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Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. A good performance if I'm being honest, though it feels pretty misguided for an artist embroiled in racial issues to base a single campaign around prison and cops...
  2. Oh my god, what the hell. This is so uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch.

    In a way it's like watching a really bad Betty Boo parody act.
  3. It's such a strange & weak song for her to push so hard. Why couldn't she have done this for "Walk The Line"?
  4. I've always loved her visuals. Shame about the rapping.
  5. I've pretty much ignored all the hate she's been receiving recently and checked out 'Trouble' the other day, and it's a cute, fun song. Very different to her other work. Excited for her next lead single.
  6. Right? Just look at these different purpose-built sets for different performances within days of each other! That's top notch production all pop girls should be striving for and yet it's being wasted on this absolute mediocrity.

    A black cop pushing around a prissy white chick though? She's giving the people what they want!
  7. The performances were on point, she's perfect.

    On the red carpet last night Iggy said they'll be shooting the Pretty Girls video next week and she's co-directing it again. She's also going overseas later this year to shoot a part in a new movie.
  8. I feel bad for Iggy. I don't really get why everyone turned on her.
  9. Honestly for me it was just the steep decline in musical quality. The political stuff is really neither here nor there.
  10. The song has grown on me, the video is real cute as are the performances. Hope it's a sleeper hit for her and a good kickstart for future J-Hud.
  11. She'd be in a much more credible position if she released "Work" after Fancy and started working on a follow-up instead of jumping into Reclassified and releasing a song that sounded exactly like Fancy. It's also problematic that NO singles released thus far have been solo. I think her management only saw immediate $$$ and didn't really evaluate how to position her for longevity.

    Not that she's flopping right now, but she has a lot to prove to maintain a spot in the pop sphere at this point.
  12. This has been said 15 times already since 2009.
  13. Sam


    Iggy vs Azealia vs Nicki now open.
  14. "I'm 10 years old and what are these?"
  15. I really thought Trouble was doing better than it is. I'm sure it'll climb.
  16. This is my heart...(feat T-Pain)

    Better than expected.
  17. [video=youtube;vLZVLQUY2wE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLZVLQUY2wE[/video]

    Has anyone else seen this. Howling the whole way through.
  18. Haha! Amazing
  19. Oh my God...
  20. Actually hilarious.
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