iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

The Vengabus is coming!!!!

So our last voter @ThisIsRogue gives us an amazing 36 voter count, however I will have to input their info when I get home, so that's when our first eliminations will happen. We'll try to do anywhere between 2 and 4 per day until we get to like the Top 20, then will probably slow down to like 2 a day until the Top 10. Something like that.

I might be able to set it up so I can do eliminations at work, but I don't have the set up for it quite yet, so if that happens you'll get reveals earlier in the day. Most of the time when @iheartpoptarts posts a reveal it will be during the evening hours (North American time) so it could end up being a nice split throughout the day.

So expect the first reveals from me in about 8 hours or so and then @iheartpoptarts to post another later on tonight, okay?
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Meet the people who might think the same way you do about 90s Eurodance. The region you are listed under is the one you gave the highest average score to. This is also listed on the first page.

As you can see it's pretty balanced, except for a couple of regions.


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