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If you met one of your all time faves and they were an idiot.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by CatastropheBoy, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. She's great. Her live tours are not huge budget shows, but the instruments and the music speaks for itself. It transports you to a different world. It's very infectious. To date, I've seen her live 9 times. I'd definitely recommend anyone seeing her live.
    Just waiting for the 3rd album to be released!!

    Both times I have met her she is just lovely. There's no ego and takes the time with you. Fingers crossed the next tour she does Meet and Greets again, as she didn't last tour.
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  2. I've met all the Spice Girls separately and they were all perfectly lovely and friendly. Geri was really touched by my little speech about how much she touched my 13 year old self and she seemed genuinely appreciative and told me how much she loved her fans. She continued talking to no one in particular after I had already said bye and left the area. Meeting Mel B was like talking to an old friend, she was as down to earth as I'd hoped and agreed that Last Time Lover was underrated. Emma smiled the entire time and was in too much of a rush to sign anything, but she posed for a photo (that Jade took) and was very happy to give me a hug. When my friends and I met Mel C 2 hours later she had such a glow around her (it was nighttime and -13 degrees outside) that we couldn't even get words out. Victoria was very nice, but it was a terrible experience that almost dampened my opinion of her. We were packed super close in line from 9am to 4pm, wearing our winter jackets and generally dying, then it was announced that she spent so much time with the VIP people that paid $300 to be at the front of the line that she had to rush through the rest of us. But I saw her live at the final show of the tour 4 hours later and all was forgiven

    I can't remember everyone else I've met now, but I told Lily Allen that she looked beautiful while looking at the hairy mole on her arm and she seemed super appreciative. And I told Ashlee Simpson at a signing for her second album that her music was on par with Bjork and Radiohead and she believed me
  3. She's such an underrated talent. Don't think people really give her enough credit. Probably don't recognize that she wrote her hit songs at that young age. It's incredible.
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  4. Ugh I’d love to meet Sophie, Delta, and Little Boots.
  5. I met Siobhan Donaghy during Revolution In Me era when she was doing a small tour, mainly to showcase herself as a solo artist to the press.

    I was a tragic 15 year old who won tickets via her fansite and the crowd was mostly uninterested radio presenters there for a free bar. I remember Siobhan being lovely, she would have been about 18 or 19 and a bit socially awkward. I remember she had a generic script that she reeled off to everyone she met about her Shanghai Nobody pseudonym and the album release date, she seemed a bit uncomfortable mixing with industry types but who wouldn't at that age. She was lovely to me as an awkward 15 year old stan though.
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  6. I know mine are from different eras and genres from most here, but...

    Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke was unbelievably supportive, considering we just stalked him before a show for an interview for a tiny no-name music fanzine. The ten minutes he was gracious enough to grant us escalated into an 45-minute in-depth chat, with him concluding that none of the regular press in my country had a patch on our zine's expertise and that we should seriously consider expanding. (And remember, this is the guy who, just a few years earlier, built his reputation by dumping a bucketful of bloody guts at the reception desk of a UK music mag, haha.)

    Some ten years later Steve Albini, another well-known grump and music biz hater, treated me to "whatever you can find" in Shellac's backstage fridge -- after I introduced myself as the guy who had sent him a bunch of records by this band on my hobby label and he offered to record them in his studio if they ever came by.

    Slightly off-topic but some ten years later still Jello Biafra played in my town, and I still regret not going backstage to meet him, thinking "aw he wouldn't remember our faxing back'n'forth in the 90s, I bet it would just be awkward" -- but later the organisers told me Jello himself had asked them if "Russron* might be coming, should I put him on the guest list just in case" (*real name withheld to protect the foolish)

    As for the douches among my faves, I'm afraid they're mostly from my country so their names would mean even less to y'all than the underground heroes already discussed, sorry!
  7. Really? When I did the meet and greet I expected Sara would be the least talkative and she was, Keren and Siobhan did most of the talking. I was actually very surprised at how nice and funny Siobhan was (never my fave Banana and all her Shakespears Sister antics made me fear she'd be completely drunk). Since my hubby doesnt speak a word of English I did all the talking and we both agreed she was the nicest and that Sara didnt seem to enjoy it. I had seen them before in other concerts and Sara always feels a bit detached, but it's her way of coping with it I guess.

    I met pianist/synthesizer musician Suzanne Ciani after a concert and she was the loveliest artist I've ever met. She profusely apologized because she'd written my name wrong when signing my CD, she seemed amazed to see someone so young in the audience (I had just turned 23 and the audience were mostly over their 40s) and when I told her how much I admired her for being a synthesizer pioneer from the 1960s onwards she seemed flattered I knew anything about it.
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  8. I'm sure we all have different experiences, different vibes, different perceptions.

    To be fair, I started off my meet and greet with a story that I don't think Siobhan understood (I was nervous) and I tried to be funny and I was a flop. Her face was like "WTF?" It was funny, though. I just found her a bit detached but maybe it was that particular day. I assumed Sara would be detached and to a degree she was, but I found her a bit warmer than I expected.
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