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Iggy Azalea - In My Defense

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Mar 24, 2015.

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  2. Iggy confirmed she's started working on the second album on her new Vogue article.

    Jess Glynne: "I did a song with Iggy and I hope she uses it because it’s a wicked tune. She’s cool. Really cool. She really has taken off." http://www.vulture.com/2015/02/ceelo-charli-xcx-and-kenny-g-on-iggy-azalea.html
    Also later adds she co-wrote the track with Nicola Roberts and The Invisible Men are hoping Iggy will use it: http://www.capitalfm.com/artists/jess-glynne/news/iggy-azalea-new-song-invisible-men/

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  3. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    New titties in time for a new album!
  4. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Haha you seem excited about this! They were in time for the reissue actually, lol good for her.
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  5. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    There's nothing wrong with getting your breasts done, if anything I'm happy for her new girls. Four months in though, I doubt they've really had time to be shown off. Bruising takes weeks to go away after that.
  6. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    She hasn't exactly been showing them off but you could tell they've consistently been a bit bigger ever since the AMAs although you could think it was all padding I guess but then it was clear at that New Years show in Vegas she did (and even at the Grammys really)... messy post, oy.
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    I really can't wait for her new album. "Reclassified" aside, I love her work.
  8. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Less hook singers and more uptempos is the way to go. I'm glad that Iggy sees this. I wouldn't be surprised if this album turned out brilliant. She's reached a point where her credibility as rapper has become her main weakness and there'sno turning back. Aim at the Top 40 pop crowd is only natural.
  9. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Although I'm never going to expect her to go Illmatic or good kid, I'm cautiously curious about where this new, enlightened direction takes her. More than anything, I would love her to take us back to Lil Iggy and all of her escapades from Australia to Atlanta.
  10. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    I want another Down South, Flash, or Pu$$y, but Fancy's success feels like it cemented that we are never getting ratchet, truly foul mouthed Iggy again. And no, Fuck Love doesn't count. But still interested in her and what she does on this next album.

    Glad she got them tiddies done and all this honest talk of it. A bigger hit than Beg For It already.
  11. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Something like "Glory" will do.
  12. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Well in a way I actually associate Reclassified with Glory = a complete mess for her because of different things that happened not just related to the music (which was not her best material either but both projects still had some pretty nice highlights), so maybe all this "loud and obnoxious and braggadocios" talk will end up bringing us some sort of mainstream Trapgold for her.

    It'd be nice if she didn't play super safe but I feel like she will one way or another anyway because she's no longer independent and that's obviously been affecting her a lot creatively (positively and negatively) throughout the past two years, especially the last one when she finally had her breakthrough. I wonder if she'll stick to The Invisible Men for the most part again... I remember her mentioning wanting to work with Max Martin late last year while talking about the second album so I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  13. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    There's so much vitriol against her I don't see her being accepted again, easily. I guess tumblr-land is different than the populace, but still. Also I've never really enjoyed a song by her that doesn't have a melodic hook. Without that, what is there to look for in an Iggy song? I'm still surprised Black Widow was a hit because her verses are so, so unmemorable compared to Fancy.
  14. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    I really don't get the criticism for having someone else sing the hook. It's a pretty common formula and she has never been a singer. Most rappers have had similar career highlights with a feature. I think the vitriol exists mostly on Tumblr given she just collaborated with Britney Spears and is recording a second album.
  15. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    More Bounces and less Work's.
  16. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Many rappers have certainly had highlights with featured tracks, yet having a hook on a rap song isn't exactly necessary and only really became popular when Biggie did it. Most rappers sing their own chorus or say the same repeated line counting as one, such as in Work. Also, Iggy's subsequent singles since Fancy have all been features, which after a while, seems to most outsiders as if that's all she can offer. But she seems to be aware of this and wants to rectify it.
  17. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    I'm very disappointed that with all the amazing people Vogue could have gotten for the amazing 73 questions series they chose Iggy.

    But anyways, lets bask in the glory of this:

  18. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Would make for a shit album.
  19. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Exactly this but the opposite.
  20. Re: Iggy Azalea - Second Studio Album (2015)

    Trying to replicate the amazingness of Work would fail miserably. Re-doing Bounce may turn out good, though.

    I think they should get Kesha to write for Iggy. Verses and all.
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