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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. What is happening in this rate actually? Is Denmark the first region out and not even top 20. Definitely were least expecting this.
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  2. Nonsense, this is cute.

    Eiffel 65 (with Blue) was one of the first times in my life that I knew I liked electronic dance music because Blue was always on TRL.
  3. Before I post the next elimination, let's recap Smile.dk really quick:

    Smile.dk Recap

    71. Boys - 5.878
    60. Butterlfy - 6.400

    Highest: @DJHazey (10) - @Ana Raquel (9.5) - @31entrance (9.5)

    Lowest: @geomixes (0.5) - @One Stop Candy Shop (1) - @CasuallyCrazed (2.75)

    Artist Ranking

    Bambee - 6.303
    Twenty 4 Seven - 6.292
    Maxx - 6.236
    Technotronic - 6.228
    Smile.dk - 6.139
    Crispy - 6.108
    Capital Sound - 5.889
    Miss Papaya - 5.478
    Tiggy - 5.289

    The next song is from an artist with only one song in the rate and they aren't from Scandinavia.
    That's your hint, any guesses?​
  4. Le Click perhaps?
  5. Gala should go, that song ruined my Italian average and should have been the case for everyone else.
  6. Mr. President hopefully?
  7. There are still two countries we haven't eliminated anyone from yet.

    That's right we've left Canada almost completely dismantled, but their regional buddy has managed stay off the hook so far..

    And they will remain that way because Germany had that one song on its list that prevented me from just calling the region 'Germany'.


    [​IMG] #57. DJ Bobo - Let the Dream Come True - 6.458

    After 5: #50
    After 10: #57
    After 15: #63
    After 20: #65
    After 25: #63
    After 30: #53
    Final: #57

    Avg: #58

    Highest: 10 (@ohnoitisnathan) 9 x 2 (DJHazey, @WowWowWowWow)

    Lowest: 1.5 (@CasuallyCrazed) 2 (@2014)

    Charts: #1 (Switzerland, Finland) #4 (Germany) #6 (Austria) #11 (Sweden, Netherlands)

    Album: There Is a Party (1994)

    Producers: René Baumann (DJ Bobo Himself), Axel Breitung (T-Spoon, Rednex, Groove Coverage to name a few)

    René Baumann known as DJ Bobo has one of the largest discographies in the rate, up there with the likes of someone like E-Type. So with that said, it was an easy decision to include him but with which song? Well, since nothing really impacted UK charts or North America I decided to go with a personal favorite in "Let the Dream Come True". In fact, I've never listened to a full album from DJ Bobo though I should, instead I've just stumbled on some of his singles over the years. In 1995 DJ Bobo was awarded 'Best Male Singer' on the back of his several gold and platinum certifications and he has always considered "Let the Dream True" to be his favorite song so there's that as well.

    Here is some background on the man behind the name. He was born in Switzerland to a Swiss mother and Italian father. His father left the family when René was only age one. He's known as one of the more wholesome artists in eurodance. He and his band do not drink, smoke, or do drugs and DJ Bobo was well known for being kind and generous with his fans, always signing autographs whenever he could. He was considered one of the more polite musicians in the genre.

    He started out collecting moss from forests so he could afford his first pair of football shoes (René is a huge sports fan). During the 80s, when breakdancing and spray painting were popular, René started spray painting his logo 'Bobo' (which he took from his favorite comic book) on walls and other public places. At the same time he was beginning to DJ, so naturally his friends began to call him DJ Bobo and the name stuck. He started working full time for 3000 Swiss Francs and entered the 1988 'Disco King/Queen' competition in Germany. René was nominated for grand prize and invited to 'Top 10 Disco King' in Ibiza where he finished third based on looks, dance, and style. René was Swiss DJ Vice Champion at just 18.

    DJ Bobo's first few singles went nowhere only selling a few hundred copies total, though one of the vocalist he used for his first single "I Love You" Sandra Studer would go onto to a big career as a Swiss personality and even had an entry in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. But the breakthrough would come with "Somebody Dance With Me" which used the melody from Rockell's "Somebody's Watching Me". This became a Top 10 hit in several European countries and the rest is history because every single one of his singles through to 2001 would chart in at least Switzerland and Germany (20 in total). Who else can say something like that?

    The best part for me is definitely when DJ Bobo comes in on the first verse and grabs everyone's attention with "KICK IT, TIP IT, FLIP IT, SIP IT". I also like his rapping style because it reminds me a lot of E-Type whom I'm an even bigger fan of.

    What did you all think of DJ Bobo because I figured it would be a first experience for many.

    Let the Dream Die:

    @Empty Shoebox (4) - This doesn't feel special to me, and feels very derivative, I know that you could say that about a lot of tracks here, but I'll only say it for this one. Thankfully, DJ Bobo has been immortalised by Eurovision and 'Vampires Are Alive.

    I'm sure @iheartpoptarts will echo this thought many times. I can never get enough versions of my favorite songs in this rate. Ever.

    @phily693 (6.5) - Am I the only who hears the Crazy Frog song?

    Oh God no.

    @berserkboi (7.5) - Okay.

    @Hudweiser (6) - I like a bit of the 'Bo, but this isn't one of his best.

    Please share your favs.

    Let the Dream Come True:

    @WowWowWowWow (9) - I once taped the World Music Awards and they had little snippets of the clips of performances that apparently were not exciting enough to be aired in full for the USA. Three became obsessions for me. "Alane" by Wes, "Desatame" by Monica Naranjo, and "Where Is Your Love" by DJ Bobo. I feel like most of the DJ Bobo songs that I've heard (with the exception of Chihuahua, which is just a nightmare) seem like they would probably be decent songs........if DJ Bobo wasn't involved? Does that make me a bad person? Anyway I say that because this one all comes together nicely for me. Great discovery!

    Hey I hear ya, I'm not exactly a fan of everything he does, unlike E-Type who never seems to let me down ever.

    @sfmartin (7) - Doesn't really do anything different from many of the songs here but it still knocks.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - Ok… I’m trying REALLY hard not to judge this just by the ridiculous name of this guy. But all things aside, this is definitely a stellar track.

    @Sprockrooster (8) - Definitely alright. I do not mind the male voices in this at all as they work well with the female voice in here.

    Figured he might work well for you.

    @Ray (4.5) - I can’t believe I actually like it even a bit, because I always associated DJ Bobo with being the absolute worst.

    But the score!?!?!?

    @One Stop Candy Shop (7) - Bobo serves some Bebe Zahara Bennet realness in the verses.

    I assume this is great thing.

    @rav4boy (7) - I don’t remember ever hearing this song but I’ve just spent 5 minutes laughing out loud at the video… It’s like Benny Hill at a rave.

    DJ Bobo was definitely one of a kind.

    @ohnoitisnathan (10) - LOVE this track, even though the lyrics are a bit dodgy. Another one that was (sort of) a 'hit' in Australia, but not the UK. A contender for my 11.

    I'm so glad I picked the eight Bobo track for you then. I hope you're happy with how far he got, because I was worried he'd be out sooner.

    Also let me post a couple of his bigger hits so you all can get a broader spectrum of his music.

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  8. Pray and Freedom are my favourites of his as their BPMs are like 3,226. Ideal for H.I.T. gym sessions.

  9. This is the only DJ Bobo song that I can remember getting a push in the UK

    Love the female vocals!
  10. In true popjustice fashion!

    Eurodance is one of the few genres where I don't mind male vocals at all. I generally don't particularly care for them on most general pop songs.
  11. Everybody and Chihuahua were given a decent shunt; #47 and #36 respectively.

    I think he was seen as just that little bit too cheesy and shiny - all the big acts were very stoic in their videos n' stuff (Cappella, Clock, Real McCoy) - they all took it quite seriously, aesthetically, whereas he was having fun.

    It was a great era to live through.
  12. I just realised that sounded more shady than I had intended when I posted it!

    DJ Bobo was like a more dorky Basshunter, bless him.
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  13. Love Basshunter, but not sure how many do so I was on the fence about adding him to the 00s rate. I mean "Now You're Gone" kind of has to be the pick right? though I love so many of his songs much more.
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  14. Basshunter needs a spot in the 00s rate, agreed. I Promised Myself would be my pick, but I love that song by anyone (Nick Kamen and A*Teens too!)
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  15. My sister had this cassette single, which is horrific by any standard but still better than the Madonna cover:

    Though I quite liked this:

  16. Fun Fact: I always get DJ Bobo and DJ Dado confused
    Lets have a look at DJ Dados very best song from 1996 shall we
    This would have been my 11

  17. Was he the guy that did the X Files Theme that sounded nothing like the X Files Theme?
  18. Yes he was!
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  19. This is the most 90s thing ever.

    I always did love this one!

    Hehe, are we sure? *wink*

    I was wondering what the Crazy Frog soundalike was supposed to be!
  20. I was hoping someone would pick up on that. I noticed it as I was typing it "Umm yeah, a wholesome graffiti artist?" but hey we were all young once right?
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