and thoughtful message. It would probably be extremely lovely to meet her for tea and a chat.
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  2. Ha! I went to one of those signings they used to have at Borders (RIP), around the time of the Fires re-release. I ended up chatting way too long, as she had an accident with the gold pen she was using to sign my stuff, plus we got talking about where she went to school because I'd said where I'd travelled from in answer to the "have you come far today?" or something. I was struck by how pretty she was in real-life, and how petite!
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  3. Buy a ticket for a gig and you’re in. She does a lovely Christmas show most years for fans where there’s a 3 part option where you can hang out at soundcheck, then everyone gets an afternoon tea thing attended by La Pallot herself as hostess followed by the gig. Haven’t been to one of those yet.
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  4. Everyone also needs to subscribe to her personal newsletter type thing. It's adorable.
  5. Yeah, Nerina almost always stays behind after her shows so it's easy to catch her if you're able to stay! She has a lot of time for everyone, doesn't seem to rush anyone along, so the wait can be quite long though depending where you are.
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  6. On the other hand I won a PinkNews competition to meet the Scissor Sisters, at the other end of the country with 24 hours notice... I had to decline the prize, but tweeted Jake & he organised for it to be transferred to backstage passes for the show later that week in my hometown! The meeting was very brief but they were all lovely! Also met Debbie Harrie who was meeting Eliza Doolittle but Debbie refused to chat to us mere mortals (but she’s such a legend I don’t think my view of her could’ve possibly changed!). Eliza was lovely though, she literally came off stage so out of breath and sweaty and ran over to me to take a picture! (This was all at a one day "festival" type of thing if you’re wondering why they were all there!)

    Nicki Minaj was lovely to me but that’s because she thought I was a super VIP at a signing (I asked security if I could go ahead because I’d miss the last train back to Nottingham and they ushered me to the front).

    Katy Perry, Mel C & Kate Nash the most generous with their time.
    Mel B & a few of Steps the most down to earth.
    Geri Halliwell the most aloof the first time, but the second time was lovely (both at book signings, only 6 months apart!)
    Jessie J the most not wanting to be there despite it being paid M&Gs.
    Marina & The Diamonds and Charli XCX both VERY brief but obliging for photos and signing!
    Britney Spears the most awkward but absolutely lovely in the end.

    Not sure I’d ever do another paid M&G, there’s many people I’d love to meet (Gaga and Ariana the most) but I do feel weird about paying so much just for a photo, when the most genuine meets I’ve had were free fan club ones, or waiting around after a show!
  7. Remember too, everyone has bad days. Even icons and goddesses.
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  8. I sat next to Carol on a flight from Heathrow to Newcastle once. She was lovely.
  9. Meet and Greets are... interesting. I've done two of them. John Carpenter and Bananarama. You really are just thrown in there, get a pic, say a few words and then you're rushed off. But it's fun being in line with fellow friends and comparing stories. And then a few days later finally getting to see your pic(s).

    I have to say Keren and Sara were really nice, Keren in particular, who made the most effort at conversation. That's no shad to Siobhan, but I could tell Keren and Sara were much more used to Meet and Greets than Siobhan.
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  10. I know in this day and age artists have to find different ways of generating additional income but I’m not sure I’d ever pay for a meet n greet. No shade to those who have done so, I’m not sure i’d want to meet someone enough to pay. Bananarama was tempting though.
  11. In 2008 I was in London, in Old Compton St I passed Pete Burns, out with a friend, I couldn’t Help but to stop Him & say hello, He genuinely couldn’t have been nicer, He was friendly and gracious, I remember being struck by how beautiful His eyes were, I was a big fan before, and more so after meeting him,
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  12. Just a word to big up my fave Debbie Gibson regarding Meet & Greets - she doesn't charge for them. On this summer's big tour with NKOTB she is, but she said that's because the promoters are in charge of that (it's Rock Nation I think) but as a rule she doesn't charge. Before she played Butlins in 2016, her first UK show since 1989, her manager arranged the venue, date and time before the gig so fans could get stuff signed, take pictures etc. There was merch for sale there, but you weren't under any obligation to buy it, she would sign stuff you didn't buy there and have photos etc - all free.
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  13. Luckily I’ve only had good experiences too. Probably the best were the Pet Shop Boys after a concert in 1991 (at the peak of my fandom, quick but really friendly and signed random stuff) and Liza Minnelli (she’s been signing autographs for hours but honestly made me feel like meeting me was so special, more than anyone else she really felt like a star).
  14. I'm so glad to hear that about Liza, she's one of those icons that comes across as such a lovely person, I'm kinda relieved to hear she is as nice as she seems.
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  15. She was awesome. Before I got up to her I even heard the event staff asking if she wanted them to close things down as it was going overtime and she was like “No, no. Let’s try to finish the line.” This must have been around 2000 as she was promoting her “Minnelli on Minnelli” album.

    I actually met her half brother Joey Luft a couple summers ago too through this guy who was touring a collection of Judy Garland’s costumes. They sat next to me at a performance of “The Tik-Tok Man of Oz” (a modern staging of one of L. Frank Baum’s old stage shows) and I explained the plot of some of the Oz books and where the show fit into them. He was pretty quiet and unassuming but a nice guy.
  16. I know this is completely unrelated to music, but Boris Becker was a complete shitbag when I met him at the ATP Tour Finals at the O2 a few years ago.

    Ellie Goulding was nice when I met her in late 2009 when she was supporting Little Boots. She seemed a bit surprised to be ask for an autograph, as she was just stood in the bar with her mates after her performance!

    I met Garbage when I was 16 and at my very first gig. I honestly can't remember much about it as I was so surprised and dumbfounded to see them walk out of the side of the Leeds T&C. I just mumbled some thanks to Shirley for signing my poster and wandered off with my tail between my legs.

    I know this isn't quite the same, but I messaged Garbage on Facebook prior to their 20 Years Queer gig in Manchester in November 2015. Me and a bunch of my mates from around the country were going as we were all huge fans from the start, when we met at uni or school. One friend of mine, Louise, was supposed to be with us but she had died of cancer in the August. We (and she) thought she'd still be there for the show, but it wasn't to be. At her funeral, she had Only Happy When It Rains played. I sent all this in the message and asked if Shirley might give Lou a shout out during the gig, as it would have meant so much to her. She replied and did just that before Trip My Wire, also weaving it into a touching, eloquent speech about the fans. I think that illustrates what a lovely woman she is.
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  17. There's an interview with Michelle Visage in which she says she had always wanted to meet Belinda Carlisle and when she finally did, during an episode of the RuPaul Show in the 90s, it was really disappointing as Belinda had been one of her role models and in person she was a douche. As much as I love Belinda's music, I don't find it difficult to believe.
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  18. I've met Beverley Knight 3 times on her last three tours are each time she has been more amazing to speak to. She gets really involved and listens to you and has a great energy!
    Caro Emerald twice, and she sort of remembered me from the previous show as I was front row and I played an instrument with one of the band members (sounds more than what it was!)
    Steps twice, and they are the nicest people ever. Their first Meet and Greet was rushed as there were loads more people so it was more a photo and a few pleasantries and that's it. Second time round, there were less people so you could actually have a proper conversation
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor after her first show on the Familia tour was good. She just announced on the stage to stay as she would be out and I think nearly the whole venue stayed. She was so gracious and lovely.
    All Saints both times have been brilliant. Their Testament Tour Meet and Greet was so laid back and they didn't rush you at all.
    One person I though would be a bit of a diva was Martine McCutcheon, but she was the complete opposite. I spend a good few minutes with her on her tour in 2017 and she remembered me when I met her in 2018. So humble and grateful you've come to see her live.

    I have to say I think my favourite has to be Kylie Minogue. I won to meet her at the HMV Golden signing on release date. And she was honestly just incredible. It was only about 30/40 seconds, but they were just the best.

    There are a few more celebs I've met to (The Saturdays, Melanie C and Melanie B, Natalie Imbruglia, Catherine Tate, Julia Sawahla) and they have all been fantastic.
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  19. Ooh, she seems a very intruiging character onstage and on record, in a nice way.
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  20. That's amazing. When Tori Amos did a signing session in Borders Oxford Street they limited it to only the first 50(?) people, and unfortunately I was No. 51 in the line...
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