iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Although that was quite the thing to do in that era, wasn’t it? Martha Wash’s vocals being mimed by Zelma Davis for C&C Music Factory/Karin for Black Box, Corona having multiple vocalists—none of whom were Olga who was in the videos, Livin’ Joy going from Janice Robinson to Tameka Starr... I’m sure there are many more examples.

Say what you want about trashy racist Marky Mark but at least he seemed to always invite Loleatta Holloway with him when they did “Good Vibrations” on TV!
The best Whigfield/Ann Lee / Whoever the fuck it is song was this even though its not 90s

An Australian comedy show did a parody of 'Sexy Eyes' (as that was her biggest hit here) in early '97, which was centred around how the lyrics are rubbish. I recall "goo goo ga ga" in place of ooh ooh ah ah, and "writing songs is a piece of piss" and "you sing the words you learnt when you were three" as being lyrics in it. The Whigfield impersonator also got dumped in a bin by a rubbish truck at the end. I wish it was on YouTube.
Had no idea about this whole Ann Lee/Whigfield thing but then again as @iheartpoptarts pointed out, I just became a fan of her music recently. "Saturday Night" never excited me that much and it was the song she would play on plug.dj a lot so it made not rush to hear her discography. I do think "Gimme Gimme" was an early favorite for sure, but there's a long list of songs I really enjoy now, but neither of the songs in this rate are really up there for me. (This got a 7.5)

One of my other favorites that comes to mind is this fun one from 2002: