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Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I'm worried all this backlash has really started to hamper her career. Publicity and attention to her are almost entirely negative these days.
  2. Seriously though... The headlines just won't quit. Let the girl live.

    "'Furious 7' fans criticise Iggy Azalea for 'ruining' film despite only appearing for 15 seconds"
  3. YES. Oh she's shite isn't she?

    But I have to admit this is brilliantly bad, genuinely funny stuff. My favourite bit is:

    Bin Ratchet Roof Flop.
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  4. I went to see F&F 7 last week and there was an audible gasp in the cinema when she appeared on screen, followed by some laughter.
  5. Trouble is #6 and #5 on iTunes UK and Ireland respectively atm. Glad they're still showing support!
  6. Amazing! I adore this song.
  7. I don't really like Trouble, but I'm glad it's doing well. It's a nice song and the music video is awesome. Sort of proves that Beg for It suffered a lot from not having one.
  8. The James Corden video has done wonders for it here too. I've seen it everywhere.
  9. I still love 'Beg for It' and wish it would've gotten visuals. Poor MO.
  10. Reclassified is £4.99 on iTunes for a limited time. Just giving it a first listen, not bad!
  11. Ohhh that's why it's been top 20 on iTunes UK for the past day then!
  12. I am loving Trouble at the moment, but I just find it so hard to get into artists who almost always have a feature on their singles.
  13. Trouble is almost top 5 in Ireland. So random, I still haven't even heard it in full.
  14. Trouble is so beige and filtered down for radio, it's her worst single by far.
  15. Trouble actually managed to hit #13 on the official UK singles chart yesterday (despite being top 5 on iTunes the entire week and charting in the top 10 on the sales only version) and became her seventh top 20 hit there (all her singles went top 20 except Beg For It - maybe it ended up being pulled worldwide since it wasn't submitted to the big radio stations? it was a weird release anyway with no video, extremely messy reissue, etc)

    The New Classic was also finally certified Gold in the US last week a day before it turned one year old! Incredible era for her. Bring on Pretty Girls and album #2!!
  16. I'm glad its doing well after all.
  17. How is "Trouble" smashing so hard here? BGT or something?
  18. Decent Radio 1 and Capital support I think, plus her singles have always done well in the UK (except BFI but then again I don't think most people were even aware of it as I've noted).
  19. She's A-listed on Radio 1 which is a massive platform obviously. It climbed very well last week on Spotify and is continuing to do so. It should easily enter the top 10 officially by the end of the week. Good for her. Let's hope Pretty Girls can replicate this success, for Britney too!
  20. Listening to Trouble on radio is such a weird experience. It's such a bonus track.
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