iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Cotton Eyed Joe is incredible (as is Old Pop in an Oak)
So we're finally leaving Scandinavia and Canada alone, but which other region takes their first hit?

It happens to be my lowest rated song, so let me have a little revenge.

But it's another 10 for my co-host and she has friends including a couple of people who've been handing out the lowest scores so far. With that said, I'm not sorry.


#67. Technotronic - Move This - 6.178
After 5: #58
After 10: #69
After 15: #67
After 20: #58
After 25: #59
After 30: #60
Final: #67

Highest: 10 x 3 (@iheartpoptarts, @geomixes, @idratherjack) 9.5 (@CasuallyCrazed)

Lowest: 1 (DJHazey) 2 (@Cutlery)

Album: Pump Up the Jam (1989) and Re-Relased as single on their Greatest Hits album (1992) charted at #6 in the U.S.

Producer: Jo Bogaert (member of Technotronic)

Technotronic was the vision of Jo Bogaert, who began as a keyboardist for the band WhiteLight in 1983. When that fell apart, he started to devise the sound that eventually become Technotronic from his attic studio 20 miles north of Brussels in a town called Aalst. The first 'face' of Technotronic was blue-lipped fashion model Felly, but the real vocalist behind their debut hit "Pump Up the Jam" was Manuela Kamosi known as "Ya Kid K". Technotronic were kind of pioneers for what 90s eurodance would eventually become. We decided to keep it strictly to the 1990s, or we would also included "Pump Up the Jam" for sure. Honestly other than that song, I didn't know a whole lot about this group and I couldn't tell you how "Move This" goes but do know it was a "yeah, this is not my thing" kind of moment when we listened to the songs on plug.dj. I think I originally gave it like a 3, but changed it when I saw how it sat in comparison to other songs in the rate.

Let's find out why this song beat out a lot of my ultimate favorites though.

Not Moving:

@Hudweiser (6) - Get Up was my go-to Technotronic record.

@GhettoPrincess (3) - Eh… Not feeling this one.

My thoughts exactly.

@Ana Raquel (7) - If it was either Get Up or Pump Up the Jam, I would score higher. Move This seems kinda bland imo compared to these two.

Yeah I probably wouldn't given "Pump Up the Jam" something like a 5 just off memory of it, might be different listening to it.

@sfmartin (4) - Below average. The chorus is boring.

@31entrance (3) - there's so much going on in the music video I don't know what to comment on first ddddddd

Maybe you can share your thoughts with us now that you've had time to think about it more. Judging by the score, it's probably not good.

@Empty Shoebox (5) - Wasn't familiar with this one at all before we started this. Don't think I'll be looking into the rest of their catalogue though. The recording uploaded to Youtube does it no favours, but listening to a higher quality version hasn't changed my mind.

That was my fault, when making the plug.dj list I forgot to use the links @iheartpoptarts had posted to this thread at first and didn't want to go back and correct the links at the beginning of the plug.dj list after I had got going.

@Eric (3) - This shows how diverse Eurodance is, but this song is just a misfire for me both lyrically and in terms of beat (maybe a little slow?) - sorry to anyone who loves it!

@Seventeen Days (5) - Technotronic’s stuff has always been hit and miss for me. When they’re on, they’re ON (see also: Get Up (Before the Night Is Over)), but the rest of the time they just stumble. I always felt like this song wasn’t up to par on the other hit tracks.

@Sprockrooster (5) - This is not impressive at all. Expecting a megabop like Pump Up The Jam, but not getting even close.

@One Stop Candy Shop (2.5) - Move this to the trash.

@phily693 (6.5) - This is just a poorer version of Pump Up The Jam which was filled with such attitude. This is flat by comparison.

@Remorque (6) - Okay, but why are we rating this when Get Up and Pump Up the Jam are RIGHT THERE. I bopped a little though.

Basically the original album it was released on was from 1989, but it had a official single release as part of their Greatest Hits in 1992 and charted high in the U.S. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have included them at all.

@Cutlery (2) - His voice is jarring and unbearable!

@ThisIsRogue (5) - Quite flat compared to the excellent Pump Up The Jam.

@WowWowWowWow (8) - Sorry Technotronic, I already shook my body down to the ground when the Jacksons told me to, so I can't shake that body or move this for you. Especially considering you also had a song called Pump Up The Jam which is literally twice as good as this one. Bye!

You should've tanked the score more then and helped bubblegum out! tsk tsk

The consensus is that we should have had "Pump Up the Jam" or "Get Up!" but maybe they just didn't stylistically fit in. Also I'm sure I'd be crying if they were in the rate beating even more of my favorites.

Moving To This:

@berserkboi (9.2) - Reminds me of Pump Up The Jam so a bit of fun.

@CasuallyCrazed (9.5) - Trailblazing classic. Still hasn’t lost any sass over the years.

I'll give them credit for that yes.

@Ray (8) - Possibly the worst Technotronic song I ever heard, so it’s only an 8.

@ohnoitisnathan (8) - Shake dad body for me (ha ha, I realized when re-reading this before submitting that I meant 'dat' but have put 'dad' instead. I think that works even better).

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Yesssss at Move This finally leaving now Cotton Eyed Joe needs to leave next

The thing with Technotronic is...I just don’t like that song and it’s the only one I listened to by them but it’s kinda of annoying actually??? The singer/rapper whatever’s voice is kinda annoying too and I haven’t checked out Pump Up The Jam by them is it any better?