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Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Yeah, I think she has great material overall and she has a unique rap style. I don't get the backlash. It's so weird to see people do a 360 on her when she hasn't done anything to warrant it. It's not like she's controversial or polarizing like Natalia Kills or Azealia Banks.
  2. Yeah, I think I got confused - 180, 360, etc. Those damn degrees of a circle.
  3. She is absolutely terrible and has no talent whatsoever, but I don't think there was enough of a blacklash to end her career.
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

  5. "Trouble" has leaped to #24 on iTunes USA after a Sean Cody video using this song went viral (no, I'm not kidding)
  6. Fucking christ, I'm dying. Imagine a Sean Cody video with Iggy Azalea music in the background.
  8. Cackling. Not Sean Cody promo actually being Jack McFarland and Trouble climbing from the depths of iTunes flop-land all the way to top 20 in the US now (with a second version almost top 100 too), how randomly amazing.
  9. Here for 'Iggy is using gays!' stupidities.
  10. Lowkey wish Iggy + Sean Cody was real. Our faves could never!

    I get why people don't like her but I still really enjoy her music so I'm not gonna act like I ain't checking for her. I'm excited to see what she does next. I'm glad that Trouble is at least a bubbling under hit. It's grown a lot on me.
  11. Something about her really, really bugs me. Well, her voice actually is that "something" in a lot of cases.

    Still enjoy a solid 4-5 of her tracks. Change Your Life is her best track.
  12. I think her doing well but also having a backlash and a flop repack will actually be the fire she and her team need to give us an amazing 2nd album. Let's see.
  13. Has "Trouble" hit Top 40 on Hot 100 yet?
  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    If by top 40 you mean top 114 then yes, it has.
  15. Yea, it hasn't even charted as far as I know.

    Maybe this will be its week. But this will be short-lived. Radio isn't playing it.
  16. If it breaks Top 10 on iTunes I could see radio giving it some spins...especially if streams are factored in and gives it a new Hot 100 debut.
  17. It is already inside US iTunes Top 20, so a pretty good Top 50 debut will be done by next week.
  18. Two versions of Trouble are now on iTunes top 100. Good for her.
  19. If we stop looking at her as an actual rapper and basically someone who raps other peoples lyrics like Rihanna, Britney or Beyocne sing other peoples lyrics we have ourselves a bonafide popstar who happens to just speak instead of sing over very good music who has made an above average debut album.
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