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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Yassss @ Mauritius finally making its way into a rate!! Yippee indeed!!
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  2. That's better than their entries here. I gave it points in my first PJOPS.
  3. I just remembered that there's a Pokemon named Lickilicky, and now I can never hear that Crispy song the same way again.

  4. I guess this is a lesson for me to not only listen to songs I don't know once... I'd bump my score up to a 9 or 10 for it now, ha ha. I want to eat some exotic fruit.
  5. Welcome to the bubblegum side!
  6. And the bubblegum massacre continues...



    [​IMG] #69. Toy-Box - Best Friend - 6.118

    After 5: #72
    After 10: #72
    After 15: #69
    After 20: #63
    After 25: #61
    After 30: #67
    Final: #69

    Highest: 10 x 5 (@iheartpoptarts, @idratherjack, @31entrance, @One Stop Candy Shop, @Cutlery)

    Lowest: 0 x 2 (@soratami, @Ray) 0.5 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Album: Fantastic (1999)

    Best Charts: #1 (Netherlands), #6 (Denmark)

    Producers: Golden Child a.k.a. Per Holm (Cut 'N' Move, Me & My)

    No doubt about it, Toy-Box are polarizing. They've got our most 10s so far. They also had people gunning for them to be the first ones out!

    Hey, we've been here before. When I hosted PJBOPS and @Iggypig unleashed 'Tarzan & Jane' upon the world, Toy-Box got dragged. Quite a lot. Undeservingly, if you ask me!

    But then I just smiled as the high scores started to roll in. If you love them, you really love them!

    So here we have Amir and Anila playing space-age best friends.

    ...Yeah, I don't know about that, you guys. He keeps going off with other girls. Then they have a lightsaber duel and eventually turn into dancing Koosh balls.

    Other characters in this cinematic masterpiece include U2B2 (hey @DJHazey, Star Wars!) and the Space Girls. This is where I'd go all "any excuse" on y'all and drop an 'Outer Space Girls' embed if we didn't have a five video per post limit.

    'Best Friend' managed minor charting in the UK and Australia in addition to the usual Eurobop markets, which I'm a little jealous of. We got some bubblegum dance hits in Canada, but not all! I discovered this one off the internet in 2008, having apparently failed to spend my early 2000s getting my life to Toy-Box songs mislabelled as Aqua on Kazaa.

    And everybody else?

    Best of All Best Friends:

    @Sprockrooster (8.5) - A fucking classic.

    And it really is, if you're from the Netherlands. If only the rest of the world had sent this to #1, too!

    @One Stop Candy Shop (10) - I had the scratch ‘n sniff CD single. It was supposed to smell like ‘space’ but it actually was just a minty smell. Good song though. The album came with an enhanced video game based off the video of Best Friend. That game was hard!

    Some people have all the cool stuff! I want screenshots.

    @berserkboi (9.1) - Cute and fun!

    @sfmartin (7) - Just juvenile and not in a fun way. But the video is a fun watch.

    @WowWowWowWow (7) - Tummy and yummy? Oh dear. They really did not stray far from Tarzan and Jane for this one, did they?

    @31entrance (10) - funny story time: I found this song through a Lily/Oliver (you know? from Hannah Montana) video in youtube ages ago.

    I tried to find this, but alas, it appears to be gone from the internet forever.

    @Cutlery (10) - HE TICKLES IN MY TUMMY HE’S SO YUMMY YUMMY. An unrequited love anthem. I don’t care they feel (esp. conceptually) like an obvious Aqua knockoff, this song is lit

    @rav4boy (8) - Blatant rip off of Aqua.

    People who stan Aqua soundalikes are my people.

    You Should Get a Best Friend Too:

    @Seventeen Days (3.75) - Aqua clone much? Not really getting into this one.

    @phily693 (3) - What is this LazyTown mess?

    Um, LazyTown is amazing. Can we put it in the 00s rate?

    @ohnoitisnathan (5) - More kindergarten eurodance... if this can be considered eurodance still? Bearforce1 made better use of the "hoo ha, hoo ha!" bit from 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome'.

    Okay, you can have this one. Nothing especially un-kindergarten happens in it.

    @CasuallyCrazed (0.5) - Reminds me of an old Lolly song. That is NOT a compliment.

    It would be if I said it!

    @Empty Shoebox (5) - I find the CGI in this video absolutely terrifying. I find the song lacking in charm as well, and that seems to be what they were going for.

    @Ray (0) - REMOVE THIS!!!!!


    Okay, so I guess we've removed it... and now here are some of my fave Toy-Box jams in its place! Ha.

  7. I genuinely had no idea that bubblegum dance was a thing before this rate, and now that I know I feel kind of bad for rating most of the Denmark section so harshly. Had I known that it was intended, I might have listened to them with a bit more of an open mind.
  8. Not to worry, we aren't mad! Once upon a time I had no idea it was a thing either!
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  9. This is awful and disappointing. I thought Toy-Box was a dead ringer for the top 20. Shame on the low scorers. You are not my Best Friend(s).
  10. Yes we are!
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Tarzan & Jane is such a bop!
  12. WOW at all these partycrashers!
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  13. I say put Lazy Town in the next part. How else are you going to get Icelandic representation?
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  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Best Friend is amazing! My first loss - and it hurts.

    You heartless fiends.
  15. This is gonna be an unpredictable rate then..
  16. I only gave Best Friend a 9 myself and actually thought I might score it lower before sitting down to listen to the song list. Of course when I got into Toy-Box, it was an immediately a favorite like it was for everyone else but it kind of wore off after a while and I hardly listen to it anymore but I got my life during this rate's listening session and bumped it from what would've probably been a 7 normally.

    In general there are only a few Toy-Box songs I listen to regularly these days, but they're like all-time favorites across any genre. I'm not joking when I say they are considered right up there with Aqua in the bubblegum dance community though, so seeing this result is a bit startling to say the least.

    Anila had a brief solo career where she released an album reflecting her heritage called Mahi (2006) (her mother is half Iranian/half Pakistani and her father is Persian). Oh my God are there bops a plenty on this one, if you don't mind the instrumental influences and language.

  17. We're losing our first artist this morning and then later on we're finally eliminating something from either Netherlands/Belgium, Italy, or Germany/Switzerland.
  18. Since when is a 6 hating it!?
  19. I never expected to lose this artist so soon, especially with this song included..


    [​IMG] #68. Capital Sound - Your Love Is My Energy - 6.119

    After 5: #51
    After 10: #60
    After 15: #63
    After 20: #59
    After 25: #58
    After 30: #65
    Final: #68

    This is why I never had them as the first artists eliminated until very late in the voting period. "Your Love Is My Energy" held its place in the 50s for a long time. I honestly thought this would go further without the male vocals and being more of a straight up dancefloor masterpiece. Ouch.

    Highest: 10 (DJHazey) 9 (@31entrance)

    Lowest: 1 (@Aester) 1.5 (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Album: And The Party Goes On (1996)

    Producer: Michel Picard (Capital Sound member)

    This band was heralded as a top Canadian Eurodance band during the Sussex Drive era. Consider that they won multiple awards, including Best Dance Recording Juno award for "Higher Love", the Cheer DJ Pool award in the 1995 Top Canadian Dance/Club Artist category, and Quebec's Record Pool's Best New Dance Act in 1994. So this isnt just some random little band I decided to throw in for the heck of it just because I'm fan of their sound; they really were something and it was nice to know I'd be able to have a little North American flavor involved in the rate.

    As I mentioned before I decided to pick one song from each album, but the one I was always knew would be there is this. I was actually thinking I might enter it in PJOPS one day, but after this reception I'm not so sure anymore. (At least this is grand way to test it out, ha!) And the Party Goes On showed a major shift in sound from Sussex Drive as it steered away from 'Classic Eurodance' and focused more on the female vocalist and more of an electro sound. In fact, many of the song are very experimental and not something I personally like that much. There are only a few songs I listen to that much in reality, not compared to Sussex Drive where I love many. The brunette you saw in the "Higher Love" video is Nathalie Page and she left the group before this album was released and Donna Pearson was added in her absence. The combination of a new vocalist and a lot of outlandish experiments meant the end for the band and they disbanded shortly after And the Party Goes On's release.

    Yes, the chorus is very simple but I've always the delivery was amazing, especially the loooooove but the verses are where the real magic happens for me. Something about how Donna glides along the beats is something to be marveled at. When I first heard this song, everything came at me like a whirlwind and I was wigless. I hoped it would grab some new listeners here in the same way, but sadly it seemed to go through one ear and out the other. It just proves everyone hears things differently.

    Let's find out why we've decided to be ruthless and axe Canada's first act.

    There Is No Energy:

    @berserkboi (7.4) - Okay, not a standout.

    @Sprockrooster (6) - Sorry @iheartpoptarts, but I am not digging this at all.

    Haha, again I'm the one to the blame for everything Capital Sound, not poptarts!

    @One Stop Candy Shop (4) - Better than Higher Love but also rather pointless.

    @ohnoitisnathan (6) - Mediocre.

    @phily693 (6.5) - Basic enough to keep me dancing but not enough to go out of my way to listen to it.

    @rav4boy (5) - A very strong singer but the song itself is irritating.

    Yes, Donna's voice is everything on this track.

    Their Love Was My Energy:

    @WowWowWowWow (7) - I like this marginally more than Higher Love at least!

    @GhettoPrincess (8) - A bit of a discovery for me.

    Almost a 10, because I know you don't give 9s.

    @31entrance (9) - this bops a bit.

    Hey at least you've been supporting the bubblegum with us and now this 9. Early favorite as MVP voter.

    @Empty Shoebox (8) - This seems a bit too short. I'd like it to last longer. It doesn't outlast its welcome at all.


    @Ray (7) - Is this Motiv-8 or a carbon copy? It’s good in either case.

    I don't know who that is, educate us!

    Capital Sound Recap

    72. Higher Love - 5.658
    68. Your Love Is My Energy - 6.119

    Average: 5.889

    Highest: DJHazey (10) @31entrance (8.5) @A$AP Robbie (8)

    Lowest: @CasuallyCrazed (1.25) @Aester (1.5) @One Stop Candy Shop (3)

    Artist Ranking

    Crispy - 6.108
    Capital Sound - 5.889
    Miss Papaya - 5.478
    Tiggy - 5.289
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  20. Oops, I interpreted all the questions marks to mean "what the hell is this?" in a bad way.
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