iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

So...it's for highlights?

It's for candy colored highlights, temporarily! I tried to order some for nostalgia's sake last year and ended up with hair chalk instead.

I don’t know of any other Canadian partaking in the rate! And I’ve never heard of Electric Circus either!

They probably had something totally different in Quebec where you went clubbing in the MusiquePlus building and it was better than ours. I bet!
From a band that has a song about coconuts on Smile, to one that sings about coconuts in a unique way...

Well, at least it's not last place like I feared it may be..


Crispy - Licky Licky - 6.108

Well leaving the 5 pointers was quick huh?

After 5: #64
After 10: #59
After 15: #71
After 20: #69
After 25: #71
After 30: #70
Final: #70

Highest: 10 x 3 (@iheartpoptarts, DJHazey, @31entrance)

Hey we have company for a change!

9.6 x 2 (@berserkboi, @Untouchable Ace)

That's right berserkboi, someone else uses your point scaling.

Lowest: 0 (@geomixes) 1 (@2014)

Hey at least CasuallyCrazed wasn't as harsh this time, hehe.

Album: The Game (1998)

Producers: Kai Matthiesen (Miss Papaya) Robin Masters (Mr. President)

First of all let's reveal the lyrics in case you were wondering "what the hell?" when you heard the pre-chorus:

Would you like some coconuts?
I got a pair already.
How about some Mango shots?
I better ask my daddy.
You should try my kiwi tree ...
Kiwi makes me scream ...

Crispy is made of Mette Christensen as the lead vocalist, and writer/vocalist Christian Møller known for his silly and outlandish lyrics which are represented well with "Licky Licky". It's easily their most well known song from their only album, so again choosing it was a no-brainer. The Game is full of songs about tropical beaches, video games, and even dinosaurs. This band and album are considered bubblegum royalty on bubblegumdancer and literally right up there with the best. When a fan of the genre is asked to name the best places to start, Crispy will always be on the tip of their tongue. In a funny side note, whenever I look up Crispy for anything, I always end up with some band called 'Crispy Ambulance' whatever that is and it's happened so many times I always will remember it. This is because outside the group of fans who love Crispy, not many people know about them.

Their peak of success was surrounding their one album, which was a Top 20 hit in Denmark and they toured at over 150 venues, especially in Japan. They were ready to release a second album when vocalist Mette suddenly passed away from cancer and they disbanded in her honor. Later, they formed as an alias called XPY and did remixes of their other hit song "In & Out" and other singles. In 2017, a member of bubblegumdancer (Cesar Supernova -- who is a friend of mine on Facebook to this day) made contact with Christian Møller who generously sent him 3 CDs worth of demos recorded in 1999. He told Cesar to upload them all to youtube so people could hear them. The CDs were damaged, but miraculously all but one were ripped successfully. This is just one example of the close bond between the bubblegum dance acts and their fan on bubblegumdancer, there are other stories where we've been gifted material from the band members themselves like this. One of the best stories is how Blue Monster & Bikki, which didn't have any success commercially, gave their songs to the site and allowed them be shared among fans. Also the site has been able to get unreleased gems and demos from a girl group named Cosmo-4 this way.

Now that you know the story behind Crispy, let's see why you have eliminated them so early.

Hated It:

@WowWowWowWow (5) - Ehh..........

@Hudweiser (6) - "Kiwi makes me scream"???

I know it's a sexual innuendo of some kind, but actually forgot what it was! It's just fun to sing along to.

@Empty Shoebox (4) - The chorus of this is such a let down. I expected more from that pre-chorus build.

Yes, the pre-chorus is admittedly the best part.

@Sprockrooster (4) - What is this. Hearing this for the first time. And the last time.

The last time I read this comment too!

@phily693 (6) - It’s a bit too repetitive for me.

@Cutlery (6.4) - What is going on in the lyrics to this song ddd


On the Fence:

@GhettoPrincess (6) - I feel like this song has been used in a porn movie, just a gut feeling.

Then in the PM it was asked if I would know. The Windows Movie Maker jokes around the forum started flashing in my mind. If it was, I'm unaware of it! (I'm pretty sure it isn't, the sexual innuendo is all bubblegum dance in its glory)

@CasuallyCrazed (6.5) - At first I thought this was cringe-inducing, but I kept coming back to it as well. Something oddly endearing about it.

That's better.

@sfmartin (6) - I like the opening synths that sound like Encore Une Fois, it goes down from there on.

@Seventeen Days (6.5) - Despite having possibly one of the dumbest names I’ve ever heard for a song, this is actually pretty good.

@Ray (7.5) - I am recovering from the fact that a song called ‘Licky Licky’ was recorded by an act called ‘Crispy’ and I am pretty sure it’s about STDs. And the worst thing is that this is actually catchy (like STDs) and fun (not like STDs).

Again, this is bubblegum dance.

@ohnoitisnathan (6.5) - This epitomises the de-evolution of eurodance to the late 90s kiddie pop. Eurodance designed for kindergarten phys ed. Though the pre-chorus has some charm; the chorus 'lyrics' are rubbish, though the music is catchy.

Trust me no kids listened to this.

Loved It:

@rav4boy (8.5) - Guilty pleasure!

Don't feel guilty about it!

@One Stop Candy Shop (9) - I was gonna give this a 6 because of the lyrics, but then I realised that a song about exotic fruits used as sex metaphors is Art. It's so quoteable. "You should try my kiwi tree."

Copenhagen Syndrome is a wonderful thing.

@berserkboi (9.6) - - LOL! Lots of fun!

@31entrance (10) - I feel like I'm supposed to hate this but it fills me with joy with its sugary and sweet beats, just like a lollipop actually.

Nobody is supposed to hate it!

The Game is such an amazing album. Here are my ultimate favorites!

No one is denying the sweet kisses delivered by Mette in another of their singles "Kiss Me Red"

Like the ultimate bubblegum anthem forever, it's even in the title. This song is life.

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Yessssssss @31entrance, come to the bubblegum side!

I've had 'Licky Licky' stuck in my head all day. Whoa oh exotic fruit!

Also, this needs to be posted...

(And it's got a Spice Girls reference!)

Then in the PM it was asked if I would know. The Windows Movie Maker jokes around the forum started flashing in my mind. If it was, I'm unaware of it! (I'm pretty sure it isn't, the sexual innuendo is all bubblegum dance in its glory)

This is why everyone needs a co-host. Hehe, you know you love it.

Oh, and I'll save my Smile.dk faves for later on the off chance that I get to do the honors when 'Butterfly' comes along, but their best songs are definitely not their singles!
This is off to a flying start!

I was nearly right in my guess for first out, Solid Base and their faux reggae out second (and deservedly so).

Not a good day for bubblegum is it? Obviously Aqua will be fine but I hope Toy-Box can hang on for a while!