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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. She is, but we went by where the music was made. This is also why Whigfield isn't under Denmark.

    We figured we'd stay consistent with that.
  2. SBK


    Okay, I'm up for this. I will go through the playlist and crack open a spreadsheet.
  3. Awesome! Welcome aboard!
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  4. ThrowingTableGif.gif
  5. Amber has a 7.5 from me - something about that one has never worked for me.

    Haddaway is likely going to reel in my 11.
  6. I mean, I got a shout-out from @iheartpoptarts in the opening post, so I guess I have no choice but to partake!
  7. I just...

  8. Oh GOD I’m so in!!!!
  9. Yaaas, the Buffy rate alums unite!
  10. @iheartpoptarts and I haven't even voted yet, I'm waiting for her to come back from her trip Hawaii (end of this week) and we plan to score the songs on plug.dj. Of course anyone that wants to listen (and rate) with us is welcome to when the time comes.
  11. If it's Friday night, shout me in?
  12. Well the only issue is if we do it on a Friday night here that would be like middle of the night for you. But we're flexible about maybe doing a plug.dj session on a Saturday afternoon our time.
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  13. You're forgetting that it's Le Mans this week, so I don't have a sleep schedule until around next Wednesday.
  14. Ah yes, I watched the Formula One race yesterday and they mentioned that Alonso was going to be partaking in that.
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  15. That he will. If he doesn't win something will have gone crazy.
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  16. Yup and if he does go to Indy next year and wins the Indy 500. Only the second 'Triple Crown' ever.
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  17. Yeah but you know what Indianapolis is like. He could be waiting a while for that.
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The only Mans the forum understands:

  19. Oh my gosh, I need to do this. Do you have a PM-able list available?
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  20. Oh yes. Let me do that. I'll have @iheartpoptarts add it to the first post when she gets back from her trip.


    2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This
    2 Unlimited - No Limit
    Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
    Alice Deejay - Back In My Life
    Paradisio - Bailando
    T-Spoon - A Part of My Life
    T-Spoon - Sex On The Beach
    Technotronic - Move This
    Twenty 4 Seven - Slave to the Music
    Vengaboys - We Like To Party
    Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom
    Vengaboys - We're Going to Ibiza


    Alex Party - Don’t Give Me Your Life
    Ann Lee - 2 Times
    Black Box - Strike It Up
    Cappella - U Got 2 Let the Music
    Cappella - Move On Baby
    Corona - Rhythm Of The Night
    Corona - Baby Baby
    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    Eiffel 65 - Move Your Body
    Gala - Freed From Desire
    Whigfield - Saturday Night
    Whigfield - Think Of You


    Amber - This Is Your Night
    Amber - Sexual (Li Da Di)
    Captain Hollywood Project - More and More
    Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
    Culture Beat - Got To Get It
    Culture Beat - Anything
    DJ Bobo - Let The Dream Come True
    Fun Factory - Close To You
    Fun Factory - I Wanna B With U
    Haddaway - What Is Love
    Haddaway - Life
    La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
    La Bouche - Be My Lover
    Le Click - Tonight Is The Night
    Maxx - Get-A-Way
    Mr. President - Coco Jamboo
    Real McCoy - Another Night
    Real McCoy - One More Time
    Real McCoy - Run Away
    Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer


    Berri - Sunshine After the Rain
    Capital Sound - Higher Love
    Capital Sound - Your Love Is My Energy
    Emjay - Sound of My Heartbeat
    Emjay - In Your Arms
    Gina G - Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit
    Koko - Open Your Eyes
    Livin' Joy - Dreamer
    Livin’ Joy - Don't Stop Movin'


    Aqua - Barbie Girl
    Aqua - Doctor Jones
    Aqua - Lollipop (Candyman)
    Crispy - Licky Licky
    Daze - Superhero
    Hit 'n' Hide - Space Invaders
    Me & My - Dub-I-Dub
    Miss Papaya - Hero
    Tiggy - Ring-a-Ling
    Toy-Box - Best Friend
    Toy-Box - The Sailor Song


    Bambee - Typical Tropical
    Dr. Alban - It’s My Life
    E-Type - This Is The Way
    E-Type - Angels Crying
    Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
    Reset - Blue
    Reset - Calling You
    Smile.dk - Boys
    Smile.dk - Butterfly
    Solid Base - Come'n Get Me
    Solid Base - Come On Everybody
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