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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Can I request @iheartpoptarts that you embed a video of the song in the posts as well, to refresh some of us who only listened to most of the songs we didn't already know once how the song goes?
  2. Agreed with @ohnoitisnathan on embedding a video of the song with the post. A good 3/4 of this list was songs that I had never heard before, so I'm finding myself going back to them to listen again.

    Of the four eliminations so far though, the only one that I would give a reprieve is Tiggy's "Ring a Ling". It's actually kind of fun once you give it a couple of spins.
  3. No, I really don't.
  4. I have dark hair and it always looked like I had streaks of dirty hair on me :(
  5. So...it's for highlights?
  6. Yes, or low lights if you have blonde hair?
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  7. Oh no I hated my blond hair.
  8. You would certainly have been popular in Mauritius where most of us had dark hair and blondes were certainly a most exotic thing!
  9. I am sorry for your losses @DJHazey and @iheartpoptarts
    I feel a wee bit mean giving them 0's, but outside of Aqua and the occasional bop, I just couldn't connect with Bubblegum Dance for whatever reasons! I can see why many people did though.
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  10. Yes, I'm shocked that 'Ring a Ling' went first. I knew it from a previous PJOPS round, it must have been.
  11. @DJHazey youre clearly gonna surpass yourself with this rate- you’ve both put so much effort in already, love the commentary and trivia.
    Very shocked by that first elimination- this does not bode well at all for my 11...
  12. Ring-a-Ling gets stuck in my head whenever I so much as read about it ddd
  13. Ring, ring, bara du slog en signal.
    Ring, ring, tystnaden är så total...
  14. I don’t know of any other Canadian partaking in the rate! And I’ve never heard of Electric Circus either!
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  15. I've edited my posts and will add them going forward. I'm sure @iheartpoptarts will do the same when she sees this.
  16. Re: Higher Love. This was another case of not knowing what to pick for this rate. "Higher Love" was the song that led me to their music. I put it and "In the Night" in a similar category and chose "Higher Love" because I love it slightly more, but maybe "In the Night" would've done better. I don't know, you all should listen to the video @iheartpoptarts posted and make your own choice. I believe she also linked "Love Comes Around" which is likely my #1 for the band and I would've chosen it but I thought it would take more time for new listeners to get into it, maybe I was wrong, haha.

    The title-track referred to has a completely different jazzy sound. Another one of those "is this the same band?" scenarios. I entered it in PJOPS and I don't remember how I did, but I think it was better than I expected, like Top 15 or something. It's a laid back and sexy little number and I think everyone will enjoy it, but it's not the kind of sound for this rate so I didn't pick it:

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  17. The fact that this song did so poorly on this forum, my word..

    I don't want to see anybody saying they stan Swedish pop anymore after the betrayal shown so far towards the country..


    [​IMG] #71. Smile.dk - Boys - 5.878

    After 5: #63
    After 10: #69
    After 15: #73
    After 20: #71
    After 25: #70
    After 30: #71
    Final: #71

    Highest: 10 x 2 (@iheartpoptarts, DJHazey)

    (This is why we're friends part 2)

    9 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @31entrance)

    Lowest: 0 (@CasuallyCrazed) 1 x 2 (@geomixes, @One Stop Candy Shop)

    Album: Smile (1998)

    Producers: Robert Uhlmann and Robin Rex (Dr. Bombay)

    Smile.dk (pronounced Smile dee kay) started with vocalists Veronica Almqvist and Nina Boquist. Veronica is the only member who has been with the group from the beginning. Their debut album Smile is named after what the band used to be called -- but they changed it because a Japanese group had the name Smile already and they wanted to avoid confusion. Since they marketed the album in Denmark you get the .dk tag. Their music became wildly popular in East Asia and they are known as one of the most popular Dancemania/DDR artists of all-time with dozens of songs attached to the gaming world. This is also why a lot of their music has an Asian theme to it. Smile was certified Gold in Japan and they won "Best International Girl Group" in Hong Kong.

    "Butterfly" and "Boys" are definitely Smile.dk's biggest hits from their debut, so choosing them was a no brainer. The music video for "Boys" was shot in Mauritius with the country's stunning beaches and waterfalls. Whenever they performed the song live, they always bring a boy on the stage to dance with them. Before their second album Future Girls (2000), Nina left the group to start a solo career and was replaced by Veronica's good friend Malin Kernby. Veronica and Malin would be the members during their next couple albums: Future Girls and Golden Sky (2002). The band would go on a hiatus in 2003, but had a comeback in 2008 with the album Party All Around the World which was an event in bubblegum dance circles as you can imagine and included the bops "Doki Doki" and "Koko Soko" of which the latter will definitely be in the 00s rendition of this rate...prepare your wigs for this one. This era included a new member with Veronica, Hanna Stockzell, who became a source of information for bubblegumdancer.com about the group's plans for years as the site's owner Mitch Andrews became friends with her. In 2017, the band released a new album Forever which had many new song but also included remixed versions of their older hits.

    Call me crazy, but I really thought a song with lyrics like "boys boys be my boys, I wanna feel your body" would go over a lot better on this forum. I don't know what happened. For DJStraightzey this has always been one of those 'problematic' bops because there was a time when I feared anyone hearing this blasting from my speakers would look at me weird with this kind of lyrics. So for a while I kind of put my love for the song on hold, but realized I don't really put too much stock into lyrics overall and know this song is far too catchy and sugary to leave behind. This is also a similar story I have with the song "Boys Boys Boys" by Lady Gaga. I'm probably one of handful of straight guys around the world that would stan for this, but I don't really care if anyone wants to judge me for it, ddd, life is too short to care about things like this.

    Hated It:

    @CasuallyCrazed (0) - That cringe-inducing chorus makes me want to become a lesbian.


    @Ray (4) - Needs more cowbell. And bass.

    @One Stop Candy Shop (1) - Terrible.

    @ohnoitisnathan (3) - More kindergarten pop.

    I didn't know they discussed feel the bodies of boys in kindergarten.

    On the Fence:

    @WowWowWowWow - A rarity in the Eurodance world (at least the parts that I know about) -- usually these are the songs that are getting sampled after the fact, they don't often contain samples of other songs themselves! Sabrina deserved a little better than this I think.

    @berserkboi (7.3) - Fun but ultimately boring

    If this is boring, you were too tired and not in the mood for anything fun to begin with.

    @Sprockrooster (7) - Something I rarely play, but when I hear it, it is quite nice.

    Hey this infers it's in your library somewhere so I'll take it.

    @rav4boy (6) - The video needed more boys and buffer ones at that.

    Ah, yes I remember how half of your Buffy commentary was of the thirst variety.

    Loved It:

    @Empty Shoebox (8) - After a while, the vocals don't sound so grating, and the song's quite enjoyable actually.

    Venture into their albums then, you'll find many favorites.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - Hot damn, this is a catchy track. It was almost hard to resist dancing just while listening to it.

    @phily693 (8) - It’s very La Bouche and that’s a good thing. Maybe a little cheesy but I like it.

    Now that's a comparison I didn't expect.

    I'll get to my favorite Smile.dk tracks when the group is eliminated, but let's do our first groups that could've been voted on. This one is from @WowWowWowWow and I picked it because of the Japanese sounding title of the band: Harajuku.

  18. This didn’t deserve to go this early y’all must hate fun
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  19. Am I excluded from that?
  20. Yes an 8 gives you a pass.

    For now.
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