iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

No one correctly guessed the song which is in last place!

Unfortunately it's the bubblegum dance section that takes the first hit..


Tiggy - Ring-a-Ling - 5.289

After 5: #69
After 10: #74
After 15: #75
After 20: #75
After 25: #75
After 30: #74
After 36: #75

Highest: 10 (@Sprockrooster) 8.5 (DJHazey)

Lowest: 0 x 2 (@CasuallyCrazed, @geomixes) 2 x 2 (@LPMA, @ThisIsRogue)

Album: Fairytales (1997)

Best Charts: #1 (Denmark) and certified platinum.

Producers: Hartmann & Langhoff (Aqua and Me & My)

Tiggy's real name is Charlotte Vigel and she brings the prototypical bubblegum dance style, but her songs usually have a medieval theme to them as you can see with everything about 'Prince Charming' throughout this bop. She was also known for having her songs on DDR, including "Ring-a-Ling". The theatrical style of her lyrics might have come from her interest in theater as a child before she started taking singing lessons in her teens. Eventually, she became part of a girl trio on the Danish TV show "Eleva2ren" and later her talenst were discovered by Flex Records. Her debut album Fairytales (1997) encompasses this medieval-styled bubblegum dance and was wildly popular in Denmark but was also released in several other countries, which helped gain her some notoriety. Her Self-Titled album released in 1998 was not as popular and had a shift in sound towards pure pop. After her music career came to an end, she went back to her roots: theater.

I entered this is PJOPS, which is where some people may have recognized the song. It's actually not quite my favorite Tiggy song (I'll post those below) but the beat and catchiness are addicting nonetheless. What did you all think of it?

Low Scorers:

@CasuallyCrazed (0) - One of the worst choruses I’ve ever heard. Irredeemable.

@sfmartin (4) Annoying.

@Empty Shoebox (4) - There's something about the way the vocals are mixed here that's annoying me, and they're far too repetitive.

@One Stop Candy Shop (2.5) - Was this in a PJOPS some time ago? I don't have time for this. It's on the wrong side of the annoying vs. catchy division.

@ThisIsRogue (2) - Her voice is annoying, which is apt given the hook she's working with.

Annoying and repetitive. I feared this might happen actually.

In the Middle:

@Seventeen Days (6) - Another catchy chorus, but somehow not connecting with me on the level of the others.

@Ray (5) - Why does this come from an album called Dub-I-Dub?!

It's from an album called Fairytales actually, ha.

@phily693 (6) - I have a feeling this chorus will be in my head for the rest of the day.

Get your life then!

@rav4boy (7) - Who is the woman, she looks so damned familiar?!

I don't know, do you watch Danish television or see their theater by any chance, otherwise you know her music.

High Scorers:

@WowWowWowWow (8) - Hits all the notes I would like from a song like this. I am also laughing at whoever worked on Tiggy's Wikipedia page and clearly confused the "album tracklisting" section with the "discography" section. Unless Tiggy really is that talented that every subsequent single after "Intro" peaked at one position lower than the previous!

Yes! That's why I had to correctly point out this was a #1 song. Always go with bubblegumdancer.com for acts like this. Going for Ari's crown for heralded intros though.

@berserkboi (8.2) - LOL! Love a ding dong! LOL


@ohnoitisnathan (8) - The "ring-a-ling-a-ling ding-dong" hook is great.

@Sprockrooster (10) - This should be so annoying, but to the contrary. Highly addictive. What a bop!

Surely I got points in PJOPS then!

So I wanted to post a couple of my favorite Tiggy songs. "Mr. Magic" is also from Fairytales, but people may definitely find it less annoying/repetitive:

Then "Why" which is more of a pure dance-pop number and more laid back. People will be surprised it's the same artist:

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I'm sure based on the 'voter factions' and how they're split up, it would come to no one's surprise that a certain region would take a couple of hits early on.

Which more than likely means a personal favorite goes as well.


#74. Solid Base - Come On Everybody - 5.472

After 5: #60
After 10: #63
After 15: #70
After 20: #73
After 25: #74
After 30: #75

Highest: 9.5 (DJHazey) 9 (@Sprockrooster)

Lowest: 0 (@geomixes) 0.5 (@CasuallyCrazed) 1 x 2 (@soratami, @Ray)

Album: Express (1999)

Producers: Mattias Eliasson & Jonas Eriksson (Dominoo)

Solid Base was started by the producers above and got its name from the synthesizer sound. The main singer is Isabelle Heitman and the rapper is Thomas Nordin (Teo T). Teo T talkd about how the band formed and how Isabelle became the main vocalist: "I heard there was this group called Solid Base that needed vocalists. I was working with a producer that was signed to the same record company. He just told me about the group. So I went down there to do test singing and that's how we met"... "We had another vocalist from the beginning. She wasn't that nice though, so we had to fire her and get a new one. So we had like 25 girls there auditioning, Isabelle was the best one. When Isabelle started singing, we all got goose flesh! So here we are."

The band released four incredible album with an amazing assortment of styles within the Eurodance tree. Isabelle discusses what they're all about: "We have had the most varied influences and from that comes our typical sound. Our scope stretches from Classical via Ethnopop, Reggae, Funk and Soul'. From this comes a highly explosive musical mixture which Teo.T simply calls 'Happy Music'. 'In every tune there's a piece of ourselves, for music is feeling." Happy music you say? Absolutely, the one common theme about Solid Base is that everything they do is upbeat and positive. I dare you to listen to their four albums and not come away with a big pile of new favorites. You may hate one album and fall in love with the next instantly, they are all different! They even have a spot on bubblegumdancer's encyclopedia just for the song "I Do". What a bop!

Choosing which singles to have in this rate was very difficult, but I decided to include "Come On Everybody" because of how much of a summertime beach anthem it is; a style Solid Base does a few times throughout their discography. This style of eurodance had it's lovers and haters, so let's see how that went down:

Low Scorers:

@CasuallyCrazed (0.5) - Never heard such an uninspired “whoah!” — clearly a rewrite of “We’re Going to Ibiza”

@phily693 (4.5) - It could just be the “WOAH” but it’s like a budget We’re Going To Ibiza.

I'm sorry this blows that out of the water.

@Seventeen Days (4) - Of course, I had to get yet another one of these mid-tempo ones. Somehow this doesn’t annoy me as much as the others.

See...you're falling for them and don't even realize it yet!

@Ray (1) - Those songs really don’t have to have such awful lyrics. I swear I checked, and there is no law dictating that. This is offensively bad, like all the worst cliches put together AND forever, too!

Come on, it's harmless fun!

@ThisIsRogue (3) - Very basic. I wouldn't say it's a bop it's more like background music at the beach.

In the Middle:

@WowWowWowWow (5) - I'm not having fun, and I don't want to party in the sun with you. Like you literally can't have a song and use the words "this is how we party" in it because I will immediately start thinking about how much better "This is How We Party" by S.O.A.P. is.

Fine. *deletes from beach party guest list*

@Empty Shoebox (6) - Plods along, never striving to greatness, but it's got a decent rhythm and it's catchy enough I guess.

@One Stop Candy Shop (6) - The chorus serves some Sex On The Beach goodness, but the rapping is not for me.

@ohnoitisnathan (5.5) - Uh-oh, we're veering off into Vengaboys-esque kindergarten party music territory again.

This isn't the first time you mention kindergarten when you may not realize the lyricism was definitely not geared towards kids in many instances.. if you examine them closer! Teo T has ALOT of dirty things to say on their songs, ddd

High Scorers:

@berserkboi (8.6) - Fun!

@sfmartin (8) - This is fun. The Swedes never let me down. A tad uninspired. Its very Knockoff Going To Ibiza.

Same argument as the haters, but I love the positivity.

@Sprockrooster (9) - This is so weird, I love it!

@rav4boy (9) - Basic as Hell but definitely turned my foot and lips.

That's exactly what Solid Base do to people, make you go from 'this is odd' to 'this is amazing' and get you bopping more than you'd care to admit.

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This is amazing by the way!

@Ray (5) - Why does this come from an album called Dub-I-Dub?!

It's from an album called Fairytales actually, ha.

Look, somebody made a bubblegum dance compilation called Dub-I-Dub with both songs on it!

(Actually on second thought I think it's a compilation of random Danish hits, but that's close enough to the same thing.)

Then "Why" which is more of a pure dance-pop number and more laid back. People will be surprised it's the same artist:

'Why' is perfect. It sounds like 'Every Shade of Blue' meets 'Beautiful Life'. Everyone listen!

Let me post my fave Tiggy song too...

Of course I'm going with the obvious DDR choice but still.